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SparkeyG (617)

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Journal of SparkeyG (617)

Tuesday September 02, 2003
09:31 AM

Phalanx project news

Well, I just received the go ahead from the author, so I am now working on Date-Calc. First things to tackle I figure are to move from his home-grown tests to using Test::Harness. After that I am going to review the documentation to make sure the docs and the tests agree. From there, we'll see.

Wednesday August 20, 2003
01:07 PM

Documentation, Work, Perl, and Soccer

I've been made document bitch at work. I hate doing documentation of pre-exsisting systems. I have to ask people basic and leading questions so that I can take notes and write the manual they all were to fscking lazy to write in the first place.

While on the topic of work, let me just state that I dislike my manager. He has the respect of his superiors, but everyone below him sees him as a micro-managing control freak. In a firm of 50 people, he sees a hierarchial managment scheme as a helping scheme. Rules and regulations are to be followed he says. I wore running shoes to the office this morning, the rest of my attire is business casual (Khaki slacks, neutral colored polo.) He firmly states that I am out of dress code and to not wear these shoes in the future. *GAH* I sit in the NOC, a different rant for a different time, and haven't seen one customer in the three months I've been here. *SCREAM*

On to perl before I explode. I've been playing with GD::Plot lately. I'm working on creating near-time plots of critical numbers for my coworkers and the customer support staff. Neat stuff and much better than the PDL crap I was dealing with at my old place. PDL is nice, but getting data plots required to many hoops to be jumped through. It just wasn't the right tool for the job.

The fall soccer season has started in the Southern Chicagoland area. My first game of the season was a Boys U-12 rec match. I enjoy ref'ing this age group. They still are having fun playing and are _starting_ to have an idea about the finesse of the game. But they still have problems with throw-ins :) About 13 minutes into the second half red player jumps up to get the ball, howeveer the ball is about 18 inches past his jump. So he lifts his arm straight up to deflect the ball. The look on his face after he realized what he did was a classic *DOH*.

Wednesday July 02, 2003
03:03 PM

Quick thought

I am liking Class::Struct. I'm using it to proto-type my thoughts before going on to something like Class::DBI.
Monday June 09, 2003
08:58 PM

Darn Blast it...

I was driving the wife and kid around this evening. Just one of those mind blank driving in suburbia moments. Then _it_ hit me between the eyes. My data flow for my referee assignment db app was backwards, and that was why I was hitting a wall going forward. Now back to re-writing the code and re-working the tables. But now I see the future, and I'm wearing shades.

Wednesday June 04, 2003
02:59 PM

Another Book review

I've just submitted my latest review, O'Reilly's Web Programming CD Bookshelf. You can read it at the Chip Morg website.
Monday June 02, 2003
09:31 AM

New Job adjustments

I've been to work now for a week. I'm still adjusting to the pace here. It is defently a slow down from what I was used to. And that's both a good and bad thing.

It's good because that means more work went into making everything stable and secure around here. Problems arise and are dealt with. People are working on projects most of the time.

It's bad because people appear to be lazy and un-disiplined. They appear to just want to do the least amount of work to accomplish the goal without striving for the best result. That sorta performance would be unacceptable in other shops. I mean, Jesus help me, I've told twice today to 'pace myself' by a cow-orker of mine.

I was brought in in an effort to remedy this. And I don't know what I think about that. It would oh-so easy to slide into laziness, but I wouldn't feel good about myself. But if I stick my head above the crowd in a 'high-speed, low-draft' performance, I'll earn the scorn of my cow-orkers.

Surely a reversal of fortune for this slacker.

Monday May 26, 2003
06:44 PM

Unemployment Checks

Today, I filed for my last unemployment check. I start work tomorrow morning. This is great, with the economy where it is and all.

I was starting to get worried about being out of work for as long as I was. I mean three months of looking for work and odd chores around the house is not what I call thrilling. It put a great strain on my relationship with my wife. Too much time together when you are used to space is tough.

I've enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my son and will always cherish it. That said, I am very ready to get back into the workplace. What can I say? They want me to work at things I find interesting and pay me to do it.

Friday May 23, 2003
09:54 PM


I just got my new rig at home. A 3GHz gaming box. Ahh, all those cycles to play Enter The Matrix....
Friday May 16, 2003
07:21 PM

Review of Google Hacks

The website has posted my review of the Google Hacks book. You can find it here
Thursday May 08, 2003
09:57 AM

I got a job

I have been made an offer I couldn't refuse. A trading house has offered me a position in thier IT department. I've accepted the offer and start work at the end of the month.

Happy, Happy, joy joy....