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gnat (29)

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Journal of gnat (29)

Monday August 16, 2004
08:55 AM


Rael and I are in London, schmoozing on O'Reilly's behalf. Schmoozing whom? you ask. We had dinner last night with the Fotango folks (Arthur, Malin, James, Katrien, Simon) and Jesse. This morning we had breakfast with Dan Hill from the BBC, and tonight we're seeing some more of the BBC folks.

In between meetings there's been a bit of tourism--we wandered through Rael's old haunts in Kensington, sprinted around the Royal Albert Hall trying to find a place to pee that wouldn't result in a conviction for public urination, and just today went to see Westminster Abbey. Yes, I got to stand on the graves of many now-unknown once-famous people, and even stood on the stone of Joseph Addison ("who?" "he started the Tatler with Steele! He began the golden age of literary magazines!" "whatEVAH"). I love history, you get to stand on so many dead people.

Wifi in Starbucks is great, and free for we Americans. The poor Brits pay through the nose for everything, including wifi. We get all-you-can-eat for a flat monthly fee. Brits are taxed every time they blink. Who in their right mind would want to read a spam-filled mailbox from Starbucks when they're being billed in quarter-hour increments?

All this is a prelude to Euro Foo Camp. Wednesday we fly to Amsterdam, Thursday we take the train up to Enschede. I'm looking forward to meeting dozens of European hackers I wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to get to know. Until then, farewell. Or, as they say here, "ahfuckoffoutofityagit!"


Sunday August 08, 2004
11:17 PM

mod_perl advocacy

Stas Bekman fired up a lot of people at OSCON's mod_perl BOF and they've commandeered the advocacy mailing list to coordinate activities as they prepare for mod_perl 2's release. It's nice to see people motivated and contributing, with a mixture of new names, the usual suspects, and some good old names whom I hadn't thought would resurface.

Watching with interest ...


Tuesday July 06, 2004
02:28 PM


DeltaFSD is a data flow programming tool for modelling, simulation and automatic code generation. Perl content: you can write deltaFSD functional blocks in Perl.


Friday June 18, 2004
10:01 AM

YAPC: Days 1 and 2

Work sucks! I spent Wednesday afternoon in phone calls back in the hotel room, returning for Damian's Perl 6 talk. I enjoyed the trip to get buffalo wings, but bailed on the movie to write my lightning talk. Wednesday I was nervously rehearsing, but enjoyed a quiet lunch with Allison. The talk went well (as did Chip's Perl-as-religion talk), and then it was off to the auction. I was so knackered from my late Wednesday that I had to slip off from the auction and sleep again. I'm getting weak in my old age.

Whose talks did I enjoy? Damian is, as always great. Steve Hayman from Apple was as entertaining as Damian, and I don't say that lightly. Daniel Allen's style guide talk had a message that everyone should be exposed to. The two talks on test-driven development (by Ted Karitonov and Andy Lester) yet again made me think I should be doing it.

I think the world needs a set of kata, small tasks that you can write tests for first. Then you can see how an expert wrote tests, and compare. Everyone works on different projects, so it's hard when people like Schwern and Andy say "just start testing your code!" to know what aspects of your code to start with. Baby steps, training wheels ... that'd be good. You listening, chromatic? :-)

Anyway, Abigail's about to start talking about, I don't know, regular expressions on crack, which seems to have been his theme throughout the whole of his speaking career. I think I missed the talk where he proposed solving all NP-hard problems with regular expressions, but I don't want to mis this one. Until later ...


Wednesday June 16, 2004
07:26 AM

YAPC Day 0

Arrived late at Buffalo, thanks to thunderstorms in Pittsburgh. Went straight to the wings dinner, thanks to the driving services of O-Dogg (Jon Orwant). Some observations:
  • hot wings are bloody hot, even when they're in the mild wings' spots
  • James Duncan (Mr Fotango) is engaged, quite possibly to a supermodel, and apparently is so disoriented by wedding plans that he thought it'd be a great idea to bring his fiance to YAPC
  • Rocco (Mr POE) brought his whole family. I'm trying to convince him to bring them to Portland so they can meet my family at long last--they've known each other through talk.bizarre since the last millennium.
  • Chris Shiflett (Mr PHP Security) is here, thanks to the persuasive skills of Geoff Young (Mr mod_perl Security)
  • It is rumoured that Lenzo (Mr YAPC himself) will be here this week. Fingers crossed!


Friday June 11, 2004
01:28 PM

Programmer fonts

Wednesday June 09, 2004
10:21 AM

Stop Energy

Ignore the source, just read this definition of Stop Energy (found via Miguel's blog).

(warning, the first link in this entry is not lunch-safe)

Wednesday May 26, 2004
09:55 AM

Burn VIDEO_TS to DVD on Mac

Lest I forget ...

To burn VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders to a viewable DVD with Toast, just choose Data -> DVD-ROM (UDF) (you'll have to click the "advanced" tab to see that option), click "new disc", and add the folders to it and burn.

That's one step in my DVD rip-mix-burn that's now a lot simpler!


Wednesday May 19, 2004
04:17 PM

Shrek 2

Excellent movie! One of the most fun trips to the movie theatre I've made in a while. I particularly enjoyed Jennifer Saunders's singing as the Fairy Godmother. It's the first movie that my 2.5 year old daughter has stayed through in the theatre, though we should have timed it for other than naptime for maximum results.


Wednesday May 12, 2004
04:11 PM

Civil War Photographs

There's no Perl content here, but it's so cool I just have to tell someone that there's a book with thousands of Civil War photographs online. The book is in PDF form, each file being part of a chapter. It's huge (Part 1 of Chapter 1 is 20-odd megabytes) but the photos and the stories behind them are just amazing and well worth the download time.