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Title    Searching Perl Mailing Lists with MarkMail
Date    2008.07.02 14:22
Author    brian_d_foy

A couple of months ago, MarkLogic imported a bunch of Perl mailing lists into their MarkMail service. After only a couple of minutes playing with the service, I really liked it. Instead of making a query, getting results, then trying again, MarkMail lets me start with a broad topic and refine the search by looking at intermediate results.

I wanted to find out more. For The Perl Review, I interviewed Jason Hunter, the Principal Technologist at Mark Logic, to find out more. I also made a screencast of me using the service (as well as pounding my laptop with a mallet).

You'll see that Jason listed some corpus sizes for different subjects. Although Perl has half a million messages, so other subjects are huge too. We can boost Perl's numbers by getting more lists into MarkMail.

Although MarkMail initially imported 75 of the Perl lists, they want to import more. In the interview, Jason has instructions on what to do. Basically, you write to them and tell them to import your list. If you have dead, historical lists, they can import those archives too. Easy peasy.


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