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Lars Thegler works for a danish telco, hacking Perl, and then some...

Journal of tagg (277)

Wednesday April 20, 2005
04:55 AM

Local CPH Perl event?

It turns out, that this year's Nordic Perl Workshop in Stockholm may be a bit slow in happening, and at least won't happen this side of summer. But maybe we can arrange a smaller, lower-key, local event: a danish-language one-day event. There was an informal show-of-hands on the mailing list, and it seems the interest is there. I'll be joining a couple of other Mongers tonight to discuss this.

Update:Whee! Perl Dag 2005 will happen! The date's been set for June 18th.

Friday October 29, 2004
03:05 AM

Eloquent spam?

Even though my SpamAssassin setup usually works quite good, it happens that the occational spam-mail slips through anyway. Today, I found this one. At the first glace, I mistook for the block of random text culled from some great piece of litterature, but on closer reading, it seems this particular spammer has actually done a good job at trying to use alternative words for all the normal trigger words.

My lozenge is a full elemental herbaceous pills
incorporating a variety of weeds known for advancing intimate
desire with performance. By victimization our pills you
should undergo an increase in intimate craving, a betterment
in your volume and performance, also as increased energy
and delectation during sexual action.

Once in a (rare) while, spam can be a source of personal edification and entertainment. Delectation? I had to look that one up. Impressive what you can do with a thesaurus.

Wednesday August 25, 2004
04:33 AM


Urgh. Woke up at 00:30 to find my entire basement in 10cm of water. Spent the rest of the night shovelling it back where it came from. Now I need to dry the place out, and get an overview of the damage, which will mostly be soggy cardboard boxes with old books and memorabilia. Of the computing equipment, at least one PC and a 17" monitor was standing on the floor as well. The crucial stuff (my development server and the server running my mailinglists etc) are ok - they were 1m off of the floor.

Note to self: next time, get a 3rd floor apartment instead of a house with a basement.

Wednesday August 11, 2004
02:26 AM

YAPC::E, here I come

Whee! I got my employer to sponsor me going to YAPC::E next month. I'm so much looking forward to that!

Finding out how to get there was a bit of a jungle - it seems the cheapest way (about DKK1800 return) to get there was by EasyJet via Stansted, but this meant an 8 hour stopover at Stansted going home. No fun. Plus the fact that EasyJet sells the individual legs of the trip as seperate tickets, meaning that if the flight out from Copenhagen is delayed, so I miss the flight to Belfast, I guess it's my own problem.

So I settled on SAS at DKK2800. Flightplan:

CPH-LHR SK0503 14-sep 12:05-13:05
LHR-BHD SK9713 14-sep 15:20-16:35
BHD-LHR SK9798 18-sep 11:05-12:25
LHR-CPH SK0504 18-sep 14:05-16:55

I'll be staying at Days Hotel, alongside a whole load of other Perl people - should be good fun.

Regarding the rest of, I only know positively of tobez going as well - are you guys coming, or what?

Thursday October 09, 2003
06:03 AM

Impressive uptime(1)

I once set up a FreeBSD host as an internal CVS server at a former workplace. Recently, one of my former collegues sent me this:

bash-2.03$ uptime
  3:55PM up 1290 days, 9:41, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Obviously, it is running a *very* old version of the kernel (and userland), so it's probably a push-over for any wanabee script-kiddie that wanders by, but still, I'm pretty impressed.

Hooray for UPS...

Wednesday May 21, 2003
04:17 AM

More RSS

Just saw a mention of another RSS aggregator over at Jeremy Zawodny's blog - amphetaDesk. First impression: very cool. Cross-platform. Written with Perl and XML. This is definitely a 'must check out'.

My pal jonasbn was looking for an RSS aggregator that would run under OS X - maybe this would fit the bill?

Thursday May 15, 2003
09:01 AM

Journal RSS feed

For some time now, I've been using different types of RSS aggregators to keep track of what's going on around me. The last one was Syndirella, but the author has dropped further development. The lastest one, which I've just installed today, is called SharpReader, and this one look quite promising.

Carrying all my feeds over from Syndirella to SharpReader prompted me to try to fix something that's been bothering me for quite a while: getting the use.perl journals that I follow, into the RSS aggregator. The URL in the FAQ is not correct, so I got hold of the Perl source code (the ultimate documentation!) and did a bit of trail'n'error.

The correct URL seems to be: $uid

where $uid is the numeric ID of the user.

So this would be the RSS version of my own journal.

Note to self: now be a nice boy, and send off a bug report against the FAQ...

Friday May 09, 2003
02:36 AM

Testing testing

Hm. My Log::Dispatch::SNMP module is coming along nicely, but it'll be a bitch to test. My problem is whether I should just test my own bits (the interfaces to Log::Dispatch and Net::SNMP), or to do actual end-to-end testing.

End-to-end testing would mean starting up an SNMP trap receipient, send some log messages, and verify that they make it though the chain as expected. And then start changing parameters, exploring the whole parameter space.

My current development setup uses snmptrapd from Net-SNMP (not to be confused with Net::SNMP). But I really hate relying on external programs for testing.

Maybe I should just do whatever selfcontained testing I can, and leave the end-to-end stuff in a separate directory.

Or maybe I can concoct a trap receipient using some simplistic UDP server code with a bit of Convert::BER tacked on, but I'm afraid that down that road lies madness...

Saturday April 26, 2003
04:00 PM


Just got back from the Scandinavian Perl Workshop. It's been a very interesting two days - lots of high-level talks, quite a bit higher than I had expected. But I thoroughly enjoyed it - very simulating and inspiring. I think I might now be able to pull myself together and get back to working on some of the things that have been gathering dust in my drawer of unfinished projects...

Log::Dispatch::SNMP is definitely one of them. There. Now I've admitted that I am actually working on it :) Now let's see how far I can take this.

Saturday November 23, 2002
02:26 PM

Going wireless... hopefully

Sigh. I'm reminded of a friend of mine who told me that "things always takes longer"...

My wireless installation is currently only a 33% success - at least the AP is up and running. But neither of the two PCs will boot with the PCI-cards mounted. One box won't even give me the BIOS start-up screen, the other gets as far as the "DMI pool"-bit, where it hangs.

Rummaging around on D-Link's support site, I found a place where it says that the card "requires a PCI 2.2 compliant motherboard (3.3v) in order to function". Both my motherboards are old surplus Pentium 100/133, so I bet that's my problem. I've got another, newer PC, where the cards works flawlessly. But that PC is sitting right next to my ADSL router, so doesn't need WiFi.

I'm not sure which way to go now - probably go out and get at least one new motherboard, upgrading one of the PCs to a status where it can use the PCI-card. Then maybe I can swap the other card for another AP, and use that in 'Wireless Client'-mode with the other PC.

Talk about throwing good money after bad...

Update: This ended up being what I did, and it works fine. If you're interested, mail me, and I'll describe the final setup.