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ajtaylor (1283)

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Journal of ajtaylor (1283)

Wednesday January 30, 2002
03:02 AM

Friends & foes

Short entry that's really a question to The Powers That Be.

I like the friends/foe thing. When I'm adding a friend it says "This information is not private". OK, so where can I see who my two friends are? (Hi friends!)

Wednesday January 23, 2002
12:33 PM

More RAM

OK, this isn't directly perl related, but I do mention mod_perl towards the end...

I have an old PowerEdge 2200 server and wanted to add more RAM as it currently only has 64MB. But it uses 168 pin buffered ECC EDO DIMMS, which are more expensive than SDRAM. Crucial has at times wanted as much as $90 for 128MB, which I wasn't prepared to pay.

Enter Pricewatch. For those who don't know, pricewatch is your friend. :-) A quick search for my RAM type turned up (which does more than memory - go figure). They only wanted $47 for 128MB, so they got it.

Once it's in, perhaps I can run multiple instances of mod_perl, along w/ Mysql, & PostgreSQL without swapping. It kind of sucks when you run into swap even when the bare minimum httpd processes (1 parent, 1 start, & 1 spare) are running. I tried having 0 spares, but apache complained & said it was setting it to 1 because surely that's what I meant. No it wasn't...

One last thing. I setup Bricolage as mentioned on the front page and it's pretty cool. From my cursory glance it's quite comprehensive. And when I wanted to run it on a high port and/or virtual host, the developers saw the utility of my request & the feature is now in CVS. Isn't open source great!

12:22 PM

Journal comments

OK, I've gotten addicted to reading other people's journals. It's cool, thanks Pudge! However I do have a rant: Just how the heck do I post an original comment on someone else's jounal entry?

For instance, I wanted to tell hfb just how hilarious the link to "Harvey the Mouse must die" is! I was laughing so hard at times I almost peed my pants. Luckily no one was around to hear my tortured cackles... But I digress. I wanted to contribute to the community, but I couldn't. I know how to reply to existing comments - there is a "Reply to This" link! But just how do I make an original reply to a journal entry? There just seems to be no link.

Please help me! I'm confused, and I don't know where to turn.

PS: Being unemployed still sucks, but I've started to find things to do. It definitely helps. :-)

Thursday January 10, 2002
12:54 AM

Unemployment blues

Get strapped in folks, I'm in a rambling mood and this might get long...

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I've got the unemployment blues. I had the unfortunate luck to be laid off twice last year. :-( At least the second time I saw it coming because I was not doing anything while drawing a paycheck. But it sucks all the same.

It gets worse too. This fall, after the second layoff, I thought I had a job with a division of a major PDA company (no names to protect the [innocent|guilty]). After the interviews and lots of waiting, I was told that they would like to give me the job but that management didn't approve it, sorry. I guess it was for the best because not long after, the CEO resigned and more layoffs at the company were announced. Needless to say I was kinda happy not to be working for said company, but even one paycheck would have been nice.

So then after much more waiting (did I mention the job market this fall kinda sucked?) I finally got an interview w/ another company. After making it to the second round and doing some more waiting, I found out I didn't get this one either. So now I'm back to square one. No more leads. This is bad. BTW, why is it companies don't feel the need to get back to you in a timely way? The waiting is by far the worst part about the interview process.

Now for the blues part. With each passing day, I feel myself becoming just a little more depressed. I believe (with good reason) I'm a good programmer, and I have a good understanding of and dig the planning part of software engineering. Proper design, patterns, and planning are something I've been using to try and set myself apart from the crowd. I'm no Damian, but I think can hold my own. However I can't seem get a job to save my life.

My brain is stagnating. I can feel it deep down inside of me. I need an itch to scratch. I need something productive to do. After a conversation w/ a friend this week, I think I've found a couple itches - but it's not a job. Hopefully it will tide me over to the next lead. It's truly amazing what sitting around on your butt all day does to the psyche. I find myself staying up late, sleeping in way too long, and generally getting nothing done. IMHO, people have a deep need to feel useful and worthwhile. I know I certainly do. When I'm bringing home a paycheck, I have much more of a sense of purpose, a raison d'etre, a reason to get up in the morning. Something I'm sorely lacking now. Thank goodness for my wife, otherwise I probably would have gone crazy by now. She's the best thing that's happened to me.

What I really need is a routine, but it's tough to pull yourself up by the boot straps when your face is in the mud. I've begun to seriously contemplate going back to school (finish the old bachelors degree) or going for a state govenment job (meager pay, generally decent benefits, more job stability). I'd love to continue programming, but the landlord doesn't care where my rent comes from. He just wants it yesterday.

OK, I think I've gone on long enough. Assuming you made it this far, thanks for reading. And of course, if you have any job leads, I'd love to know! :-)

Wednesday April 11, 2001
12:19 AM

April 11, 2001

[ #20 ]
Looking for a job

This is my first weblog, so who knows where it will end up. Maybe it will just ramble on and not say anything. That does seem to happen to me occasionally...

Almost three weeks ago the startup I worked for laid me and several others off very unexpectedly. It really sucked, because there was no warning. We were told we "had enough to make it through the end of the year". I'm guessing now that they meant they had enough after letting some folks go. And this week, a few more people were let go as well.

I knew it could happen, this was a startup after all, but I never expected it to happen to me. I was in engineering after all, part of the important people. Well, that's the chance you take working for a startup. :-)

I'm doing some freelance work right now, which along with my severance will hopefully get me though June. If you have a perl developer position open, or know someone who does, please let me know. My resume and experience is at

I think I've rambled enough for now. Perhaps I'll be back. Hopefully I'll get at least an interview soon...