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Yappo (7398)

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Journal of Yappo (7398)

Tuesday June 30, 2009
10:27 PM

shipped Test::PPPort 0.03

Tuesday May 19, 2009
03:00 AM

HTTP::Engine is moved to GitHub

I made the account with GitHub for httpengine.

I worked httpengine's moved repository to GitHub.
A part of Collaborators could commit here directly.

I go the following as work for the next version.

- base path ( $req->uri->base ) of application is made into a value common to all the Interfaces.
    Although it is of Catalyst origin, another value may come by CGI, ModPerl, and ServerSimple on the contrary now.

Thursday October 23, 2008
11:00 PM

Dist::Zilla meets Module::Setup

What can I do?
Friday October 10, 2008
04:41 AM

Name space ranking used well by CPAN module

find ~/minicpan | grep tar.gz | rev | awk -F/ '{print $1}' | rev | awk -F- '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -r

~/minicpan is carrying out mirroring by CPAN::Mini.

638 Net
  405 WWW
  370 Class
  362 Catalyst
  333 HTML
  332 Apache
  326 Text
  317 XML
  314 Data
  312 CGI
  305 POE
  260 Acme
  259 Test
  242 File
  238 Lingua
  235 DBIx
  200 Math
  199 Tie
  185 Template
  159 Devel
  158 Tk
  155 Kwiki
  151 Win32
  150 Bundle
  138 Crypt
  135 Games
  124 Business
  123 Module
  122 Mail
  116 WebService
  110 Geo
  108 HTTP
  101 Config
  100 IO

more more list

Wednesday October 01, 2008
08:57 PM

Module::Setup is so cute!

i released Module::Setup
module creation can be started very easily.
You can start module creation very easily like Module::Starter.
There is affinity of SVN and Git and it can extend simply.
Tuesday April 01, 2008
12:59 AM

I got the domain is so cool domain!
redirect to now.


Friday November 17, 2006
11:44 PM


I created Kwiki::Diff::Mutual.

Kwiki::Diff::Mutual is Strong diff is displayed.
Kwiki::Diff::Mutual is Diff is displayed between specific revisions.
Kwiki::Diff::Mutual is Diff in the line is displayed by using String::Diff.

example t_revision_id=3

11:39 PM


I created String::Diff.
String::Diff is line diff tool, very simple.

  # simple diff
  my $diff = String::Diff::diff('this is Perl', 'this is Ruby');
  print "$diff->[0]\n";# this is [Perl]
  print "$diff->[1]\n";# this is {Ruby}

  my $diff = String::Diff::diff('this is Perl', 'this is Ruby',{
      remove_open => '<del>',
      remove_close => '</del>',
      append_open => '<ins>',
      append_close => '</ins>',
  print "$diff->[0]\n";# this is <del>Perl</del>
  print "$diff->[1]\n";# this is <ins>Ruby</ins>

Algorithm::Diff is used.
thank you.

Tuesday November 07, 2006
07:20 AM


[ #31533 ]

I released Geo::Coordinates::Converter 0.02.
this distribution is framework of the geometric transformation.

It newly made it though the relapse discernment of the wheel because there was no thing mounted
in the form of the framework.


    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Geo::Coordinates::Converter;
    my $geo = Geo::Coordinates::Converter->new( lat => '35.65580', lng => '139.65580', datum => 'wgs84' );
    my $point = $geo->convert( dms => 'tokyo' );
    print $point->lat;
    print $point->lng;
    print $point->datum;
    print $point->format;
    my $clone = $point->clone;
    my $geo2 = Geo::Coordinates::Converter->new( point => $clone );
    my $point2 = $geo->convert( degree => 'wgs84' );
    print $point2->lat;
    print $point2->lng;
    print $point2->datum;
    print $point2->format;

Datum that is now commands a majority for the Japanese.
I am wishing that it also wants the people in other countries to use
It is ready to add it to this as soon as the survey a land system in
other countries understands.

I want feedback if there is an opinion.

#Blog pet "Excite Honyaku" wrote this entry.

Wednesday November 01, 2006
08:09 AM

Soozy test code

use strict;
use warnings;
use lib 'lib';

    $ENV{JITENSYA_ROOT}  = '/home/soozy/jitensya';
    $ENV{JITENSYA_MODE}  = 'dev';

    require Jitensya;


sub local_request {

    require HTTP::Request::AsCGI;

    my $request = request( shift(@_) );
    my $cgi     = HTTP::Request::AsCGI->new( $request, %ENV )->setup;


    return $cgi->restore->response;

sub request {
    my $request = shift;

    require HTTP::Request;

    unless ( ref $request ) {
        if ( $request =~ m/^http/i ) {
            $request = URI->new($request)->canonical;
        else {
            $request = URI->new( 'http://localhost' . $request )->canonical;
    unless ( ref $request eq 'HTTP::Request' ) {
        $request = HTTP::Request->new( 'GET', $request );
    return $request;

Catalyst inspired