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ishigaki (7238)

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Journal of ishigaki (7238)

Saturday December 09, 2006
01:59 AM

temporarily reverted recent changes at

I'm not sure the reason why yet, but recent updates at likely broke something and made it unstable for a few days. As I checked locally, it seems to fail to parse xml files, so maybe I need to make them cleaner and parsing routine more robust (oops! The problem was circular dependency. I'm fixing that now).

In the meantime, I reverted several recent changes with "svn up -r" (hurrah, subversion), to the state of 03, Dec. Sorry for the inconvenience, especially for Jifty users.

Friday December 08, 2006
05:45 PM

false promise of kwalitee

There are lots of things that make me crazy while packaging modules for my ppm repos, but one of the worst irritators is a podcoverage test failure.

I believe the test should guarantee the kwalitee of a package, but testing pod is not so critical for ordinary people, so lots of the tests are written to be skipped unless TEST_POD env is true. Actually, some of my modules have such tests. I once thought that was an idea.

However, I've found not a few podcoverage tests which see TEST_POD are broken. I reported some of them via RT but, unlike other explicit failures, completing pod entries is not so easy. Just reporting a broken test makes me feel sorry, but there's no right answer for a pod, especially for a non-native English speaker like me.

So, I beg you, who probably have just copied your podcoverage test from somewhere. Set TEST_POD or remove the test. Otherwise, your test might be a false promise of kwalitee.

Tuesday December 05, 2006
11:12 PM

more updates at

Now has latest versions of Jifty/Catalyst/DBIC and their dependencies along with Plagger. And I rewrote some of the instructions/tips at sitetop. Here're some.

* Catalyst

I repackaged every Cat-related thing to call for Catalyst-Runtime instead of older version of Catalyst. This change might cause various conflicts while installing/upgrading (use -force option if you're in trouble). But now you don't have to stick to the older Catalyst any more.

* Jifty

I haven't written this yet at site top (or jifty wiki), but now I offer the latest dev release at CPAN and its bundled plugins, though basically, you're adviced to use svn HEAD. And one more caveat. If you once installed ppm version of Jifty, don't forget to 'nmake install' after 'svn up' to avoid unwanted test errors previously-installed version might cause.

* external libraries

I compiled libtidy to satisfy the latest Plagger's dependency. Normally just ppm install HTML-Tidy would do the trick, but if you're using latest ActivePerl, you might need to grab that from and install it somewhere. You also might need to install Pari from and memcached for win32 from Maybe you'll need more if I check fully.

* Module::CoreList

This is just for me (and other repository admins). ActivePerl doesn't have DB_File and the likes, Sys::Syslog, and some of the OS2/VMS related things, though they are listed in M::CL. So if you want to setup new ppm repos, you might want to make sure if packages you're going to offer have dependencies on them (especially DB_File). This is also why I need yet another private ppm maker.

Wednesday November 29, 2006
09:09 AM

updated ppm repos at

After a couple of months' break, I updated my ppm repos at and added dozens of modules newer version of Plagger and its dependencies call for, though I've been too busy to check them fully. Some of them might be broken/short of something they (implicitly) require. If you find anything, please let me know.

And I started writing yet another ppm maker. Latest version of PPM::Make does fairly good but it's for theoryx repos in the end. I need one which does what I want. For example, it should respect Module::Install/Build's recommends section (which is critical to me, but I don't think PPM::Make should respect it, too).

Anyway, I'm not going to abondon my ppm repos, at least right now. Though I recommend to use CPAN, packaging modules is kind of fun for me. All I want (and wanted then) to say is: if you are in trouble, test it. Just saying "I couldn't make it through" won't help you.

Monday September 18, 2006
01:04 AM now supports ppm 4.x

I've re-made whole things and now supports ppm 4.x bundled with ActivePerl and above. This Win32 ppm repository offers Plagger, Jifty, and some other packages I'm interested in including Catalyst and DBIx::Class. I hope this would help you, though I won't use it. I'm a stubborn CPAN user ;)