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belg4mit (967)

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Journal of belg4mit (967)

Saturday June 08, 2002
07:56 PM


I have an entire range of Mnt TODOs.
Modules, websites, vaporware, etc.
So my question is this:

How do you keep track of your TODO list?

Traditionally a lot of my things
get hashed out on scrap paper
and stashed away in my file ladder,
never to be heard from again.
I also tend to send mail to myself
with an idea or two.

This doesn't work too well.

I've searched SourceForge, Freshmeat,
DaveCentral, etc. and found nothing
satisfactory although I don't know
quite what I'm looking for. I'd like
something lightweight, incredibly
simple interface, with a central data
store and remote access. Any ideas?
If it doesn't exist I might create it,
but I've been unable to flesh out a
good model myself.

Monday May 13, 2002
02:51 PM

Big Crunch

Sunday April 21, 2002
03:28 PM

In case you're interested

If you don't feel like like snagging bleadperl you can get my version of FileCache over there. It requires perl 5.6 or greater. It could work in 5.005 family if the our $VERSION were a use vars and 3 arg open was dropped (though -| and |- would need to be massaged).

Some of what I've been playing with for EZDBI.

Sunday April 14, 2002
09:45 PM

Water water everywhere

Well I've been up to no good. Working on a patch to FileCache for blead-perl. It adds some functionality, and smooths over some pretty ghastly bumps. This was spurred by an interest in using Log::Dispatch to revive an ancient project that makes use of FileCache. I suggested some features for Log::Dispatch to autarch, and ended up making a sub class of my own for it. I then decided I would no longer put up with the heinous state of FileCache.

I've also been working on a branch of EZDBI, adding all sorts of nifty things like multiple database handle support, and single row-fetching. This has been in part spurred by another recent project le pnews, my content aggregator.

Tuesday February 26, 2002
12:52 AM


This is not a rant.

So I sort of alluded to this in my previous
entry (though this is not the only disenchantment),
I've been abstaining from PerlMonks. Although
a few times I've been cleaning my bookmarks
and ended up clicking something from there,
doh! I felt like I was getting quite a bit of
unwarranted flac from a few parties and not
being recognized/acknowledged by others. I'm
not trying to be spiteful by not hanging around,
and I'm not seeking pity. They don't owe me or
anyone else anything, but by the same token
neither do I. I just felt it ought to be made
known somehow somewhere (that's kinda what a
journal is, eh?). I'm not sure what good
abstinence will do, but I don't see any other
options. I haven't missed it all that much,
though if I soak up too many rays I run out of
things to do and start itching to mosey on over.
There have also been a few random things I've
wanted to post and ask (Such as what is a good
search engine for arbitrary strings e.g. " s/o"
The almighty google, AV, they all seem to suck)

Well I guess that's enough punting.

Thursday February 21, 2002
05:01 PM


I released a new version of Text::FIGlet last weekend, not that anyone uses it probably :-/ Anyways it was a good code-athon, squashed many bugs (some were algorythm flaws that left me in awe that it even worked before ;-) It should be rock-solid now. Who knows when next I'll get around to touching it, not much left to do but the really hard and less-used stuff, and maybe some optimization (renders fine but loading is slow and showfigfonts is glacial).

Next project is to fix []. I took a glance at it the other day, and it sent shivers down my spine. Oh to be confronted with one's legacy code.

I was contemplating ordering the last two editions of The Perl Journal, bu the price is out outrageous. It's not as though they are years old, these are extra copies lying around. Is it my fault local shops stopped carrying it due to the problems surrounding the change in publisher? So I read what articles are online.

Becoming a little disenchanted with the web community at large, and I should probably be working anyways. So maybe I'll try and cut back. Or at the very least update some of my content. Much of it is actually older than it's marked, I just happened to have switched to hosting myself then :-P

Monday November 12, 2001
06:29 PM


is basically done for now;
getting a little tired of it right now.

Been lurking around
[|the monasetry],
and might run it up the Seekers of Perl Wisdom
flagpole and see how riddled with holes
it is or is not.

Thursday November 01, 2001
10:31 PM

Intruder alert

Well I decided to do a final security sweep
on Belga Cron before releasing it and found
I'd made some rather faulty assumptions.
Anyways I fixed them and everything's peachy.
The new code is up at:

And I'll let it ferment a day or two before
I give it the official stamp of approval.

Monday October 29, 2001
10:45 PM

Hip hip Hooray!

So my server [] is back online.
Picked up somebody's spare drive and was
lucky enough to be able to get the old drive
online one more time to a disk to disk
transfer (nevermind that I was lucky to get
it online previously and make a fresh backup).
Although all of this luck has me a touch
befuddled, it is known that these errors can
occur due to overheating. But there's been
no change in my hardware to have caused that.
So I guess I have to assume the drive really
was going bad.

Belga cron has been up for 10 days w/o a
problem. So after the halloween rollover
I plan on releasing it. Not that people
are beating down my door to get it ;-)

Wednesday October 24, 2001
09:50 PM


The fscking hard drive in my server failed
this evening. I wondered what the kernel
was complaining about when I was on the
console earlier. If I'd only known. At least
the device was accesible then...
So now I have to figure out what to do,
buy another drive I can't afford (it only
needs a gig which you can't get anymore)
or go without, or snag the gig drive that's /tmp on my workstation. And then there's the
small matter that my backups are about a month



After a few hours off it seems it cooled down
enough (if that is indeed the case as the
few mentionings of the error message:

Oct 25 03:38:41 dirty-bastard kernel: hda: status error: status=0x00 { }
Oct 25 03:38:41 dirty-bastard kernel: hda: drive not ready for command
Oct 25 03:38:51 dirty-bastard kernel: ide0: reset: success

on the web suggest). I now have an up to date

It's an IDE system, and I suppose another
reason to go for small drives (if you need
more justification ;-) is that it's a
relatively old BIOS. It only supports the
first rev. of EIDE.