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perl6doc (9249)

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Journal of perl6doc (9249)

Saturday April 17, 2010
07:21 PM

Am I a human spam filter?

Well maybe I'm not human but for you I am and was a filter, because TPF wiki gets a lot of canned meat.

As any good filter I also passed this and more edits from anonymous contributors as well as input from the lovely audreyt, which updated pugs related sites. I'm glad that slowly the wiki gets used regularly.

I am still expanding Apendix A, but that will be content of my next post, when we reach the announced milestone.
Saturday March 27, 2010
08:36 PM

Data Correction

Did I say over 350? Its currently 479 and I hope to get 500 next week. Even if i have to prepare talks, since all my 3 talks for german perl workshop got accepted. None of them is about Perl 6 directly. However, one will discuss certain ideas and design details of programming languages such as Rebol, Perl 5 and Perl 6, but also others.

Another interesting number is 120. Thats the count of operators, metaoperators and meanings nonalphanumerical character can have in perl 6. I love larrys qoute : "perl 6 is an operator oriented language."

Another nail hitting quote from him is "Perl 6: second system syndrome done right." aka Whirlpool Model of software development. Which means in that context: the index is constantly a subject to bitrot. This week I updated the flow control, closure traits and routine traits. The latest changes of filetest ops are not yet incorporated. but I read chromatics++ summeries and have an eye on p6l. so I don't loose touch with the whirlpool.
Tuesday March 23, 2010
08:09 AM

Perl 6 Tablets Index A and B

this may sound boring but i think it is't, because despite the upcoming free perl 6 book I believe its decisive for Perl 6 to have a documentation where you quickly find the smallest piece of info you currently look for.

My aim to do that are the perl 6 tablets, which im writing on for some while in German as well as English. Most useful parts are currently appendix A and B. Index A is a alphanumeric sorted list of all operators, methods and builtins in Perl 6 as well as some terms explained I use in the chapter texts. Its also used by the grok tool. Index B is a collection of tables (operators, meta ops, regex metachars, regex modifiers, sub traits ....) where you can see corresponding items in one spot. Now the real greatness hypertext comes, if I crosslink it all together. So recently I'm syncing the German and English Index A as well as adding the last missing annotations in Index A behind the item name in round brackets telling to which group/table this item belongs. Of course is this enty linked to the table in Index B as well the item itself is linked to a part in the chapter where its explained in more detail.I hope later I could here do even more crosslinking.

Another effect from this: tables you can copy easier from the synopses (just convert to wiki syntax) and the force you to get the Index A complete. It has currently over 350 items but is still far from being complete.
Saturday March 20, 2010
06:58 PM

german Perl 6 article in the next $foo

3 years ago I wrote a 2 part article about the Perl 6 project for $foo perl magazine (issue number 2 in summer 2007 and 3 autumn). Since than, nearly every year I write an update. I also did for the next release, since Rakudo * is a good reason for that.

Beside that I did minimal TPW wiki maintenance and clearing of some details for the Perl 6 Tablets.
Sunday March 07, 2010
08:21 PM

the low hanging fruits are gone

an impressive post like that one a week ago won't come again so fast. Last days I added Pawel Murias and Gabor and mentioned pixie, but the main part is done here. The timeline (structured and with 33 items) is now also mostly done. You can also see that we exceeded the zenith of edits. The number of articles touched in last 14 days is now sinking rapidly. it So whats next?

Well renee needs the next perl 6 article, which I want deliver this week. All the experience I collected writing the 200+ changes in last 2 weeks will go into that. But my next goal for the TPF wiki will be the translation of my perl 6 tut and the release of Kephra 0.4.3, which is some weeks overdue.
Thursday March 04, 2010
06:35 PM

3 new facts about the TPF wiki

Monday March 01, 2010
08:15 PM

It's not over yet

The wiki madness continues, I did 2,3 People stubs(Will Coleda, Gabor) and a lot stubs around Parrot: PCT, NQP, Blizkost, PIR, Parrot compiler, PGE but that will slow down. There are some community related things missing like conferences, hackathons and so on and maybe a perl 6 timeline but what I want to show today, are articles which became well formated good content.

Sprixel was done its coauthor Martin.

Thursday February 25, 2010
06:46 PM

what we got so far?

Now its's the third time I'm rambling about the recent TPF wiki overhaul. Beside the fresh cleaned frontpages that just containes links to the 5 most important pages and aggregation of recent recent blog posts (was there before), many new pages were created. before we had 3 or 4 pages about wiki contributers now we have:

Kudos to lot of these people who helped me to write their article. Masak is last because the November bug is still there. :) Then we had an article about KP6, SMOP , Rakudo and Parrot. Now we have:

Special thanks here to chromatic++. Yes, yes almost all of them are stubs, but i add constantly. then I also added:

Like said, many of them are very short, but sometimes its only necessary to give form like a crystalization point.

Monday February 22, 2010
09:53 PM

I'm glad: Conrad Schneiker is back

He was a major writer in the TPF wiki. At least half of the todays visible content is his and ruosos typework, even if I did spit a lot out these days. Because these efforts, other than his 1000$ donation for November, are largely unrecognized I solute him here. That doesn't mean I brag with my stuff too.

He gave the new frontpage the final polish.

Currently I am focussed on entering all major people and implementations into the TPF wiki. So check please if I'm writing something wrong about you. Yes and chromatic, Allison and Damian are still missing.
Friday February 19, 2010
09:26 PM

I didn't took my mouth too full:

together with mberends++ we revamped the fronpage of the TPF wiki, sorted links, pages, deleted spam and added some minor content. There are still some old links left but camelia smiles now.