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jdavidboyd (3251)

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Born - 1958
USAF - 1976-1980
BSEE - 1984
Married - 1987
Moved to Florida - 1994
Programming since 1986

Journal of jdavidboyd (3251)

Wednesday July 16, 2003
01:00 PM

White Noise

Man, lately it seems that everything that is going on in the world and country is being interpreted by my brain as white noise.

I've been pounding my way through the Perl CD Bookshelf, and Learning Perl/Tk, which is pretty much taking all my concentrative facilities (is that a real phrase?)

It sure does feel good to be stretching out (or perhaps, wrinkling up) the grey matter a bit.

Wednesday July 09, 2003
11:32 AM


Man, is there anything on this planet that is more annoying than you telling your boss that the change he wants is going to take 'X' amount of time, and he responds "Oh, I don't see why that would be. It is only a little change."

Of course, he knows nothing about coding in C, or the data structures the program uses, or the flow of the code as it presently exists.

He does know that, when I make his change, and he is subsequently looking at the screen, a few elements will have shifted around. He says "Shouldn't be a big deal at all."

And, when you try to explain, he gets a glassy eyed look, and then gets upset because he seems to think that I am questioning his judgement

Like I said, most annoying.

Sunday June 29, 2003
06:20 PM

Netbeans or Eclipse

I've a java project to do at work, just a teeny one, but for some reason, management wants me to use an open source IDE.
So, the obvious question becomes, Netbeans or Eclipse?
Don't know anything about either, and kind of like it that way.
If I had my 'druthers', I would just stick the XEmacs and be done with it.
I find it very annoying when non-tech people tell me how to do tech!

12:28 PM

Lesson For All

This month's issue of Communications Of The ACM, in an article entitled Making A Game Of System Design, has a very pertinent message, wherein it states

Cleverly exploiting Narrative to shape the player's experience, game designers give players the perception they have free will, even though at any time their options are actually quite limited.

This is quite a great concept, and something to remember for the future as I code application software. Let the user think they are totally self-empowered!

11:06 AM

Provacative Title

This month's issue of Communications of the ACM has an article that starts out as

The pleasures and wonders of gameplay, as well as
their deeper lessons, are being applied in fields beyond entertainment as
diverse as psychological therapy, experience-based education, and design prototyping.
Making A Game Of System Design

I can't wait to read the article....

Friday June 20, 2003
01:03 PM

Hard Drive Size

I was reading an article last night in the current ACM Queue , and the person being interviewed stated that in the next 5 years or so, hard drives will be in the 20 terabyte range.
I can't imagine ever needing that much space.

Thursday June 19, 2003
10:53 AM

Chasin' my tail...

It often seems that I am chasing my own tail here at work.
The old adage seems to apply, that their is "never enough time to do it right, but always time to re-do it".
Also, my company seems to be extremely event-driven. By which I mean that whichever customer screams the loudest is the one that we drop everything for and go to town on their latest problem.
How do you make process changes stick in a place like this?
There are four of us programmers, two (myself and one more) that would like rules, processes, and some consistency. The two others just want to do enough to get by.
What a world...

Wednesday June 18, 2003
01:50 PM


Just had a call from my doctor, my blood tests from last week came back A-OK!
PSA level was fine (my dad had prostate cancer, fully recovered now).
My cholesterol was 145, which they say is good, but I'm not certain just what cholesterol level really means, anyway.
All I know about it is what I see on the stupid TV commercials.

08:25 AM

Time for a change?

Have you ever felt stagnant and stale at your job? After five years of working on C source, I'm getting to that point.
I try to use as much Perl and Java and shell scripts, on internal utilities, as possible, just to alleviate the sameness, but it doesn't quite take care of it anymore.

Friday May 02, 2003
10:39 AM

Going to be cold

My wife and I are heading to the border area between Connecticut and Rhode Island to visit our families.
It is going to be cold! Highest expected temp is 62 deg F. With lows around 42.
We are used to every day (almost) in the upper 80s, and the night cool off to around 70.
Have to make sure to take some heavy duty insulation along!