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jns (40)

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Jonathan is a programmer who works all over the place and now lives in London too.

Journal of jns (40)

Wednesday January 30, 2008
12:00 PM

Provoking Bug Reports

Today I had the unusual pleasure of receiving a bug report for XML::XSLT, not only was it a very good bug report complete with the failing test case ready to add to the modules tests, but I was even more pleasantly surprised to discover that I had actually fixed the bug some time in the nearly four years since I last made a release of the module.

I hadn't made a release in such a long time because I wanted to whack as many of the myriad bugs and lacking features as I could before doing so. But I made a new "alpha" release today, in the hope that it might provoke even more high quality bug reports.

Just in case you have previously sent me a bug or even a patch which isn't fixed or applied in this release don't worry I'll make sure it's all up to date before I release the proper 0.50 version.

Monday December 03, 2007
06:54 AM


I think maybe the google ads here are a little too clever - see what it served me for my previous entry:
04:49 AM

LPW 2007: Doing music in Perl

Saturdays LPW was all great fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the organizers and the generous sponsors for an event that will be remembered (or not depending on how long one spent in the pub afterward.)

Anyhow for anyone who might have missed my lightning talk or wasn't sitting in the front row and hence couldn't hear anything then I have put up a recreation of the output at WhenTheLouieBreaks

I say "recreation", but I simply used versions of the same programs I used modified to output to WAV files rather than directly to the soundcard and mixed these down in the wonderful Linux DAW Ardour. The only difference to what you would have heard is that there are some fades and the relative levels of the sounds have been tweaked: otherwise all the sounds there have been generated in Perl programs (with the obvious exception of the drums but the loop itself was performed by a Perl program.) Oh and due to feedback I omitted the Louie Louie samples as the reaction to them was somewhat, er, mixed :-)

In case you are interested to see exactly how this was achieved then the original programs are at: I haven't included the samples I used lest the BPI slap a writ on me.

I've got a few ideas about taking this stuff further, including creating an interface to enable output to the wonderful JACK and thus enabling it to be routed to, say, Ardour (or used as an insert therein,) Creating a "softsynth definition language" which builds the LADSPA networks for you, MIDI or OSC input for control of both notes and parameters and a more complete pure-perl sequencer. This all of course depends on my finding the tuits, but the idea is nice :-)

Friday September 20, 2002
07:10 AM

Bad gellyfish, bad! bad!

[ #7854 ]

I think that this yapc::Europe is going to become part of the mythos of . The drinking has reached new heights even for us.

I wouldn't want to give the impression that I haven't been to any talks - it's just that I don't think that I have been to any talks that people haven't already written about. However Larry's speech was impressive - the old talk about the cover articles from Scientific American ploy worked well : I don't think it could have been better if he had faked it. Hey maybe he did.


04:21 AM

I'll never touch a daquiri again

[ #7851 ]

Oh lawdy. yapc::Europe. Again.

Saturday September 08, 2001
06:12 AM

Hmm Saturday

[ #775 ]

So yeah I managed to get to the Penderels Oak last night to meet up with dha and the bedraggled remains of the london perl mongers that had survived the previous nights debauchery.

It's always nice to see everyone and although there were a number of notable absences it certainly all seemed to be going swimmingly.

Penderel's Oak was very crowded with sundry pissed up Office Folk and there appeared to be some large private party going on downstairs - I did toy with gate crashing but a cursory examination indicated that it probably wasnt my scene.

I probably had noticed this before and forgotten about it but the Pub has a Cash Point Machine - which could be considered either very public spirited or very cynical depending on your point of view. There is a pub near us in Hastings that has a cash dispenser but you get a voucher out of it that gives you fifty pence off your next drink too :)

Monday August 06, 2001
08:26 AM

Back from Yapc

[ #624 ]

Hmm, saturday and sundays journals seem to have gone out of the window.

Well Saturday I did my talk - I had a hangover and gabbled the talk and got it down to about 20 Minutes but it had been the Pub Crawl the night before and so I'm hoping that

everyone else was too hungover to care. Anyhow the slides of the talk are at if anyone should be foolish enough to be interested.

While I am on the subject of slides, I would just like to give a little plug for Magicpoint which is a wonderful Unix presentation tool and just converted the slides for the web without any problems.

Anyhow, the rest of the talks I saw that afternoon was mad stuff by fellow'ers. Mark and Richard's "Wax::On, Wax::Off", Dave's "Perl for the People" and Alex's Generative Music - all good, all entertaining and a kind of indication how well and eclectic the Perl thing is doing in the UK.

The conference was drawing to a close, Kevin spoke and indicated that next years venue was likely to be between Munich and Paris - I am not sure whether he was entirely joking when he said that the casting vote might be down to deciding whether paris was more convenient because of the Eurostar or whether Munich was favoured because of the Beer ;} Whoever gets to do it is going to have a lot to live up to next year as the Amsterdam people put on a very well organized conference.

A big thank you really has to go to the Conference Organizers as they really did excel themselves.

Anyhow before the end was the auction, Hosted by one Grep McCarrol. The auction was to turn the in-kind sponsorship from various publishers and individuals into cash that could be used to mop up any small shortfalls from this conference and to bootstrap the next, also apparently some is going to go to fund an advocacy project in the Netherlands which is a damn fine idea in my book.

The Auction was insane and loads of money was raised, but I am sure somebody elses journal has more detail.

