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Journal of draven (2268)

Wednesday April 20, 2005
06:07 PM

Mojomojo todo for 1.0

  • external auth.
  • preferences to to disable anonymous users
  • redo the formatter chain with Catalyst::Plugin::Pluggable and preferences for rearranging the formatter chains using ajax. (sql for order).
  • we want to be able to disable plugins.
  • RSS formatter plugins and tt plugin ( Catalyst::View::TT::Restricted done.)
  • for typing url it should present a screen with suggestions, for wiki links it should go directly to edit if you press the question mark.
  • regexp that needs to be updated for namespaces.
  • hightlight and diffs need fixing
  • plucene search
05:52 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/04/20

Got Higher Order Perl at work today, so nothing happened. Actually..

11:59 <@sri> dammit
11:23 <@sri> omega: kick him!
11:24 <omega> sri: kick draven?
11:24 <@sri> yes, in the nuts
11:55 <@sri> omega: smack him some more


  • Sri has rewired the installer. Now we can detect your application's home directory automagically (parent of root).
  • Mojomojo again has working save, with the new namespace code and updated revision code from naughton in place.
  • andyg joined the mojomojo team. Had some productive discussion. See the next post.
  • Ok, a bit sparse, here: distraction (Devel::ebug running on catalyst.)
Tuesday April 19, 2005
05:27 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/04/19.

  • sri is writing meta-plugin support to add class data accessors to your $c object.

    12:43 <@sri> MyApp->plugin(textile, Text::Textile)

  • Sri is improving minimojo for our upcoming article to show off all the great catalyst features.
  • Chansen is making a nice article posting interface demo of catalyst and his new Class::DBI module, which can easily be extended into some kick ass journaling code.
  • Work progresses nicely on the Clobe demo (Planet clone). We now have a working prototype, but I've decided to write a new feed aggregator module on top of XML::Feed, so it's stalling a little while that's being done.

New to CPAN

  • Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest 0.04 - Updated for Catalyst 5.0. Also, This one actually uses the catalyst dispatcher, rather than a cheap forward trick.
  • Catalyst-Plugin-Session-FastMmap - Updated for 5.0. Note that this module is soon to be obsoleted by the brand new shiny Session framework, once Chansen finishes. (Yes, he usually keeps us in suspense.)
  • Catalyst 5.03 - A few more bugs, a little more docs. See release announcement here.
  • Acme releases a new ebug, which shows some really interesting use of Catalyst. Check out Devel::ebug's http frontend!

s1lly wants to be famous...

00:06 < s1lly> its no big secret that I like to fuck appliances so

gabb feels threatened by yesterday's summary...

08:33 < gabb> Hm yea - I better get a new ID and leave country if I ever want to make money in IT now. :/
08:34 <@draven> yeah, never underestimate the power of Paul Graham!
08:35 < gabb> Titties ... maybe I can get a decent position as a janitor or something.

Monday April 18, 2005
06:11 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/04/18.

Today started with some panic.

  • Ooops. discovered some missing files in the 5.01 release. Time to add some manifest tests. Released 5.02 with the missing files.
  • Some of us start collaborating on a Catalyst article. A lot of discussion on what the example should be. Some folks find wikis boring. I'm not among them, and neither is Sri, who makes the Final Decision this time.
  • A minor naming mistake in the fillinform plugin's test is corrected.
  • Fordmason complains about all the poorly documented modules, then proceeds to do something about it by writing Catalyst::Manual::Plugins
  • .

  • Started a new example 'Clobe' - Catalyst planet clone.

Gabb has a fantasy about being sponsored by

16:28 <gabb> Imagine a board meeting and suddenly those three guys crash the party on their two-wheel scooters like the apocalyptic riders.
16:28 * gabb shakes
16:29 <autrijus> actually they've upgraded.
16:29 <autrijus> #
16:29 <autrijus> far more apocalyptic
16:30 <gabb> Wow ... I couldn't imagine this becoming any more geeky or scary - they proved me wrong.

Sunday April 17, 2005
05:24 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/04/17.

Sundays might be meant for quiet reflection and church, but not in the exciting world of #catalyst :)

  • Chansen aka Christian starts off by writing a simple CDBI::Plain model for Jester, who inquires about that sort of thing. Jester promises to make a dist out of it later this week
  • Jester follows up by writing a success-story of his slashdotting of the science fiction dictionary in return. Lots of karma points for jester.
  • Chansen keeps showcasing his Sweet CDBI model. It's determined that it's probably not catalyst specific, and should be under the Class::DBI namespace, but we're unable to find a good name for it. Somehow Class::DBI::Sweet might be considered offensive. I volunteer to take the discussion to cdbi-talk once chansen has prepared a distro.
  • Matt S Trout comes by, and shows us his scary Catalyst construction - I'm not sure how to describe it, he claims it's "(eventually going to be) a pure-functional transform language that operates on URL-space".

