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TeeJay (2309)

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Working in Truro
Graduate with BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems and Networks
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lug : Devon & Cornwall LUG
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Journal of TeeJay (2309)

Thursday December 06, 2007
09:42 AM

activecollab fork.. activeCollab BC


I was about to download activecollab yesterday when I discovered that you can no longer get it for free - I don't have time to go through the pain of persuading my clients to pay for stuff so I started looking for something else.. today I found just what I wanted..

ActiveCollab - free fork, with added basecampyness ! I'll be trying it out for the next couple of days - hopefully it'll be fairly simple to integrate with my client's existing wiki and mantis bugtracker.

Monday November 26, 2007
09:08 AM

Object::InsideOut - why on earth use it?

I'm dealing with a relatively recent codebase where the programmer has decided to use Object::InsideOut - and I'm really getting annoyed with it.

It doesn't offer any actual benefits over using a sane class system, such as Class::Accessor, doesn't provide any persistence (so that's all tacked on seperately via a heath-robinson contraption involving large SQL snippets all over the shop). I'd really like to replace all the Object::InsideOut code with DBIx::Class.


Today's fun problem is that I've added a new attribute, but the getter methods don't seem to exist, despite being specified in exactly the same way as all the others, naturally no useful information is provided about why it doesn't exist - merely that (despite all the code being in place) it doesn't.

Thursday November 15, 2007
09:55 AM

strange error when sending email

Error during compilation of /path/to/docs/emails/el-GR/some_email.mas: Unrecognized character \xCE at /path/to/docs/emails/el-GR/some_email.mas

how odd..

further investigation leads to this gem :

<% Αν ( !$category->αφορά κάποιο event() ){ %>

which should in fact be :
<% if ( !$category->is_event_based() ){ %>

That's right - somebody translated the perl in my clients email into greek, as well as the content.


Monday November 05, 2007
10:35 AM

faster, pussycat! kill! kill!

perl -e "use constant pussycat => 'pussycat'; sub faster { } ; faster(pussycat); kill kill;"

It's a bit lame, but it compiles

I'm sure it must be possible to get the original title of the film to compile (without source filters)

Thursday September 06, 2007
10:34 AM

emergancy embperl with text::template

So I agree to do a quick cgi script for somebody, after agreeing I discover that it's shared hosting on a windows box, with perl, but no way to install modules or do anything remotely useful.

Text::Template to the rescue! I could just embed the HTML directly into the script, but - yuck!

With a couple of very small modifications, I copy text::template inline at the end of the script, and hey presto : run anywhere embperl/templating.

HTML::Template would be well suited to this project, but this will do at a push.

Thursday August 30, 2007
04:28 AM

New releases - Autodia and Maypole

I just released new versions of Maypole (2.121) and Autodia (2.04) yesterday.

Maypole 2.121 contains minor fixes to 2.12, hence the name.

Autodia 2.04 adds some fixes to dynamicly named perl attributes/methods, C# support, and the ability to use a list of packages (or patterns) to ignore.

Both uploaded to CPAN yesterday.

Thursday August 23, 2007
03:00 PM

sql designer (online and php)

This looks neat - I'm thinking of writing a Maypole plugin based on it...

WWW SQL Designer
Monday August 06, 2007
03:33 AM


What is it about catalyst advocates that make them so catty and bitchy towards and about other projects?

Somebody posted a question to the maypole-users mailing list and was privately emailed offlist by somebody telling them to use Catalyst or Jifty instead, not even including the list or myself.


Ironically, it's these same people who cry foul when people call Perl dead or obselete or out of date, but are quite happy to bandy such terms around Perl projects that they consider out of favour - way to go!

Friday July 13, 2007
08:49 AM

Project Euler : Neat idea to help learn math/compsci

Project Euler : "Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve."

Of course I have neither strong math or pure CS insights so it should be very helpful to work through

Friday June 22, 2007
06:48 AM

Maypole 2.12 release

Maypole 2.12 has just been uploaded to CPAN, you should be able to download it shortly.

Here's the changelog :

Bug Fixes :
      Fixed some db_colinfo test bugs
      Fixed typo in edit form template
      AsForm fixes to stringification _to_select
      made DFV and FromCGI warn instead of die on unexpected cgi params
      small improvements to some factory templates
      fix to path handling in mod_perl and CGI when location ends in /
      fixed template path ordering so i.e. /tablename/list is used before /list when provided with a tablename
      fixed template path with array refs
      fix to template being reset from path in plain templates (i.e. where no model), may affect those relying on the bug ( bug 23722 )
      fix to display_line macro in factory templates (bug 22920)
      fix to correct problem with LocationMatch and regex based Location directives in apache config.
      fix to redirect_request
      Fixed typo in _do_update_or_create (bug 26495)

API additions and enhancements :
      new Class::DBI::DFV based model
      New config method : additional, for stashing additional info, especially from additional_data method
      new warn method in maypole/request class/object, over-ridden by Apache::MVC, etc or own driver
      new build_form_elements attribute for Maypole request and Maypole::Config, set it to 0 to avoid building cgi form if you don't need it
      added CGI params to TT error template
      improvements to factory templates
      added search_columns method to base cdbi model class, provides display_columns unless over-ridden
      added new hook - preprocess_location
      added new attribute to Maypole::Config - request_options
      improved pager template macro

Internal additions and enhancements :
      Inheritence simpler and nicer and less hacked
      add_model_superclass method moves @ISA munging into the model
      new test to check everything compiles
      Model inheritance re-organised