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ajt (2546)

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UK based. Perl, XML/HTTP, SAP, Debian hacker.

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Journal of ajt (2546)

Friday September 21, 2007
12:09 PM

Happy Monkday!!

Today has been busy, I only got round to checking my usual Internet haunts late. On checking in at the "other place" I was greeted with:

You have 32 votes left today.?
You gained 2 experience points.
You have 2956 points until level 18 - Monsignor.

Happy Monkday!!
You've been here 6 years.


Tuesday September 18, 2007
07:02 AM

Site redesign

Yesterday I started the long overdue overhaul of my web site. I need to change my templating solution at some point but for the moment I'm working on building smart site features like automatic breadcrumb trail and navigation menus. Some of the Perl code pieces that I currently have are over three years old, so I think now is a good time to fix them properly and get them into production.

For the new site, I'll probably stick with Blosxom as my blogging engine, it works perfectly well and with the fixes and changes I've made I'm not keen to learn another one now I'm happy with the one I have.

Once it's all done I'll update my main site and close down my home server. Once that's done I'll start the migration off the current underpowered home server to something more modern.

Saturday September 08, 2007
02:15 PM

Perl Intro Talk v 3

I gave me Perl Introduction talk to a joint meeting of the Surrey and Hampshire LUGs at their meeting today. It went down quite well. It was nice to update it from last year with all the new community things that Perl has acquired in the past 12 months.

Sunday September 02, 2007
03:38 PM

CPAN Testing Reports

Is it me or are CPAN failures disappearing into the ether? I'm sure there must be a setting somewhere but I'm not getting anything of late - even though there are more tests than ever.

Next I have to figure out why Log::Trivial 0.31 is failing on Windows. It worked on my test system, but it failed on a testers system - annoyingly the report doesn't say much so I have no idea why.

Saturday September 01, 2007
12:24 PM

Busy Times

I busy with Perl again. I'm a bit of a Wiki fan, so I've been adding stuff to the Perl 5 Wiki all day.

I've a small test patch to issue for Log::Trivial 0.30 which fails tests on non-POSIX platforms like Windows - spotted by a CPAN tester.

I've also got to update my Perl Introduction talk for the Surrey LUG. Quite a lot has happened since I last gave the talk and I've had to add several extra slides and reorganise some of the content.

Tuesday August 21, 2007
12:38 PM

CPAN Testers++

Slightly later than anticipated I released Log::Trivial to CPAN yesterday. Within the first 24 hours it has 20 Passes already. The volume of testing is really impressive, so many more tests than just 12 months ago. Much kudos to the testers, I could have never tested my stuff as much myself.

Saturday August 18, 2007
02:43 PM Meeting

Today was our second meeting. It wasn't the best organised event I've ever been to, and we forced to relocate to a nearby hotel bar. I gave my "Improving Perl Code Quality" talk for the first time, and Raf gave a brief introduction to "HTML::Template". We then had a a really good discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of templating systems.

I'm hoping that in the spring we can try and organise a Perl Workshop, similar if smaller than the London Perl Workshop. There are plenty of Perl workers in the Thames Valley area and surrounding counties. Unlike London where everyone is close together we're a bit more spread out outside of London, which makes reaching critical mass harder.

Tuesday August 07, 2007
03:47 PM


On my day off I started the overhaul of the tests for Log::Trivial. I've been reading "Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook", so I've decided to give my modules a darn good testing and this is the first one in the queue. I've reduced the amount of scaffolding code and added quite a few more tests - including some redundant tests to deal better with differing testing environments.

Next Monday, on my next day off, I aim to release Log::Trivial and then start working on XML::RSS::Tools.

Thursday August 02, 2007
03:05 PM

More Perl Books

While on Holiday I bought a copy of Perl Hacks and this week I bought a copy of The Perl Testing Developer's Notebook. I didn't get time to read the Perl Hacks book while on holiday so it's stilling on the bookshelf unread. On my way home from work with the testing book I scanned it so I've started reading it even though it's the newer of the two.

I think the the Perl Testing book will fall into the special category of book, the "I wish I'd bought it before book". The last book I read like that was The Debian System - which I also wish I'd bought on the day of publication rather than waiting almost a year.

Wednesday July 11, 2007
02:55 AM

Went to the #0 meeting of the last night and gave my Perl Intro talk again. It was good to see a few friendly faces from my LUG and the I hope it goes well and I plan to do more Perl talks in future.

PS. When is the next Tech-meeting and will there be a London Perl Workshop this year?