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jk2addict (4946)

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Journal of jk2addict (4946)

Thursday September 18, 2008
11:35 AM

Fat Guy: Phase 2

Last year (wow, a year), I had to lose weight to make the life insurance company happy before they would cover me. At the time, I lost about 25 pounds. A year later, I've managed to keep it off by walking twice a day at work.

Now begins phase two. A coworker recently moved closer into town and needed a new place to go once his YMCA membership expired. We have a new rec center about 2 miles away. Thanks to peer pressure, I now have someone to go there with twice a week.

Maybe I can jump start another 30lb loss. Truth be told, what I really want is to be able to exercise enough to eat what I want guilt free. Food is my drug of choice...right after the smell of new computer hardware. :-)

Saturday September 13, 2008
11:22 AM


I've come to that point where I'm sick of having servers in my basement, dealing with a static DSL price, worrying about server crashes and backups and maintaining software and email. It's 2008. I just don't need to be that kind of geek any more.

I've moved my svn code to GitHub (Free!). I need to move email, dns, and a few MT sites. It seems that for $6-10 a month, I can get a DreamHost account with Perl, MySQL, Python, Rails and all the email, ssh, domains, PHP and anything else I can want with more bandwidth caps than I'll ever use.

The price I'll save in DSL connection alone (I'll move form 5 Static IP back to the regular home user account) will pay for it 4-5 times over.

Thoughts on DreamHost?

Friday August 29, 2008
12:56 PM

Why the Overridable hate in .NET?

One of the things that I curse about on a weekly basis when using .NET is when you're trying to customize an inherited class and some methods/properties can be overridden and some can't.

That seems silly to me coming from the land of Perl. The author of the original class has presumed to know which methods/props I might like/have to subclass and which ones I won't. Good old Perl. I can override anything I want and it stays out of my way.

Then of course, there are Sealed classes which can't even be inherited. I can't even create my own custom DateTime class. At least now that 3.0 has Extensions, I can add my methods to the DateTime object.

Monday August 18, 2008
10:04 PM

Clone::clone in 5.10 borken?

I have this old method in Handel that clones a storage class instance by first dereferencing the DBIC schema/DBI handle to keep Clone from bitching, calling Clone::clone, then stuffing the schema back in the original object.

sub clone {
    my $self = shift;
        -details => translate('NOT_CLASS_METHOD')
    ) unless blessed($self); ## no critic
    # a hack indeed. clone barfs on some DBI inards, so lets move out the
    # schema instance while we clone and put it back
    if ($self->_schema_instance) {
        my $schema = $self->_schema_instance;
        my $clone = Clone::clone($self);
        return $clone;
    } else {
        return $self->SUPER::clone;

In 5.8, this works, and $clone->{'connection_info'}->[...] is copied from the original.

In 5.10, $clone->{'connection_info'}->[] is empty.

Just for giggles, using Storable::dclone works just dandily, but I didn't use it in 5.8 because for one line of code, it's a pain in the ass as a prereq, esp on windows sometimes.

ANyone else have isues with Clone under 5.10?

Tuesday August 12, 2008
07:59 AM

Dear Anonymous Coward

Wile I apprecaite you're concern for propper grammer, Me however don't not give a crappe. Thanks U 4 contributing no thing 2 the convers8tion.

I suggest that if you care more about bitching [anonymously] about the grammar than contributing to the topic at hand that you kindly find another profession or remove thy stick from thine ass...assuming you're a programmer already.

An unapproved comment has been posted on your blog I Can't Focus, for entry #881 (MVC Marathon Part 3: Creating a Restaurants Controller and View). You need to approve this comment before it will appear on your site. "It's in it's own directory" ??? The word "it's" means "it is" or "it has" ... nothing else, ever. Using "it's" two different ways in a single sentence is especially gross. The sentence should start as "It's in its own directory." Programmers seem to want to use "it's" as a pronoun indicating possession because an apostrophe-s is added to proper names to indicate possession (Bob's ball, etc.). But that usage conflicts with the other use of apostrophe-s, which is to be an abbreviation of "is" or "has" (Pete's gonna go outside; it's gonna rain). That's the rule that rules. Commenter name: Anonymous Coward Commenter email address: Commenter URL: Commenter IP address:

P.S. If this is someone I know on, well, I only half mean it then.

Sunday August 10, 2008
02:39 PM

MVC Marathon Part 3: Creating a Controller and View

Round three can be found here.

Thursday July 31, 2008
12:05 PM

Pre-Apology to the Perl, Catalyst and DBIC Communities

I think I should get this out of the way now rather than after the fact. :-)

As some of you may know, I've embarked on a little trip to create a small app in the popular mvc frameworks. So far, it's been an interesting and eye opening experience for me as a current Catalyst/DBIC user. I get to experience what it's like to be a new user in those frameworks and compare that to what I know about my experience with Catalyst/DBIC.

Let me be clear about this. I love Perl. Catalyst and Chained() totally rocks, and DBIC is the best ORM I've used in terms of completely flexibility.

With that said, using blog posts, emails and prodding on IRC, there are going to be some points over the next few months where I plan on being completely brash about where I think Cat/DBIC lack compared to the new user experience or those other frameworks. I've already started a few times, and I'm sure I've already flipped a few peoples rant bit to 1.

Remember, it's not a personal attack on anyone. I know it's easy to take it that way when your one of the core or other devs who made it what it is today. It's also not my intention to point the finger and walk away. I sincerely hope that out of this comes some initiatives to fill in the gaps and round the edges and I very much hope to be involved in those things.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled afternoon nap.

Sunday July 20, 2008
05:42 PM

I Hate Network Gremlins

Problems like these really grind my gears.

Starting late Friday night (US EST), I can no longer get responses from, nor am I getting any of the Cat/DBIC list emails.

Thinking it might be my machine, I started doing traceroutes and connecting to the svn repo with telnet from the router. The traceroute completes. I can connect with telnet and issue a GET /, but I get no response.

Just to rule out my connection, I VPNed into work and tried the same site using my $work machine. Using our main Qwest connection, things work just fine. Using our DSL connection, it doesn't work. That rules out my connection, and either points to SBC/ATT, or some routing/dns issue across the pond sending packets to the wrong place.

Either way, I can't fix this. Heavy sigh. Just what I needed this weekend. Something to obsess about.

Monday July 14, 2008
03:00 PM

Dear Programmers...

Please stop taking away the damn minimize window button. It wasn't a broken feature. Please don't fix it. No, a key command to minimize the window is not just as helpful sometimes. No, a close button (X) is not the same as minimize and now you've muddied what the expectation of the close (X) button really does.

Yes, I'm lookin at you Twitterific and Twitterlicious.

Saturday July 12, 2008
07:04 PM

MVC Marathon Part 2: Creating a Database and Model

Another round of brain draining MVC madness. As usual, it take longer to write about it than do it. el/