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Ron Savage (5224)

Ron Savage
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Journal of Ron Savage (5224)

Wednesday September 02, 2009
05:56 PM

The Difficulties of Copyright

Hi Folks

Via Perlsphere [1] and a Perlbuzz [2] roundup [3] I see the Perl Foundation [4] has guidelines for copyright notices [5].

All well and good, in an area many of us are uneasy or unclear about.

But there's a problem: In Australia, and I'll bet other countries, the token (C) is not a copyright symbol, because to have legal status the ring has to completely enclose the C.

I mention this so that people don't think that something like:

This note is Copyright (C) 2009, Ron Savage.

means this note is copyrighted by me. It doesn't mean that, so it isn't.

And yes, the intention is clear, but hey, guess what a lawyer would do with that...






Wednesday August 26, 2009
06:47 PM

Parde V 0.41 - A Comment


The reason I'm using V 0.41 is that I use the MSWin installer.

1) It's possible to get Padre into an infinite loop, like this:
With a file open in Padre, go to the command line and delete the file.
Padre correctly notices the change, and asks to Reload or Not. If you click Not, it keeps popping up this msg box for ever.

2) The Ctl-Q to Quit is brutally abrupt. I'd like it to be either ask for confirmation, or to be (say) Ctl-Q Ctl-Q.
This is not related to having open files, when of course it should ask for confirmation.

3) When I try to open another file, I'd like it to default to the same directory as the 'current' file. I expect and get this with other editors, and indeed, if I wish to open a specific file, I choose an already-opened file, in the same dir as the one I want, to be the current file, so as to trigger this behaviour. That'd be great. TIA!

Still, it's very promising. I look forward to the next version.

06:31 PM

Modern Perl Books - A Comment


I find the articles on Modern Perl Books [1] a marvellous read.

OTOH, searching their site with a key of local::lib produces the classic:

Internal Server Error...

Errr, patches welcome!


Wednesday August 05, 2009
03:56 AM

On First Looking in to Padre

Hi Folks

OK. Padre V 0.41 is looking good. No surprise there.

Here are a few nits I'd like to see fixed:

o The About box beeps, and it's unpleasant. No other app I know does that

o The Doc stats box beeps, too

o A save should create a *.bak file

o A Close [x] on the top right of the output, dir tree, etc windows

o A visual indicator that a script is running

o Interpretation of '>' and '|' on the command line when a script or command is run

o Interpretation of \n (e.g.) when I do a regexp replace. It seems the regexp option only applies to the search string, not the replace string

o An option/button to clear the output window

o Correct interpretation of indent = 4 and use tabs. This appears to work for a new file, but I saved the options and reloaded Padre to test, but loading a pre-existing file with tabs as the first char on some lines, had them displayed with 8 spaces

o An icon, e.g. binoculars, to save having to use the menu to open a search window

Despite these small points, I definitely like Padre. Well done!

I look forward to it having a major impact on Perl's visibility.


Saturday April 18, 2009
10:51 PM

Business::AU::Ledger V 0.82 is now in CPAN


Yes, folks, I've reconsidered.

The installation instructions and todo-list are in the POD.

And no, I do not regard this version as production-ready, even though it does, AFAICT, reliably store and retrieve payment and receipt transactions.

It does not handle reconciliation transactions at all.

Saturday April 11, 2009
10:42 PM

Business::AU::Ledger progress is slowing down

Hi Folks

I've just upgraded YUI [1] from V 2.6.0 to V 2.7.0, and their JSON parser is now throwing errors in code which used to work :-(.

I'm don't quite know what to do next, since I would rather not downgrade YUI, but even that's under consideration.

And no, Business::AU::Ledger is not yet on CPAN.

It will be one day, and - yeah! - has a web interface.

It's designed to replace the only MS Windows program I still use, a free accounting package from the ATO (Australian Tax Office [2]) called eRecord [3].

Teaching C# means I have that installed (both my desktop and laptop are dual-boot machines, in that they run as OS called Debian and something else called Win2FK [desktop] and WinXFP [laptop]).

But I don't /use/ C#.

My module lacks things like handling split cheques, and reconciliation, and a few small details, but is almost usable...




10:29 PM

$search_engine = $CGI::Application + $AJAX + $JSON;

Hi Folks

CGI::Application::Demo::Ajax V 1.01 is now on CPAN.

It gives you a search engine using CGI::Application and AJAX via YUI [1] and JSON via JSON.XS.

Just plug in your own database and away you go!


Saturday March 21, 2009
04:27 AM

Any XML mod use stand-alone tree mod such as Tree::Simple?

Hi Folks

Seems to me many XML parsers talk about tree structures, but so far I have not been able to find one which uses a stand-alone tree module such as Tree::Simple.

Does anyone know of such a beast?


Monday March 02, 2009
01:24 AM

HTML::Parser::Simple is now on github

Hi Folks

See git://

See the POD for details.

Thursday February 26, 2009
05:45 PM

Class::Sniff needed for C#

Hi Folks

I've just started teaching (sic :-) C# and I see methods can have the attribute 'partial', meaning the current file contains a partial implementation of the method, with the rest of the source for the same method in another file or files.

Am I the only one to think this could be a source of confusion for people who've never programmed before?

And as for order of execution of the bits and pieces, the text is so far silent on that matter. Perhaps it doesn't matter!?