Apart from that, we put out some new stuff on CPAN:

  • Catalyst::Plugin::Static 0.07 - updated tests for 5.0
  • HTML::Prototype 1.11 - fixed minor bug bug
  • Catalyst 5.01 - See release announcement.
  • Catalyst-Plugin-XMLRPC 0.1 - This one is pretty sweet, see below for more info from the horse's mouth, so to say.
  • Catalyst-Plugin-Text 0.1 - Simple glue for Text::Textile
  • Test-WWW-Mechanize::Catalyst 0.39 - Updated for Cat5

Some words about CP-XMLRPC from the author:

03:42 @sri     # include it in plugin list
03:42 @sri     use Catalyst qw/XMLRPC/;
03:42 @sri     # Public action to redispatch
03:42 @sri     sub entrypoint : Global {
03:43 @sri         my ( $self, $c ) = @_;
03:43 @sri         $c->xmlrpc;
03:43 @sri     }
03:43 @sri     # Methods with Remote attribute in same class
03:43 @sri     sub echo : Remote {
03:43 @sri         my ( $self, $c, @args ) = @_;
03:43 @sri         return join ' ', @args;
03:43 @sri     }

Saturday April 16, 2005
05:20 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/4/16

Today was a quiet day, recovering after the 5.0 release frenzy yesterday. Still, we managed to get a few things done:

  • Work starts on a XMLRPC plugin for Catalyst.
  • The jester collapse from exhaustion after seeing all the spelling mistakes in the documentation. After recovering, he makes an effort to clean it up.
  • 5.01 is postponed to sunday, to allow a little more time for people to find bugs, and to give us time to add required support for xmlrpc plugin.
  • Sri decides to test changes before commiting.
  • 16:46 * sri smacks draven
  • Christian promises to write a Zeus engine as a Catalyst addon. Also, PerlEx support for you windows peeps is forthcoming.
  • AndyG and Christian teams up, and the MP19 Engine (for pre RC5 modperl 2) is now fully working and supported!
  • Support is added for getting request bodies from within catalyst, so xmlrpc will work.
  • Autrijus tells us there will be M / V / C adapters for bamboo, and he'll write them. (Where does he find the time?)
  • new version of TT view to fix Helper, and Auth to add password hashing supports reaches CPAN.
  • just before the end of this summary, SRI announces that the XMLRPC plugin works. Will be released tomorrow with 5.01.
Friday April 15, 2005
05:32 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/4/15

We had a pretty busy day today.
  • now works! woho! Everybody should think warm thoughts about Ask, and the rest of the team.
  • We also have a froopy server for it, thanks to Christian and>
  • We have a Trac installation set up at Dev is actually Becks, sri's favorite beer, and one of the vservers in our new setup. We plan to migrate the SVN repo here soonish.
  • set up a developer playground, another vserver. (Named Ringnes, after my favorite beer).
  • A somewhat famous perl face spreads some rumors about something called "Bamboo" interoping with Catalyst some time soon...
  • versioning is added to the generated scripts, so users will get warnings when using obsolete scripts. (Will not warn about script generated before Cat5).
  • Lots and lots of minor doc fixes and cleanups.
  • We release Catalyst 5, and updated versions of almost all the plugins. (Announcement)
  • we apply a patch to add password hashing to the Auth module. (Thanks andyg)
  • AndyG adds ServerDB to examples. This is a prototype of a server inventory database, made to sell in Catalyst for a commercial project.
  • The grammar nazi, aka The Jester, reads through the intro and tutorial and corrects our most blatant speling mistakes.
    ... 1 hour after we release 5.0
  • sri adds support for the newly released mod_perl RC5.
    ... 2 hours after we release 5.0
  • We decide to release 5.01 tomorrow, if our MP2 upload issue is resolved :)

(Most of this summary comes from #catalyst at

Thursday April 14, 2005
05:45 PM

Catalyst summary for 2005/04/14.

Hey, and welcome to the first Catalyst summary. I'll try to keep this daily, if I can find the time required to read all the idle chatter on #catalyst, and pick out the gems for you guys.

Anyways, let's go through todays events.

  • Puck is going to write a Class::DBI transaction plugin for CDBI. At least he promises to do it.
  • Work starts on CForum, which is meant to be a simple showcase application for the Catalyst Framework. Also, hopefully it will be a worthy alternative to all the crappy PHP forums out there. It will not have a feature focus tho, just the basics.
  • SRI is on the drugs again, so expect good things.
  • SRI finishes the first version of HTML::Prototype and launches it as a replacement for HTML::Ajax. It's an implementation of the ajax library Rails uses, thus the name. Still, a lot of discussion on irc and on the mailing list about the name, which most people find non-descript, SRI can't be moved on this issue tho.
  • A major bug in $c->forward is fixed, and tests are added to make sure it doesn't rear it's ugly head again.
  • New Policy for comitters: Any commits without a good log message will result in 10 lashings with SRIs tounge. Also:
    Every message should be prefixed with Added/Fixed/Changed/Improved/...:
  • - A new "examples" dir is added to the repository, containing MiniMojo and the newly started CForum app.
  • Christian writes a new module soon to reach CPAN which extends search and adds SQL::Abstract in a backwards compatible fashion. It also handles deflation of objects so you can use them as search arguments if they are defined with has_as. This new plugin will also have count functionality with the same features.
  • SRI preaches SVK on IRC, and everybody agrees it is sweet.
  • Ask, if you are reading this, we still want our domain :( . Seems we can't get any of the Catalyst top domains either.
04:04 AM

Catalyst Daily Summaries

For those of you who doesn't know, I'm quite involved in the Catalyst project. If you don't you might not know what the Catalyst Framework is either. We've labeled it as a " Elegant MVC Web Application Framework", whatever that means. To explain easily, it's the glue that binds web development technologies like templates, database models and web servers together.

Catalyst borrows heavily from systems like Ruby On Rails and Maypole. In fact, Sebastian was responsible for bringing you version 2.0 of the Maypole framework, before he decided to move on to create Catalyst.

We do in fact have quite a bit of documentation, so if this whet your appetite, I suggest that you go check out our manual.

I co-maintain the core distribution, together with Catalyst's author and über-hacker, Sebastian Riedel. Currently, Catalyst development is moving rapidly towards a 5.0 release, and people have a hard time keeping up with changes and news, since a lot of the discussions happen real-time on IRC.

Sebastian is better at writing code than prose, so I've volunteered to maintain summaries of day-to-day updates and changes to the Catalyst framework in this Journal.