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perigrin (3495)

AOL IM: marceusx (Add Buddy, Send Message)

After Middle School Chris bounced through various high schools around the state of Florida for a bit. He ended up getting a BA (in English) from the University of Central Florida at about the time others his age were getting their MAs. His (now) wife, their child, and he went to Europe for a bit (there was a programming job in Scotland) and came back unemployed where upon he got offered a job in St. Paul. He moved on from that job after a few years to one where he was paid to do the things he previously did as a hobby. That sounds much more exciting than it really was. Really his life is based on two kids, two cats, and a bunny.

Journal of perigrin (3495)

Thursday December 24, 2009
02:10 AM

Perl Oasis 2010: Schedule Posted

The Perl Oasis team would like to announce the Schedule has been posted for Perl Oasis 2010. We have 15 speakers from 3 continents giving 9 hours of talks, culimating in a keynote by the Enlightened Perl Organisation Secretary Mark Keating (mdk).

Perl Oasis is a one day workshop focusing on Modern Enlightened Perl. The workshop this year is held January 16th at the Four Points Sheraton in Orlando Florida. Workshop registration costs $20 USD for non-students, and $10 USD for students. Every one is welcome to attend regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender, or preference of language (There are even PHP people speaking!)

Tuesday November 24, 2009
08:48 PM

Perl Oasis 2010: Discount Hotel Rates End

November 25th is the last day for the Perl Oasis special Group Rate. The rate is $75 USD / night for what according to other sources is a $135-$150 / night hotel room.

Perl Oasis is a one day workshop in Orlando Florida focusing on Modern Enlightened Perl. This year we have speakers from three continents, and the entire Perl spectrum speaking. The Call for Speakers is still open so you can submit your talk as well!

Friday April 03, 2009
07:44 PM

What a Moose programmer would think...

So I’ve been integrating Ash Berlin’s work on making MooseX::POE work with MooseX::Declare. One of the things I came across was that the method keyword didn’t work as I expected.

I figured that something like:

class Counter { use MooseX::POE; method START { $self->yield('increment_counter'); } event 'counter' => method { $self->counter($self->counter + 1); }; }

would DWIM. But currently a method without a parameter list is slightly undefined. It happens to default to the same as an empty parameter list (ie method ($self:) { ... }) but Florian and Ash both agreed that perhaps that wasn’t the best choice. To my mind I think that the right choice is that method { ... } should be the equivlent of method ($self, @_) { ... }. That is it should alias the invocant and pass through the rest of the args as a slurpy array.

Then tonight I was reading the Perl 6 Design Minutes for 26 March 2009 and found the following:


  • if you have a method declared without a parameter list, does it get @_ like a sub, or no parameters?


  • I've been thinking it comes in the same way Perl 5 does it
  • hadn't bothered to try to think about it the other way


  • Rakudo assumes @_


  • but it leaves out the invocant
  • that's the difference
  • I haven't decided
  • it's further from what a Perl 5 programmer might expect
  • but it might be more useful

I think it’s closer to what a Perl 5 Moose programmer expects than Larry thinks.

UPDATED: upon talking with Ash I've clarified what I meant to say. Never blog while tired.

Saturday February 21, 2009
06:17 PM

WebKit-- # breaks Catalyst::Controller::REST

WebKit is has a broken Accept header, it puts text/xml and application/xml
first which breaks Catalyst::Action::REST’s default configuration and makes
the idea of being able to dispatch html/xhtml different from XML difficult at

The reason it turns out is that the webkit developers cargo-culted from
Firefox, and someone in 2007 provided a patch. The
response to the patch is “buh buh Firefox is doing it!”. When I tried to
add the comment below I discovered that their bugzilla required me to log in
and didn’t appear to have an option for OpenID. Because I’m loath to create
yet another account to file a single comment on a bug I’ve included the text

Firefox (3.1 beta 2 at least) is no longer sending this Accept headers.


Currently writing a REST-ful interface that renders XML different from
    XHTML/HTML at the same URI is difficult (requires us to browser sniff and do
    we really want to go back to that?) because Webkit based browsers will all
    send then wrong Accept headers first. I actually ran into this while writing
    an app that targets Android/iPhone and I had to disable my XML rendering code
    (luckily it was a stub and not a required feature).


