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jk2addict (4946)

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Journal of jk2addict (4946)

Sunday June 29, 2008
08:44 PM

MVC Marathon Part 1: Creating a New Application

I get the feeling that it's going to be more work to document the progress that it will be to write all of the code...and that's probably a damn good thing.

12:20 AM

MVC Marathon

Due to a few different situations, I'm going to stray from the fold for a while and document my experience along the way. :-)

Thursday June 12, 2008
10:03 AM

[Long OT] My Other Half

No, not my wife. The other half of my personality. You see, by day I play this coding, somewhat self absorbed bastard where the only priorities in life are the wife, coding, food, relaxing and sticking to myself. Every now and then, the other half stops by to visit. First he only showed up when I went on vacation to other cities, but lately he's been stopping by closer to home.

Last night, for whatever reason that struck me, I noticed a person on the down and out side of life when I was heading across town to buy a chair. He was standing between the lanes with his bag holding up a sign. Clearly a person in need.

On the way back through I stopped, asked him if he had ate and if he wanted to snag some dinner at my expense at the mexican place across the street. He thanked me but declined. At that point in the evening, the priority was to stay out and get $ for a place to sleep, rather than worrying about food. The light changed and drove off.

Being the stubborn person I am, not being able to let this go, I turned around to try again after driving most of the way home already. This time he accepted because an opportunity is an opportunity.

Nice guy. Clearly in need, but trying to make it in the world. Same old story. Medical issues, hospital bills, evicted, lost job. Not trying work it just for booze/drugs. You can always tell the difference between people in need and people working the system because people in need are willing to spend time talking to you [and having lunch/dinner]. We had a good time. Told some good stories. I gave him the spare $ I had, shook hands and parted ways.

Will it help him in the long run? Who knows. But trying is better than looking the other way. It's kind of funny that it takes people who have nothing to remind you that what you have (roof, wife, health) is more important than everything you bitch about every day (gas, job, bills). It's also much harder, but more rewarding to spend time with someone instead of just dropping a coin and walking away.

The part that bothers me is the part of the story I hear over and over from these people. They try places like Haven of Rest or Salvation Army and instead of just help, these places are more in it to make sure you convert, go to church twice a day and do service. Now, if your a "christian", fine, and you go to church and read the $book, fine. It's not my cup of tea and I truly believe that it's about actions and not about worship. But when it becomes more about preaching and saving than it does about helping, then I think the system [or religion x] is flawed. We're lucky enough to have a soup kitchen in the next town where you have to promise to NOT preach and push whatever religion you practice on the people in need. You're job is to help, not to judge.

But I digress. Back to $work. :-)

Wednesday June 11, 2008
07:55 AM

The St. Murphy Chronicles

The plan was simple: spend a week in Minneapolis, meetup with autarch, spend a lot of time at the Bombay Bistro and stroll around town.

What really happened was:

Train from Cleveland to Chicago went great. Train from Chicago to St. Paul was 4 hours late because of the tornadoes, trees, storms and flash flooding.

Midway into that 4 hours in Wisconsin we find out from her sisters that her mom went into the hospital.

Wake up. Mom is moving to a normal room, should be fine. Relatively safe procedure mid week. We decide to stay. Sisters have things taken care of.

Eat some Bombay. Hit Mall of America and see Zohan. Get phone call that things got worse. No flights till 4pm next day. Driving is as long as train and rent a car opens later than train would leave. Call Amtrak and switch tickets from following Saturday to Monday.

Heading home. Minneapolis to Chicago went just fine. Freight train derailment outside of Toledo, Ohio.

6 hours later than scheduled, we're finally home. Mom is better, again. The wife headed to the hospital while I head to work. Saving my time for if things go really downhill. Turn on computer video card is dead.

For the 1 day I spent out and about in Minneapolis, I liked it. I dig the lite rail. Any town with a decent metro is ok by me. I really was looking forward to that week of lunch buffet at the Bombay Bistro. :-(

Friday June 06, 2008
09:32 AM

Good Friday Chuckle

Thursday June 05, 2008
09:29 AM

When testers go bad: Part XXIII ss-InflateColumn-Currency-0.02005

(The failures at the end of the top batch)...


Wednesday June 04, 2008
10:55 AM

Oh come on...

In relation to #2 in my last post:

Now if PHP can do it (and now converting to the DLR), I'm sure we can. And no, Parrot does me no good in a .NET shop.

Monday June 02, 2008
02:49 PM

Things I Wish I Were Smart Enough to Do

#1. Read/Write/Speak Russian.

I'm not sure why, I just do.

#2. Convert Perl5 to the DLR

The DLR fascinates me. The fact that it runs [Iron]Python and [Iron]Ruby flips my cool bit. I'm not a CompSci major, and just reading about AST and thinking about parsing Perl source makes my brain hurt.

Oddly enough, I'm not really interested Perl6, Parrot or Pugs. Go figure.

Thursday May 29, 2008
10:53 PM

Remember kid, the first hit is free.

I'm hacking Class::Workflow into Mango for the checkout page flow control, mostly so people can just tweak the workflow rather than hacking around code.

Class::Workflow is Mooseified and I need some custom state classes. It seems only natural, if not safe to code them using Moose as well.

It's only a matter of time until I start the conversion, but I'll hold of until it's actually frigging finished and tested. :-)

02:12 PM

Tis a good day when...

...your dog food takes mostly like steak instead of Alpo for a change. It's the small victories.

This is nothing new to any of us here about this statement: Keep your core code in core modules and out of your web modules and out of your app modules. It's more reusable.

But it's nice when you have days that you get to capitalize on that thinking.

I needed to have some old kodger of an app be able to use brand new, in another language, code to send information to Google about line item shipping. Some command line->glue->core code later, and the job was done.

Somedays the victories are small...but good.