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triv (2745)

  reversethis-{gro.virt} {ta} {lrep.esu}

I hack perl for, I maintain Net::DNS, I play drums in a band.. I do this, I do that.. yada yada yada...

Journal of triv (2745)

Monday June 17, 2002
12:22 AM


So there's this guy, lets call him $guy. $guy emails me about this bug in Net::DNS. This is good, I quite like fixing bugs, that's why I maintain the damned thing! So I'm going though $guy's example, and notta. I can't reproduce it. I walk though the code.... what $guy is describing can't happen. I'm confused.

In other news I just got back from hanging out with Tim (krellis) in Mass. Had a good time, wrote a chunk of a credit card payment system. Taint checking is your friend. Taint checking is your friend.

Saturday June 08, 2002
10:36 PM

CPAN grumbles

I seem to have the worst luck with CPAN. I recently released Net::DNS 0.22, cause 0.21 had a pretty big bug that basically broke TSIG completely. Naturally, I want to get this new version out and to the user's of Net::DNS ASAP. has the most recent version, but for some reason some of the mirrors don't seem to have it. value click has it, but does not (which is the download link that search.cpan gives). In about another day I'm going to start emailing people, at that point it will have been 4 days.
Thursday June 06, 2002
05:08 PM


A big bug was found in Net::DNS that broke TSIG. Basically the RR type => number hash was horribly, horribly broken. 0.22 is all good :).
Wednesday June 05, 2002
12:52 AM

Older Perls

If there's one thing as a module author I wish there was, it would be a clear refernce to the changes in the different versions of perl and the core modules. I know about perldelta and such, but it's a big list. Maybe a clever search engine or something. Ever try to get a clear cut answer on what features of MakeMaker you can depend on? Ever wonder if Symbol::qualify_to_ref() is working on 5.4.0? You know that bind() on a UDP socket can' t be used to set the local address on port under perl 5.00503 and FreeBSD-4? The list goes on, and I have a headache.
Monday June 03, 2002
05:16 PM

Pause SSL and IE 5 for OS X

You can't use pause and HTTPS wth IE for Mac OS X. Very annoying. Anyways, got Net::DNS 0.21 out the door. Also rewrote how dyn's system sends email. I now have a SQL based, object oriented, mail templating system that sends mail with Net::SMTP. w00t.
Sunday June 02, 2002
07:04 AM

Do or do not, there is no try

I took one of those silly quiz things, this one on what kind of Jedi you would be. Here is what I got.

This got me thinking just how much I want The Empire Strikes Back on DVDs. I think I hate Lucas more for not releasing episodes 4 though 6 on DVD than for episode one. I really want those DVDs! Ahh well, Fellowship of the Ring will on DVD before we know it.

12:38 AM


I took the oppertunity of the new mod_perl release to upgrade all of dyn's machines. Though this process I discovered that one of the machine's (the only one without a rebuilt OS) perl's doesn't have binary compatibilty with the rest. Turns out it was compiled before we installed everything off our compile box, and had 5.005 binary compatibility turned on. Funny that.
Friday May 31, 2002
03:12 AM


I ordered a Eddy Izzard CD and a DVD a while back from amazon. 3 weeks later, it's shipped, but I still haven't gotten it. Email amazon, they fedex me another set of what I ordered. Amazon++ (c:
Thursday May 30, 2002
11:34 PM


Well, it's come down to the biggest hockey game to go to detroit in the last 10 years. Game 7, Detroit vs. Colorodo. Winner takes all, yadda yadda yadda...

In other words, a darn good excuse to ditch work early, and head to the pub.

Wednesday May 29, 2002
03:39 PM

Any one know?

100 points to anyone that can figure out what the code in my last entry was for :-).