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pne (661)

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Honourary member and involuntarily prolific poster. Self-taught Perl hacker. Language geek.

Journal of pne (661)

Saturday September 07, 2002
04:59 AM

Let's all give Dave a big hand!

If my calendar isn't misleading me, it's davorg's 28th birthday today! (Pick your own number base.)

While he may no longer be's Glorious Leader(tm), I think he still deserves a big hand. Support him as Chief Perl Monger! (Or whatever title comes with the station :)

Wednesday August 21, 2002
12:19 PM

True in a Nutshell

Saw this on Slashdot... hilarious IMO.

True in a Nutshell

Tuesday August 20, 2002
04:49 AM

Undergraduate physics

This was linked to from UserFriendly today:

A write-up of an experiment which failed to provide the results he expected; a little rant. Here's the abstract:

The exponential dependence of resistivity on temperature in germanium is found to be a great big lie. My careful theoretical modeling and painstaking experimentation reveal 1) that my equipment is crap, as are all the available texts on the subject and 2) that this whole exercise was a complete waste of my time.

Wednesday July 03, 2002
02:43 AM

Goth vampires

I'm just reading Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum, and was amused by his description of the vampire equivalent of goth: staying up until way past noon, dressing up in bright colours, wearing a corkscrew around one's neck, picking strange names such as "Tim" and "Wendy", ...

Tuesday May 21, 2002
04:40 AM

Perl module thanks

My name appears in the documentation for the Image::Size module since I had submitted some doc nits at some point.

Today, I (and the other people whose names are in the Credits section) got email from someone who uses that module, thanking us all for contributing to that module. It was kind of nice to receive such feedback, even though I hadn't contributed that much :)

04:17 AM

Radical re-design of regex metacharacters

The article on "Perl6 Answers" said that

we're going to propose a radical re-design of regex metacharacters

When something like this came up previously, someone commented that Perl's regular expression syntax had become the de facto "industry standard", and several other languages and libraries were emulating them and advertising "Perl-compatible regular expressions". It'll be a bit weird if Perl itself will no longer offer "Perl-compatible regular expressions".

Monday May 06, 2002
01:53 AM

Blossoms are pretty

I was walking to work from the bus stop the other day and saw some blossoms on trees. I thought they were pretty... nature can show us such beautiful scenes sometimes.

That is all.

Thursday April 25, 2002
03:21 AM

Please don't leave without telling me

Customers who go on holiday without advance notice can make things inconvenient, especially if you'd like to telephone them to clarify the specification.

Friday April 12, 2002
07:31 AM

Residence permit, take II

So, this time I decided to get there *before* the doors open... and I was glad I did so.

The office opened at eight, and when I arrived twenty minutes earlier, there was a long queue of people standing in front of the door. They opened the doors at ten to eight, and people slowly filed in and pulled numbers from the machine. I got number 33, which was better than Tuesday's 45... but today they were only open to the public for four hours, so they didn't have as many numbers anyway. (They were exhausted just before eight o'clock -- so anyone who arrived *after* the official opening hour had to come back on Monday.)

After about 2:45 hours' wait, it was finally my turn. This time my paperwork was sufficient and I now have a permanent residence permit for Germany. Yay me! Now I don't have to go wait around there for hours on end every five years. *Phew*

Tuesday April 09, 2002
09:27 AM

Residence permit

So, I set off this morning to renew my residence permit, which expires in a couple of weeks... I arrived in the office about 45 minutes after it opened, pulled a number and sat down. It turned out that that was the last number issued before someone came and pasted a sheet over the machine saying "no more numbers today -- and people without numbers will not be served".

Four hours later, it was finally my turn; nearly everyone else had left. At first, people went in at a rate of around 10 an hour, but towards the end large time periods went by without any perceptible activity. Some of the few people left wondered whether the civil servants were taking time off for a break while people waited outside.

When I finally got in, I found I didn't have enough paperwork with me *sigh*. But at least I now know what I need, so I'll try again in a couple of days... only this time I'll try to be there as soon as the office opens. And the civil servant who processed my case said that I could very likely get an unlimited residence permit when I renew my current (five-year) one, which means no more such trips. (Unless I live outside Germany for more than half a year at a time, if I remember correctly -- then I might have to reapply upon re-entry.)