Last the logic “Firefox does this” is a fallacy that I thought most people
    were taught better by their mothers at an early age … if Firefox were to
    jump off a bridge should WebKit too?

Wednesday January 14, 2009
02:12 AM

Perl Oasis: Schedule, Soirees, and Sponsor!

We released our schedule last weekend and we're a little behind on announcing it. Actually we're a little behind on everything right now, things are hectic. Please note the after-workshop Party!

Not on the schedule is a speaker's dinner on Friday Night, so if you're a speaker please know that you're welcome to attend, contact us for details on when and where.

Finally we're happy to announce that ActiveState has donated some prizes for the Workshop Party Saturday night. Plans on how those will be given away will be announced Saturday. We look forward to having you all attend!

Wednesday December 17, 2008
03:08 PM

Perl Oasis Last Call for Talks

Just a reminder,

The Perl Oasis deadline for Talk Submissions is tonight (December 17th) at Midnight (11:59pm) Eastern Time.

Please if you're thinking about submitting a talk, do so. It will make organizing the conference schedule much easier. The URL for talk submissions is


Wednesday December 10, 2008
10:10 PM

One Week Left for Perl Oasis CfS

There is only one week left in the Perl Oasis Call for Speakers. The last call
for speakers is December 17, 2009. Several speakers have already submitted
proposals and been accepted, but there is still room for more speakers. Please
submit soon so we can organize the schedule as quickly as possible. Talk
submissions can be made at the
ACT site.

Perl Oasis is a one day workshop on January 17, 2009 focusing on Practical
Perl for Business. It is hosted by the Orlando Perl Mongers, and will be at
the Ramada Gateway Hotel, in Kissimmee Florida. For more information please

Tuesday November 25, 2008
10:36 AM

Perl Oasis - Keynote and Venue

Just posted to the Perl Oasis Website:

The Orlando Perl Mongers are pleased to announce the choice of our Keynote Speaker. Mike Whitaker (Penfold) will be flying in from the UK to give a keynote on Enlightened Perl.

Also the Venue for the conference has been chosen. The conference will be at

The Ramada Gateway
7470 Highway 192 West
Kissimmee, FL 34747
(800) 327-9170

There are rooms available at the Ramada, just tell them you're with the Perl Foundation.

We hope to see you there!

Friday November 07, 2008
11:14 PM

Does this exist?

So I was writing a package similar to DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader which creates a tree of related packages. I realized that making a directory tree from a package name is a common problem between the two and I went to look to see how Schema::Loader did it, and eek ... there has to be a better way.

Before I release Devel::GeneratePackagePath does anybody know if the lazyweb got there first?

Wednesday November 05, 2008
11:09 PM

Perl Oasis 2009 - Call for Speakers

Attention Speakers! The Perl Oasis Workshop 2009 will be held in Orlando, on January 17th . We will have two tracks (advanced and beginner), and we expect approximately 100 participants. We will also try to arrange a hackaton on the Sunday after the conference. This workshop's topic is "Practical Perl for Business". We're interested in hearing about your talks on these topics:
  • Perl Success Stories
  • Modern use of Perl
  • Good testing practices using Perl
  • Your Favorite Topic? (systems administration / life sciences / web development)

We accept these presentation types:

  • Short Talks (20 minutes)
  • Standard Talks (40 minutes)

To submit a proposal for a talk/presentation, please register your proposed title and an abstract on Submissions are due midnight (23:59 EST) on December 17th 2008. Submitters will be notified within two weeks whether or not their talks have been accepted. If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to confirm within 48 hours that you in fact will give the talk; otherwise, your slot may be given to someone else. If you have something which does not fit the formats listed please feel free to contact us anyway and we will evaluate it. Please include the following with your abstract(s):

  • A little information about yourself (and possibly an link to an image of your choosing - preferably of yourself).
  • The expected minimum level of knowledge of your target audience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • An indication of the length of the presentation.
  • A listing of any requirements you might have for doing your presentation. We will try to accommodate your request. Projectors and internet connection will be available for all talks.

If possible, please include a link to your slides/paper ready for online publishing. The files are also accepted just after talk ends, so we can include any last minute modifications. We may take the liberty of filming presentations. If you are not interested in being filmed during your presentation, please let us know in advance. We cannot offer much for your lecture, except:

  • Free admittance
  • A chance to meet a lot of Perl people

If you have any special requests which have to do with fee and payment please contact us at If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us