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cwest (1514)

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Perl geek.

Journal of cwest (1514)

Thursday August 04, 2005
03:39 PM

3:20PM in Keynote Room: why the lucky stiff IN CONCERT

In Concert, schedule change!

If you're at OSCON you need to be in the keynote room, in the Portland Rooms, for "A Starry Afternoon, a Sinking Symphony, and the Polo Champ Who Gave It All Up for No Reason Whatsoever", presented by why the lucky stiff!

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10:21 AM


JavaScript Archive Network

JavaScript gets to take the high road and be with the rest of the wonderful open source languages today at OSCON.

In the morning you can go to the session on JSAN at 11:35 in Portland 251.

Join us for the BoF later in the evening.

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Tuesday August 02, 2005
05:14 PM

Join Planet OSCON

Planet OSCON

So I was in the blogging BOF at OSCON and everyone was lamenting that O'Reilly didn't build a blog aggregator for them. I could only think, "But you can build one for yourself." So I build one for themselves. Please share and enjoy.

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Tuesday July 26, 2005
02:17 AM

Day 40: Radar, Hack-A-Thon, Merciless Refactoring

JavaScript Archive Network

  • Brian Cassidy worked on much more style and XHTML validity changes.
  • Added feeds to Planet JavaScript.
  • Got some good press on
  • Planned the Hack-A-Thon at OSCON. Please sign up!
  • I've declared Thursday, August 4th as JSAN Day. JSAN will be considered released that day.
  • The smoke testing system mostly works now. Start Testing!
  • David Wheeler added JSON Metadata support to Module-Build- JSAN, which is nearing completion.
  • I gave the JSAN Library a working over, including new features such as JSAN.require() and JSAN.exporter() (the brother of Perl's import() for symbols).

I took a long weekend to spend time with the family. I'll be gone for nine days at OSCON! In any case, it was a Good Thing to take the time. I see things very clearly now. Thursday is release day, so everything builds to that.

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Thursday July 21, 2005
01:21 AM

Day 35: Planet JavaScript

JavaScript Archive Network

  • Brian Cassidy worked on more XHTML validity changes.
  • I released Planet JavaScript.
  • That would not have happened if Bob Ippolito hadn't fixed the Planet code to work on FreeBSD, and to handle utf8 properly.
  • The RSS Feed got proper dates for each entry. Now they just need descriptions for each upload. I'm thinking the abstr act and the Changes file. What do you think?
  • Adam Kennedy is working on a better road map.

Please, also, tell me what sites you read that have a syndication system and are JavaScript related. I want to add them to the list! (Or add them yourself by getting SVN rights.)

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Wednesday July 20, 2005
12:28 AM

Day 34: IE Works, Taxonomy, Clouds

JavaScript Archive Network

  • Brian Cassidy worked over the site's style to make it IE friendly. By far the coolest thing of the day.
  • Adam Kennedy is working on an alternative JSAN Client.
  • David Wheeler added support for tags in META.yml, in Module- Build-JSAN. This is very cool, it means you can supply a list of tags in Build.PL. Who needs categories anymore?
  • David also tweaked the JSAN Library to always refer to JSAN.globalScope to find the global scope. JSAN 0.08 was released with this change (I forgot to update the Changes file!). I also added tags to this library.
  • I added support for stripping inline POD from JavaScript libraries in Moudle-Build-JSAN. This will keep JSAN.js lean.
  • I added tag support to the incoming processor.
  • I added a tag cloud to the home page
  • The incoming processor now builds pages for tags too.

Categories are known to be a broken system. Taxonomy is much better. Therefore, authors can control the categories (tags) on JSAN by including them in the META.yml. Here is what the JSAN Library's META.yml file looks like now.

name: JSAN
version: 0.08
   - Casey West <>
abstract: JavaScript Archive Network
license: artistic
   Test.Simple: 0.11
     file: lib/JSAN.js
     version: 0.08
generated_by: Module::Build version 0.2701
   - jsan
   - use
   - import
   - libraries

Of course this was generated using Module-Build-JSAN (which is in the JSAN SVN). Here's the Build.PL.

use Module::Build::JSAN;

my $build = Module::Build::JSAN->new(
     module_name    => 'JSAN',
     license        => 'artistic',
     dist_author    => 'Casey West <>',
     abstract       => 'JavaScript Archive Network',
     create_readme  => 1,
     build_requires => {
         'Test.Simple' => '0.11',
     tags           => [qw[jsan use import libraries]],


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Tuesday July 19, 2005
12:44 AM

Day 31..33: Rest (not REST), pair, and Source

JavaScript Archive Network

  • Took Saturday and Sunday off. It was nice.
  • We now have a mirror in the UK. Thanks Pete!
  • Moved master sites to the pair Networks mirror.
  • SVN now served from
  • Changed styles to work a little better in broken IE.
  • Mirrors can now control their logo with JavaScript.
  • Rob Kinyon update the JSAN Library to accept multiple arguments and have a defined mechanism to import nothing.
  • I fixed indexes in the latest JSAN Shell for installation.
  • Module-Build-JSAN now extracts inline POD (but doesn't remove it). This is in Subversion for now. Rob did this.
  • View the Source!
  • Promoted our JSAN BOF at OSCON on the home page.
  • A reStructuredText to HTML tool was written and committed by Bob Ippolito, it will be integrated with the incoming processor to support RST documentation.

Lots of great work today by Bob and Rob. Bob marks our first non- Perl hacker on the project. I hope there will be a lot more like him in the days to come.

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Saturday July 16, 2005
02:27 AM

Day 30: Wiki, CIA, Commits, and Two

JavaScript Archive Network

  • We're now listed with CIA.
  • The author-editable wiki is online, but still requires tweaking.
  • Smoke Testing is even closer to release.
  • You can read commits via the mailing list, with diffs, if you like.
  • An AUTHORS file was started at the root of SVN, please add yourself if you have commit rights.
  • A minimal MAP was added to SVN as well.
  • Garrett Rooney, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, and Brian Cassidy all teamed up to fix up the Recent Uploads RSS.
  • Yuval Kogman fixed some JavaScript on the Go page, and fixed style issues
  • Adam Kennedy fixed some style issues on the site as well.
  • Brian Cassidy massaged the HTML to make it more compliant.
  • John Cappiello changed the "XML" images to "RSS" images, and also wrote the Kwiki Plugins required to get JAUSE authentication working for the wiki.

Yesterday (Friday) marked my two year anniversary at pair. Those that follows this journal know that I've decided to give my employer an evaluation at major milestones the same way they do me. I would say that I'm satisfied at work.

As for JSAN, things are moving along. The project has been launched for sixteen days and I really think it's working quite well. The major problem at the moment is that I don't have a windows computer so apparently the website looks and behaves horribly in Internet Explorer. I'm trying to find a way to fix this, I think a copy of Virtual PC is the answer but I certainly can't afford that answer right now.

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Friday July 15, 2005
01:11 AM

Day 29: Commit, Doc, and Feed

JavaScript Archive Network

I told you I'd take it easy today.

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Thursday July 14, 2005
02:42 AM

Day 28: Subversion, broken YAML

JavaScript Archive Network

I've opened Subversion access for all to see. The JSAN Library version 0.06 was released. I think I'm going to rest a little tomorrow.

So when you're uploading distributions to JSAN you should double check the META.yml file. Broken files in CSS.Change and HTML.Form.Validator made my brain hurt, they broke the indexer. I've fixed the indexer to ignore broken META.yml files however. Here's a quick tester.

perl -MYAML=:all -e'LoadFile 
(shift)' META.yml

Must sleep now.

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