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Qiang (5577)

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Journal of Qiang (5577)

Friday August 15, 2008
12:24 PM

module build made easy by krang

krang( has a nice build tool that builds perl module, apache, mod_perl for you. the build tool is bundled with krang and I have extracted it to do one thing - build perl modules only.

I have used it many times on debian4.0 and it has been working great. so i would like to raise the attention and hope other people can give it a try and improve it. similar systems are Shipwright and Perl::Install

Based on my experience, most of the modules will install fine even if the dependent module is not installed yet as long as the installation doesn't die. As long as the dependent installed in the end, the module still work fine. some modules that i have installed using this tool are DBIx::Class, Class::DBI, DBI, DBD::mysql; Email::Send.

i have uploaded the stripped down version at see if it works for you.

Tuesday August 12, 2008
07:28 AM

a CRUD app to manage reading digest

I don't know how you read and digest. Currently i read a book and highlight the parts that interest me. I revisit the highlights once i finish reading and capture the key ideas into a text file such as notes-bla-bla. This approach works well so far.

The other day, I was reading 'The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master' and i like what was quoted in that book. Then i started thinking how great it would be if we could share our notes together in some way. So that i can be lazy and have a quick preview of the best part of the book :)

This doesn't limited to book reading but any kind of reading materials though.

So i am writing a simple webapp that manages my reading notes/digests. my basic needs are: add/edit/delete notes/digests for certain book. then see all notes by book or tag.

Monday June 23, 2008
09:53 PM

visiting shanghai

i am heading to shanghai in few days and there will be a perlchina shanghai social meetup. looking forward to that.
Friday March 28, 2008
01:08 PM

off to china

I finally decided to take some time off from work and visit my parent in china. It has been 5 years since my last visit -- 2003 during the SARS breakout.

one of the main reasons is to try to help out the family business(printing). the business has been growing steadily and expanded to other cities. as the only son in the family, my choice is to at least try it out before giving it up. so I am going to be in beijing and possibly shanghai for a while.

if i get the time, I may have chances to try out some ideas:
        * write and host applications like the 37signals guys
        * resume a webapp ( a rewrite based on my but more features )

also meet up with the people from perlchina.

it will be interesting!

Monday February 25, 2008
12:57 PM

spammer on use.perl ?

does smriti look like a spammer to you? his journal

Thursday October 25, 2007
02:17 PM

stuck with 5.8.4

a quick rant...

Our sysadmin mentioned that we can't install second Perl into solaris local zone because that may mess up with the Perl(5.8.4) that is part of core solaris master zone(the guy mentioned something about share library linking issue). but 5.8.7 is our standard and the unix support team also supplies us mod_perl, Template-Toolkit, DBI and Oracle-DBD solaris packages.

not that i think 5.8.4 would be much of a problem considering most of our apps are not that complicated and run in plain CGI mode. but a downgrade to 5.8.4 has too much uncertainty that makes me uncomfortable.

i think the unix team hasn't realized how much work they have created for them (when they say they don't have time to solve this problem and get 5.8.7 installed in local zone) and they probably will have to recreate the solaris packages and god knows how they going to install mod_perl to the master zone for perl 5.8.4.

i felt the urge to install my own Perl...

Wednesday July 18, 2007
11:08 PM

I am a big foodie

well, I love to try out different kind of food. I even build a restaurant review website ( ) that is dedicated to the local restaurants so that i can find the best one right from my fingertips. :)

the site was built using CGI::Application, Template-Toolkit as an excuse to learn more about writing perl webapp.

it has been 6 months since i last touched the codebase. now i finally got some time and urge to make it work better (at least for me :)

the first thing i want to do is to refactor the code to make it easy to extend. currently it is one big module ( that uses other module and handle all front-end requests. it is hard to maintain and i can't put the whole thing into my head.

the next thing would be to improve the current functionalities and adding more features. I have been thinking of it and i find it to be harder than the coding :D

on a whim, how many of you run a site like this? would be interested to know your experience. I know Dave Rolsky runs the

Thursday May 17, 2007
09:33 AM

database layer separation

we are not writing big Perl software yet. most of them are small and few medium. We started with plain DBI and i am getting tired of writing prepare, execute, selectall_arrayref($sql,{Slice=>{}},@bind) quickly now.

I don't want to introduce ORM just yet as it is a pretty big change and i got lots other things to push to our Perl development. but I definitely see it as the way to go in the long run if our Perl development get bigger.

after some searching, I have found DBIx::Simple - a thin layer to DBI. I like the syntax and it is simple enough. tried asked other monks opinion on perlmonks and no answer so far.

I will spend more time to try it out. if it all goes well, DBIx::Simple will become one of our standard modules among TT and CGI::Application.

Monday April 02, 2007
11:39 AM

module install

applications we wrote run on Solaris exclusively. all the modules and plugins are installed out of solaris packages. i.e we have to wait for the unix team build and install it for us first. aparently they are busy as hell and the difficulities of installing Perl modules usually make things worst. thus a request may take weeks to finish.

for the pure Perl module, this is not much issue. we just drop it to our common lib directory.

today i need Text::CSV_XS to parse lots of CSV files. but alas.. it is XS.

i am glad that Perl usage at my workplace is going up. but this just slows thing down. another example, the mod_perl request's been in the queue for two weeks .. :-(

Tuesday February 27, 2007
04:16 PM

WebSites running on Perl

my manager's boss is asking this question. I guess he wants the BIG ( popular, mission-critical, e-commerce) websites mostly built on Perl.

i compiled a short list. btw, why aren't there anything on
  2. Bank of Canada
  3. BBC
  4. ticketmaster
  5. PBS
  6. University of Buffalo
  7. Wired magazine
  9. livejournal
  10. vox

University of Buffalo is here because we are a University too.

livejournal and are probably less known to the manager. OTOH, myspace or youtube will be difference case.

any other convincing sites?