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ajtaylor (1283)

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Journal of ajtaylor (1283)

Thursday May 05, 2005
10:25 AM

DBI logging made easy

Browsing recent CPAN uploads is one of my favorite activities. Today I ran across DBD::Log, which I think is my new best friend. I say maybe only because I haven't had a chance to use it (yet).

Ever wanted a simple way to get a log of your DBI calls but didn't want all the detail that standard DBI logging gives you? Or maybe you wanted to isolate the logging to a particular module? DBD::Log might be the answer. Anyone used it yet?

Tuesday April 05, 2005
06:37 PM

Why won't use.perl remember me?

This is really, really annoying. For some time now (2-3 weeks at least), doesn't remember who I am for long. I'll log in OK, and then a day later it won't know who I am. This is particularly annoying when opening up a bunch of journal entries from bloglines. :-( I'm using FireFox on OS X if that matters.
Friday August 08, 2003
02:36 PM

HTML spam w/ embedded images

I've started getting HTML spam where the images are embedded as separate MIME attachments within the message. The image links look like . I have the option in my mail software (Thunderbird) to not load images in HTML mail, but this method allows them through anyway. It really got my attention today when a spam for a German porn site came up w/ an image of a nude woman. The bad part is that I was in my office at work! No harm done but it could have been embarrasing to say the least...

Anyone know of workarounds for not displaying these sort of messages/images? Should I just turn off HTML mail all together? I just want to avoid throwing out the baby w/ the bath water. And I'd like to note that I send email in text format, not HTML. :-)

Wednesday June 25, 2003
01:34 PM

opnames.h - where are you?

I had an interesting problem today when installing HTML::Parser. On my dev server it compiled fine, with no problems. But trying to install it on the production machine gave me an error during make along the lines of "can't find /usr/lib/perl5/5.005003/i386-linux/CORE/opnames.h". And it refused to continue.

After a bit of googling, I found instructions at which explained that I needed to touch a few files and perl would be fine. I did and everything went smoothly from there.

Now my questions are: why did I get the error on one machine and not the other? And what is this opnames.h file and why is it needed? Terminally curious minds want to know...

Thursday May 29, 2003
11:53 AM

Advanced CVS usage

I've posted a meditation on perlmonks about more fully using all the features CVS has to offer, namely branches (which I've rarely used). I want to "Take it to the next level" so to speak.

The gist of it is that we'll use the trunk for "stable" releases, and create branches for each new project/bugfix. Each branch will eventually be merged back into the trunk, and a new release tagged on the trunk. I would appreciate any tips the community here has to offer, especially in the way of managing a complex CVS tree.

Wednesday April 09, 2003
04:49 PM

To OSCon or not to OSCon

I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost me to go to OSCon. I don't need to stay at the Marriott for $129/night, so I'm wondering what are some good alternatives. Important considerations: transportation to conference (may or may not rent a car), cost, food, and amenities. I don't need anything fancy, just a decent place to sleep.

Also, I would be going alone so I'd also be interested in a roommate. I noticed on the OSCon page there is a roommate list, so perhaps I'll subscribe to that as well. Any one going that wants to bunk w/ a boring non-smoker/drinker like me? (I'm really not boring, I just abstain from a lot of things. :-)

Also, I know I'm going to be hitting Powell's Books. What other attractions are "Must See" in Portland? How much spending money will I need? I'm planning on $50-100 for the bookstores (my wife will kill me)...

Wednesday March 05, 2003
01:56 PM

more funny spam

This is one of the funniest spams I've received in a while. Note the patriotic theme while trying to fix your septic system. ;-)

Death to Saddam Hussein

Do you have a Septic

Free and Important

01:15 PM


I just read Paul Graham's essay on nerds. Apparently it was on DayPop a while back, but I'm not an addict yet. It was very interesting just how much his essay resonated with me. HS was a joke, and I was definitely NOT in the popular category. I wasn't a D, but maybe more like a C.

I think this is one reason I was a band geek. At least in band there were more people like me. That's not to say everyone was smart or popular (there were all combinations), but we were a group. We stuck up for each other. We also made fun of each other, but that helped make us closer. It wasn't like the biting putdowns I received from the "popular" kids. I wasn't Mr. Popularity with the rest of the population, but by the time I was a senior the back seat on the bus for away games was always mine. For our band, that was how we measured rank/influence/whatever. It was nice to be there.

I remember hardly ever having to study. And that bit me real hard when I went to college because I didn't have a good idea of how to study. So my coasting I called High School was really a detriment when I graduated. I didn't feel challenged, with a few exceptions. I remember my World History teacher (Mrs Russo - hi!) who made history fun & interesting. It was much more than just memorizing dates & names & places. It was about learning _history_ rather than learning facts. I give her most of the credit for my current enjoyment of the History Channel.

So for those who have not read the essay, I highly recommend it. And if you're still in HS, just remember that it will be over soon. And it is NOT the real world, so don't confuse it for the real thing. Keep on plugging and you'll come out ahead.

Tuesday February 11, 2003
04:39 PM

Tricky spam

I'm still not 100% sure this is spam, but from the checking I did I think it is. Anyone else get this recently? The address it was sent to has never been used outside some private family emails, and certainly never for work purposes. I guess I must have gotten the smart spammers. :-)

Received: (qmail 58622 invoked from network); 11 Feb 2003 21:08:25 -0000
Received: from (HELO cgyho? ( by with SMTP; 11 Feb 2003 21:08:25 -0000
Received: from ([]) by with SMTP (Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service Version 5.5.2653.13) id DXTYDC62; Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:08:50 -0700
Received: from [] by with XWall v3.24 ; Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:08:20 -0700
Message-ID: <000801c2d212$6d418550$6401a8c0@westco1>
From: "Lisa Skidmore"
To: <>
Subject: W2 earnings summary
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 13:13:25 -0800
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000
X-UID: 6159

Hey Drew, hope this is the proper person. Your tax forms came into our office today if you're interested in getting them.

Wednesday December 18, 2002
06:12 PM

Class::DBI rocks!

I just started using Class::DBI on a project at $work and it is by far the coolest thing since sliced bread! When you can write a whole data model class in a half dozen lines of code, you better realize you're onto a good thing. It let me beat my own estimate (sometimes notoriously bad even with padding!) for Milestone 1 on this project by 2 days! Many thanks go out to Tony Bowden and all the others who have hacked on Class::DBI.

That said, I'm having a problem where I can't use it like I want. :-) I've gotten a workaround, but it's a total hack. Thus deserving of a good solution. My previous data models could handle having an id of 0 passed to them. It meant, create an empty object. Unfortunately, I can't use
Class->retrieve(0); since I get undef in return. How can I work around this? Would calling create() with a minimal hashref and not calling commit() do the trick? ie. not write a database entry? Any ideas welcome. And yes, I posted to the mailing list but have not yet gotten the answer I want. :-)