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belg4mit (967)

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Journal of belg4mit (967)

Monday April 23, 2007
09:25 AM

Pet Peeve

It does not matter if the dictionaries have caved into people's miuse of language... bimonthly = every two months, semimonthly = fortnightly = every two weeks. etc. etc. Nice and clear and consistent (biannual). We now return you to your regularly scheduled silence.

Saturday March 24, 2007
02:17 PM

Free commit bits for Data::JavaScript available

I've been really bad about maintaining Data::JavaScript, so if anybody is interested in getting contributor maintenance rights for CPAN let me know, preferably with a respectable sample patch*.

Here are some of the things on the TO DO list:

  • Merge ::LiteObject and ::Anon functionality into D::JS
  • Code cleanup, including removal of Exporter; this naturally follows from the former.
  • Explore Data::Dumper and it's $Pair or similar to sit atop one of these engines?
  • Likewise JSON? (Update: and therefore obviously therefore array literal syntax)
  • A reasonable means of defining hash sort order
  • Consider a less verbose format (option) for generic output, such as that proposed by Scott Wessels
    #AB's code output
    var facts = new Object;
    facts.string = 'Joseph';
    facts.xor = new Array;
    facts.xor[0] = new Array;
    facts.xor[0][0] = 0;
    facts.xor[0][1] = 1;
    facts.xor[1] = new Array;
    facts.xor[1][0] = 1;
    facts.xor[1][1] = 0;

    #vs. SW output
    var facts = new Array(new function() {
    this.string = 'Joseph';
    this.xor = new Array(new Array(0,1),new Array(1,0));


    I have an old patch for this, it sort of preserves references.
  • A sane way to handle all of that. Probably a single engine with multiple wrappers for different output options?
  • Fix documentation i.e; clearer description of what data munging is done (minimal by default, if you want to embed JS within JS strings, more need to be done [somewhere])

*The patch could be for (part of) something on the TO DO list, or anything else appropriate.

Friday December 22, 2006
11:07 PM

Christmas Wish: One last write-up

Please, somebody, earn yourself a book! Christmas Eve and Christmas are both taken care of, I just need one last entry for tomorrow (12/23/2006). If you're interested in making a serious go of it (and hopefully writing something that'll require minimal editing ;-) I can supply ideas.

Thursday December 07, 2006
04:33 PM

Contribute content and you could earn an O'Reilly book!

While speaking with O'Reilly Media, Inc. (they changed their name) regarding the use of the camel trademark and the Perl Advent Calendar, they offered up some prizes to participants. void where prohibited.

Thanks guys

Friday December 01, 2006
01:02 PM

Perl Advent

Whilst waiting for the main article submission to be accepted I figured I should note for anyone whom might happen upon this, that the new Perl Advent Calendar is available. Smaakelijk!
Wednesday March 08, 2006
06:01 PM


So maybe you've seen this ad on PBS, where the father is reading Little Red Riding Hood to his daughter. The camera pans around the room and there are a bunch of characters from different PBS shows that chime in with comments about the construction of the house, the value of the antique bed, etc. It ends with a tagline of, "There's more than one side to a story." It's a brilliant spot. Yet, in the wake of the conservative dustup over PBS I can't help but feel it's more than a little tasteless.
Wednesday January 11, 2006
02:59 PM

apples to pineapples

Friday October 07, 2005
08:40 PM

Why is it...

that fruit-on-the bottom yogurt sits nicely in the cup but pre-mixed gets all over the lid?

Wednesday October 05, 2005
03:59 PM

YM fun with English

Yesterday morning
Yesterday evening
Last night

Recently discovered IO::WrapTie when looking for a pre-
existing solution more elegant than my homegown our
with lots of globs and refs solution to support scalar file-
handles with tie. I haven't gotten around to merging
it into IO::Pager yet.

Friday September 02, 2005
12:13 PM

Ain't nothing New(s-worthy) 'bout N'Orlens

Someone forwarded a message from an out of touch member to a mailing list I'm on, which contained this drivel:

our worst fears have been realized; our wonderful madcap city is being pummeled and brought up short by the end result of being ignored by our city, state and federal governments for 300 years. Levee breaks? who would have guessed? (anyone who lives here is the short answer). ... My family has been in LA since the 1760's and ain't leaving now...

Emphasis added.

WTF? WTFH? Please standby as we send a rocket-propelled GPS clue-by-four to assist you in your time of (mentally defecient) need. How about the result of 300 years of ignorance? Sticking your collective heads in the sand, covering your ears and repeating "Na na na I can't hear you"?

See the graphic at the bottom of Oh wait, you were aware it was an eventuality and are still surprised? Nuts to you then.