Anyhow when the conference really was over, we all went back to the hotel and it settled down to a spot of drinking and hacking, by this time my brane had really packed in so I tried to avoid the heavy duty hacking and brainstorming, and settled down to drinking .... however I recall having opined that if CPANTS is going to fly then h2xs is going to have to be upgradeable without upgrading Perl itself ... Mr Schwern says he thought it was a good idea and so er, oh bugger, another thing to do :)

So it was drinking and insanity and drinking and then back to Grep's room for partying and mini-bar raiding and ohmigod I really did have a very bad hangover when I got the cab to the airport in the morning ....

Friday August 03, 2001
06:49 AM

Yapc::Europe day something and we are all still sane

[ #582 ]

Yes, strange but true - I'm still alive after yesterday :)

Having recovered some of my strength last night, I ventured into town with some of the usual suspects. Being thursday, the earliest in the month, it was the social meeting - we were supposed to be going to de Wildeman In but you all know how things are :)

So we get down to drinking a few beers in Amsterdam and things turned to discussion of things Perl and as we largely had been to Michael Schwerns Kwalitee talk earlier on - we decided that what the world really needed was the module Test::Approx - you already know what it does, its an extension to Michael's Test::More, that adds some methods like :






And so forth. Skud later proposed that we should also make Test::Harness::Approx so that it could assign percentage values of ok to each of the methods and then be able to print out :

          29.75 of 30 tests passed

again you know the score. I am uncertain as to Michaels views about this.

We also get very wet in a massive storm that broke out as we were thinking of getting a cab back to the hotel - we discovered that it was difficult to get a cab from a bar in a foreign country and had to walk to the Centraal station, it rained, we were dressed for the summer and unprepared.

Anyway has anyone else mentioned that the wireless lan is k3wl ;-}

So now this is friday and the keynote speaker

Daniel Karrenberg from RIPE NCC has just finished, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with this as a KEYNOTE speech in that he wound up by saying that they had done their RIPE DB (orpiginally written in Perl ) properly and rewritten it in C++ ...

Anyhow, I'm off to sky's talk in a minute and we have all promised to talk behind his back on IRC, but, hey we'll say about that ;-}

Well its lunch time now and we are all sitting at the BIG TABLE which have colonised.

Sky's talk on POE was apparently the first one that there has been at a Perl gathering anywhere, which I found hard to believe, maybe sky ought to go on a POE Evangelism world tour.

I started to think How I Might Redesign Some Stuff At Work using a single POE server to provide state maintenance.

I hadnt really looked at Apache 2.0 at all and Gerard Richter's talk in mod_perl 2.0 was quite illuminating, about the only thing I previously knew was about the multiprocessing options. So mod_perl 2.0 could actually solve some of the things that we generally hack around when we dont want a freaking huge Apache/mod_perl process serving tiny static pages - it can start a perl interpreter thread in a server process when it requires one. Hmm, not stable this year though, bummer. Bah I'll install it on my laptop before long and have a little play.

Most of everyone has turned up now and I would say the cafe in Hogeschool is twice as busy as it was yesterday (but, hey, maybe they all had hangovers as bad as mine yesterday and stayed in their accomodation ).

It looks like the way things have crumbled is that I am going to be in the "O'Reilly Room" ( the largest of the rooms in the place ) for the rest of the afternoon - this is a good thing as it has lots of power sockets from whence I can charge my laptop ;-} . The inmates of this room have an IRC channel (#ye-ora-room ) wherein a lot of silent heckling has been taking place this morning, this might sound bad but there is a lot of "annotation" going in on there, a question raised by a speaker but to trivial to stop his flow might be raised and answered by some other attendee that actually understood what was being said.

Anyhow, this place is totally non-smoking and I am a slave to nicotine so I have to go outside for a while.

Of course I forgot that this was a laptop and I am sitting outside with the other smokers - and oh my word they are talking about improving CPAN. All good stuff but I can't see my screen out here, so I'm not going to transcribe it. Well the next talk I am going to see is Michael Schwern's CPANTS talk so I will summarize this into any discussion of that.

The weather has changed to bright sunshine which comes to me as some surprise after lasts nights deluge.

Right back to the "O'Reilly Room" ...

Thursday August 02, 2001
09:02 AM

Yapc::Europe madness

[ #564 ]

Well, here I am in the "O'Reilly Room" at Yapc::Europe - my laptop is burning my knees and I have possibly the worst hangover I have experienced in my life. That will teach me to go out in a big city with the merry throng that is

Michael Schwern is giving his near ubiquitous Lazy Programming talk

I'm sure it is really disconcerting for the speakers seeing everyone tapping away at their laptops and he's back now so I'll wrap this for now.

Right now that ordeal is over, (Not really Michael), we (that is the contingent) are sitting at a really long table in the cafeteria at Hogeschool.

Ok so I really should be finishing the slides for my talk rather than typing this crap but this is far, far easier in my hungover condition.

The big problem here is that today is the first thursday of the month and consequently it is the social meeting so it looks like, unless I find a great deal of willpower very quickly, we are all going out on the piss again. Ho Hum.

Wednesday August 01, 2001
03:43 AM

Off to Yapc::Europe

[ #552 ]

In twenty minutes or so I am going to get a taxi to the station and from there a train to Gatwick Airport where I will be meeting the sundry denizens who are making the same flight.

Hopefully I will be able to finish the slides for my talk on the train :)