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Journal of rafael (2125)

Thursday October 13, 2005
06:58 AM


Yesterday I uploaded Perl::Unsafe::Signals to the CPAN. A bit of XS, a bit of a source filter, and you're now theoretically able to turn on unsafe signals behaviour (see PERL_SIGNALS in the perlrun manpage) on a per-block basis. However, it's completely untested yet.
Sunday September 11, 2005
02:10 PM


Yay, I got a Flickr account. It's at
Tuesday September 06, 2005
06:01 AM

A subversion tip

I think this can be useful to some.

<@acme> Nicholas: svn diff annoys me too
<@rgs> what's wrong with svn diff ?
<@Nicholas> rgs:
<@rgs> Nicholas: you need to edit diff-cmd in ~/.subversion/config
<@Nicholas> from what to what?
<@rgs> I have this :
<@rgs> ### Set diff-cmd to the absolute path of your 'diff' program.
<@rgs> ### This will override the compile-time default, which is to use
<@rgs> ### Subversion's internal diff implementation.
<@rgs> diff-cmd = /usr/bin/diff
<@rgs> and svn di -x-dpubB works flawlessly :)
<@rgs> ok, it's poorly documented.

Tuesday August 23, 2005
02:49 AM

Shakti, a Perl 6 bot

Hmm, so, I wrote a very simple IRC bot in Perl 6 yesterday evening. It's a karmabot -- it implements the foo++ and bar-- commands that are familiar to purl's friends. Currently found as shakti on #mandrivafr on freenode. (Yes, karma, shakti, all that kind of stuff, we wanted to find a female sanskrit name.)

Here's the code, derived from examples/network/bot_irc.p6 in the pugs sources. Suggestions to make it more perl6ish welcome!


use v6;

my $nick = "shakti";
my $server = "";
my $chan = "#mandrivafr";
my %karma;
my %sux = (
    php => 1,
    python => 1,
my %rulz = (
    perl => 1,
    perl6 => 1,
my $karmafile = '/tmp/shakti.dump';

sub dump_karma {
    my $fh = open($karmafile, :w) err say "Can't open $karmafile";
    $fh.say("$_:%karma{$_}") for keys %karma;

# load karma
my $fh = open $karmafile err die "Can't load $karmafile";
for =$fh {
    $_ .= chomp;
    my ($k, $v) = split ":", $_;
    %karma{$k} = $v;

my $hdl = connect($server, 6667);

say "Connected to $server";

$hdl.say("NICK $nick\nUSER $nick $nick $nick $nick");

# discard first line
my $ligne = readline($hdl);

$hdl.say("JOIN $chan");

say "Joined $chan";

while $ligne = =$hdl {

    $ligne .= chomp;

    given $ligne {

        when rx:perl5/^PING/ {
            $hdl.say("PONG $nick");

        when rx:perl5/^:(.*?)!.*? PRIVMSG $chan (.*)/ {
            my $nick = $0;
            my $msg = $1;
            given $msg {
                when rx:perl5/(\w+)\+\+/ {
                    if $nick eq $0 {
                        $hdl.say("PRIVMSG $chan :$nick: you can't up your own karma!");
                    else {
                        %karma{lc $0}++;
                        say "increment $0";
                when rx:perl5/(\w+)--/ {
                    %karma{lc $0}--;
                    say "decrement $0";
                when rx:perl5/\bkarma\s+(\w+)/ {
                    if $0 eq "shakti" {
                        $hdl.say("PRIVMSG $chan :I have infinite karma");
                    elsif %sux{lc $0} {
                        $hdl.say("PRIVMSG $chan :$0 has very, very bad karma");
                    elsif %rulz{lc $0} {
                        $hdl.say("PRIVMSG $chan :$0 has infinite karma");
                    elsif %karma{lc $0} {
                        $hdl.say("PRIVMSG $chan :$0 has karma of " ~ %karma{lc $0});
                    else {
                        $hdl.say("PRIVMSG $chan :$0 has neutral karma");



Thursday August 04, 2005
11:42 AM

Test::LongString 0.08

I just uploaded Test::LongString 0.08 to CPAN, in which a bug was fixed and a new feature implemented [look for $Context in the docs], during the Practical Perl Testing talk. Thanks to whoever asked a question about it during the talk -- the idea comes from him !
Friday May 27, 2005
03:50 AM


It occurs to me that Moebius' most excellent comic book Le garage hermétique [from which my workstation's hostname comes] has been canonically translated into English as the Airtight Garage, thus removing the implicit but probably evident reference to Hermes Trismegistus.

I also note the interesting fact that this picture appeared on my defunct blog some years ago, and comes probably from there :)

Tuesday May 17, 2005
10:06 AM


By the way, I forgot to mention that I wrote the preface of this book by Philippe Verdret. Its title, translated to English, would be From Perl to Java: Programming with Regular Expressions. (Wow, 3rd entry. It's journal-day !)
07:48 AM

One-click installation

I wasn't too happy to see that this Linux Distribution Chooser (found via asserts that Mandriva Linux doesn't support "one-click software installation". I wonder what they mean by that.

Oh, and they also claim that our distribution isn't free. So why can you download ISOs ? And all rpms of free software we produce is available on mirrors, even when not found in the distribution ISOs.

In short, a web site with pretty graphics and all, but they failed to get their facts right.

Friday May 13, 2005
06:57 AM


After an idea by Chia-Liang Kao, of svk fame, I uploaded Sub::Identify to CPAN.
Monday April 25, 2005
04:32 AM

Perl 6 cheerleader lines

Inspired by a remark of Larry, and by the fact that some of the Perl 5 annoyances won't be fixed in Perl 5, I came up with a few Perl 6 cheerleader lines.

Fix in six / Fix in six / With much better semantics
Fix in six / Fix in six / That's the best of all gimmicks
Fix in six / Fix in six / And learn a few new cool tricks
Fix in six / Fix in six / And we'll take over Unix
Fix in six / Fix in six / With a few keystrokes and clicks
Fix in six / Fix in six / You will need a new remix
Fix in six / Fix in six / Or maybe in sixty-six
Fix in six / Fix in six / And kill all the heretics
Fix in six / Fix in six / Much more than just aesthetics
Fix in six / Fix in six / Sing all the perl-a-holics
Fix in six / Fix in six / From Larry Wall's alembics
Fix in six / Fix in six / Best of all pharmaceutics
Fix in six / Fix in six / As prove all the statistics
Fix in six / Fix in six / Cures even syphilitics

I'll get my coat.