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n1vux (1492)

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Only started with Perl4 and Perl5 in 1995. I was doing AWK etc for 12 years before that, and resisted switching. I've been doing OO since before C++ hit bigtime, with Objective-C and SmallTalk, so I really like the (no longer new) Perl5 OO style; and the Lispish Map style is also an old friend. What do I hack with Perl? All data that passes my way; systems monitoring scripts at $DayJob, weather data at night, and I cheat on NPR word puzzles. Member: [] [] /. LinkedIn []

N1VUX is my FCC-issued ham radio callsign.

Journal of n1vux (1492)

Wednesday February 24, 2010
12:37 AM

dumping environment etc from batch perl script

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper([       # like ...
       {  X=>$^X},   # which perl
                     # but not fooled by #!
       {V0 =>  "$]", # perl -v , ditto
         V => $^V lt v5.9.0
            ? q(v).(join(q(.),
                      (map {ord}
            : "$^V"} ,
       { ENV => \%ENV} , # like env
                         #  but in actual context
       { INC =>\%INC}  , # incomparable

The ugly version of V for Version is to handle 5.6-5.9 v strings and 5.10+ version objects without knowing which, if you don't want $] to mess up your syntax highlighting and don't want \005 to trip a terminal echoback string when it vString doesn't print.

Wednesday March 04, 2009
07:44 PM

LinkedIn tips

I see Guy Kawasaki the Mac Marketing genius and original evangelist has updated his LinkedIn tips recently to include Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job.

My own Linked-In tips should be some place easy to reference and update instead of cut and paste, so -

  • A feature of LinkedIn is you can put all your email IDs on one account - anyone who knows any ONE of them can find and invite you to connect. One is primary, but even if you lose access to it, you can use password to reset another as primary. Vice versa, if you forget password, a reset url is mailed to primary. Just don't lose both at once :-) Do that NOW, and make a non-Work one primary.
  • Re home email, do you have a "permanent" email forwarder like the @alum.*.edu or variety?
  • You can upload your work Outlook (or whatever else if you're so lucky) address book without using the LinkedIn toolbar or exposing your password to their webservice by exporting contacts to CSV (File | Import+Export, CSV, Contacts) and uploading that file on the LinkedIn Contacts page.
  • Adding "inside" folks you like or respect from Outlook Inbox to Contacts first will maximize benefit.
  • After upload, it will tell you who is already on Linked In - quick invite to connect - and who isn't - proselytizing invite to join + connect.
  • While you're at it, email the CSV to your other email addresses too, as a back-up.
  • Same thing should work for your existing webmail or other personal email address books.
  • It used to be if one wanted to start a consultancy, one started a newsletter - now it seems one starts a blog. Or a F/LOSS project (or adopts one). And asks/answer Questions on LinkedIn etc.


Tuesday January 13, 2009
03:28 PM

Boston.PM tech meeting Tues Jan 13 (tonight) meetings are free and open to the public.

Boston PM Tech Meeting

January 13, 2009 7:15 in MIT room E51-376 one last time
(changing to larger room next two months)

Table Driven Testing in Perl, as seen in Sort::Maker and Template::Simple - Uri Guttman (Yes, that Uri)

NOTE - Lately the lot has filled early, overflow is to Hayward lots (avoid MEDICAL RESERVED spaces!). See alternatives on wiki .

Monday June 09, 2008
08:46 PM Tuesday June 10th @ MIT June Technical meeting - Uri Guttman will present a quiz exploring people's thoughts on programming

MIT E51-376 (or thereabouts), June 10th, 7:15pm ET. directions

refreshments courtesy of (who is recruiting perl mongers locally)

Tuesday February 05, 2008
06:53 PM Tech Meeting, Tuesday, February 12, at MIT will have a tech meeting on Tuesday, February 12, at MIT, in building E51, room 376 (directions below), starting at 7:15pm.

Martin Owens will be giving a presentation on one of his modules, Data::Validate::XSD.

This module allows the definition of complex data structures and allows validation against them. It is based on the W3C XSD definition, and does not use XML. Features include mirrored-errors (which describe failures in terms of their structural position and the effect on the parents) and minimal dependencies. Use cases include validation data sent to a webpage, validating data used in object creation, and validating XML parsed data.

RSVP to [Ronald] if you're planning to attend - rjk-bostonpm (at) tamias (d*t) net.

Pizza and soda for this meeting will be sponsored by Cambridge Interactive Development Corp. Thanks CIDC!


[Forward by Bill / n1vux ]

For more information about Boston Perl Mongers, or to subscribe to one of
our mailing lists, visit our website at

Thursday January 03, 2008
11:46 AM

InfoSec Writers : Using Perl, Postgres and ...

Found on InfoSec Writers

Using Perl, Postgres and SQL to build a Comprehensive, Searchable Database of Firewall Activity on a Checkpoint firewall on the Cheap by Thomas Munn on 23/12/07

One of the biggest problems in computer security is how to deal with logs. Firewall logs are especially difficult because they often run into the tens to hundreds of gigabytes, and searching them requires expensive, proprietary packages. The purpose of this paper is to help instruct the reader in how to use Postgres and Perl to have a queryable database using checkpoint log files. I do not cover other firewalls but the ideas herein could be applied to almost any firewall supporting output to text files. This paper will give the security practitioner to perform data mining on otherwise useless logfiles. Using the methods described in this document enabled the author to query for almost anything imaginable from a total of 450,000,000 records in under ten minutes. The cost: The cost of the hardware.

Above reviewlet PDF

Thursday December 20, 2007
12:17 AM

Perl Advent Calendar observes Perl 20th Birthday - twice

The Perl Advent Calendar has joined in the Perl 20th Birthday blog-fest with both a classic birthday card and a YAPAC-style sample Perl 5.10 program.

(Isn't something old, something new, for a different celebration?)

Tuesday December 04, 2007
08:17 AM

BBC "Perl on Rails"

Noted with interest that the venerable BBC ported the Rail functionality they liked to a bespoke perl 5.6 MVC. Comment thread says they might be able to open-source it, not yet decided.

They mention in passing I18N as a key feature for prefering Perl to say PHP -- multiple languages in one website.

Tuesday November 27, 2007
12:16 PM

Do you or don't you?

c/o OUP Blog "UK book blogger, Dovegrey Reader, writes in defense of writing in book margins."

My reply there

Sunday November 04, 2007
11:27 AM

Standard Time - change the smoke detector batteries today

Happy Standard Time! Don't forget to change the smoke detector batteries today too.

Public safety used to push the Change your Clock, Change your Batteries. The twice a year tweak everything ritual as a convenient reminder that it's best to change smoke/CO detector batteries 2x/year is good, but with DST extended into November (which gives extra daylight for Trick-or-Treat, good),connection of Fire Prevention Month (October) and DST-FireAlarm is more tenuous.

So if you did it in October, please ignore this message :-)

Otherwise, just consider today October 35th and the chore somewhat overdue.

  I have a pricey LED flashlight that wilk run for months on the leftover power, so I can recycle the batts too. (Marked "U" for used with grease pencil when swapped out.) Which means one or the other is free :-) Fits in pocket. "Off" isn't, but only "very low" so you can find it when city power fails

I g0t mine, the old Elight model, from at local ham shows, but they new models are available mailorder too is newest model with new lower price like the original