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mugwumpjism (1871)

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Journal of mugwumpjism (1871)

Monday December 17, 2007
01:38 AM

Seeding the swarm.

There's no working GitTorrent implementation yet (I'm working on it ;), but here's a references file anyway for an initial injection of the perl history.

object 79a55ab9c5f2ae29fbdc495be80567680330f873
type tag
tag seed
tagger Sam Vilain <> 1197871162 +1300

A complete history of Perl to 5.004_02

There would have been more in this first injection, but 5.004_03 was
just too good a release to skip over with a single change.

8490252049bf42d3d2f75d89178a8682bf22ba74 HEAD
8490252049bf42d3d2f75d89178a8682bf22ba74 refs/heads/master
73924ba4dbcc4bf33f88796af24ee0d0642f6147 refs/heads/p4/lexwarn/perl
4f59651d02ac3f77a817307d559e2381a9831021 refs/heads/p4/mainline/perl
d9a464030e8e08486d87711a575d5a5696634a73 refs/heads/p4/maint-5.004/perl
0fc29dc9270d39b1226ee7e3d156212e55679ebe refs/heads/p4/oneperl
2ddcc7aa6c936ba8e7a9703319dfd8959bb54574 refs/heads/p4/perl
2938739d2e019a7e34b70a9c71ba3903201f6d6d refs/heads/p4/perlext/Compiler
683929b49c6384fb92ba65fc111b71ae82a6e29d refs/heads/p4/perlext/Thread
ec4e49dc1523dcdb6bec56a66be410eab95cfa61 refs/heads/p4/relperl
9ed32d99bcab50ff8df392e9741dd3de08a596a4 refs/heads/p4/thrperl
fcc42238821171e387706f935f68939e32051fd7 refs/heads/p4/win32/perl
8d063cd8450e59ea1c611a2f4f5a21059a2804f1 refs/tags/perl-1.0
378cc40b38293ffc7298c6a7ed3cd740ad79be52 refs/tags/perl-2.0
ffd30a0b488495f48bc676c58309803860e1e715 refs/tags/perl-2.001
a687059cbaf2c6fdccb5e0fae2aee80ec15625a8 refs/tags/perl-3.000
27e2fb84680b9cc1db17238d5bf10b97626f477f refs/tags/perl-3.044
778d8c9dd800db4cc8f91788f5356eea9559bfc4 refs/tags/perl-3gamma
e334a159a5616cab575044bafaf68f75b7bb3a16 refs/tags/perl-4.0.36
a0d0e21ea6ea90a22318550944fe6cb09ae10cda refs/tags/perl-5.000
fec02dd38faf8f83471b031857d89cb76fea1ca0 refs/tags/perl-5.000o
748a93069b3d16374a9859d1456065dd3ae11394 refs/tags/perl-5.001
4aa0a1f7324b8447469670a1b2427c3ac2428bae refs/tags/perl-5.001l
e50aee73b3d4c555c37e4b4a16694765fb16c887 refs/tags/perl-5.001m
8e07c86ebc651fe92eb7e3b25f801f57cfb8dd6f refs/tags/perl-5.001n
a5f75d667838e8e7bb037880391f5c44476d33b4 refs/tags/perl-5.002
cc72480dfb711da8819daacccecdeaf1b246ed48 refs/tags/perl-5.002_01
4633a7c4bad06b471d9310620b7fe8ddd158cccd refs/tags/perl-5.002b1
f70b6ff5dbae63778d9b1ac9a297c2d960e64cbf refs/tags/perl-5.002b1h
91b7def858c29dac014df40946a128c06b3aa2ed refs/tags/perl-5.002b2
c07a80fdfe3926b5eb0585b674aa5d1f57b32ade refs/tags/perl-5.002b3
2920c5d2b358b11ace52104b6944bfa0e89256a7 refs/tags/perl-5.002gamma
b4a488b9f66ab1d51091a616c6fab3b3b300db36 refs/tags/perl-5.003
43cc1d52f97c5f21f3207f045444707e7be33927 refs/tags/perl-5.003_01
0c73a419525723821ea6572a87abb4e3fd04cab1 refs/tags/perl-5.003_02
9bb683e6b9e9c477f8ad211dd2f5b8c19d1b7bc2 refs/tags/perl-5.003_03
6252a976dfa7360d3fe0c876e583cf00ccd46c21 refs/tags/perl-5.003_04
83f702e05ad51fc3e6dc8ca853f13c5ecfac6166 refs/tags/perl-5.003_05
c66dd20ebe4b5d5267b3d700cc1002cbae7a86fe refs/tags/perl-5.003_06
49e60db318dafe6977e7332fc64c4fac32f5eb2c refs/tags/perl-5.003_07
fc996c6d2516678fa2851fd9005f805d593dd0fd refs/tags/perl-5.003_08
caa48c6690970f2445e75b64a107fd944e6632e4 refs/tags/perl-5.003_09
c407cc441c4f7840e9470ebb574378e557410788 refs/tags/perl-5.003_10
c0ce25c4324ce509b1fa849fa1714cc53be05c1e refs/tags/perl-5.003_11
58b4fa454e0ece6644458135d2a1b953914e890b refs/tags/perl-5.003_12
0137675c105d12c696699e187e15a717855db5e1 refs/tags/perl-5.003_13
8ce17d58707471746c013f21470e4c491b1528d1 refs/tags/perl-5.003_14
d0df753667027cbfca2518e4d2af0ee6ca1a0e7b refs/tags/perl-5.003_15
a0181376d0b59c0197d01352284440d67ee8a5cf refs/tags/perl-5.003_16
7fba0250235f5256e8f87e81f39a43b57a3825f4 refs/tags/perl-5.003_17
2e5e17f3a88325b29780c6cba8397138a725953f refs/tags/perl-5.003_18
33502c5b4ee64074899031c457cf9716683184c4 refs/tags/perl-5.003_19
6160ed969d77552af29192c9d758ca097e4f2623 refs/tags/perl-5.003_20
160f596370bd319a28800c06784046bba646a01c refs/tags/perl-5.003_21
a450582fafbfed0e73f4af686cfd9af9767c655f refs/tags/perl-5.003_22
c17482d859ad924eed69061cee34d415c96dd036 refs/tags/perl-5.003_23
f698111030ef998e22f359e7cc6013a755013c98 refs/tags/perl-5.003_24
f401c9f25871c376dcbfb36b8223dee1af376acf refs/tags/perl-5.003_25
5d5810d1c6de8a3a7380a493e10e99d45c2fdfa8 refs/tags/perl-5.003_26
147cc559d06ec9e07958756491f3a86ee48915a5 refs/tags/perl-5.003_27
927b0b4cd5120a7df523972a098d9118d1941517 refs/tags/perl-5.003_28
e068dd810b6a88d60def58601ace4fb7db60d751 refs/tags/perl-5.003_90
3508d2b629952724414f48c3ccd24cc38a5cacf4 refs/tags/perl-5.003_91
45a349425d251084ca9614c7b8ebd2b475a022e0 refs/tags/perl-5.003_92
2c90bd5122441d3ffd67b42518f55a0da737e2b0 refs/tags/perl-5.003_93
018aae727c3b70f4bd84b3ba625d3fbca663d22e refs/tags/perl-5.003_94
f4135ee29a6ba098dcb34808d211955106dea1a0 refs/tags/perl-5.003_95
770cc2ec57cfffdf4e6e0b236e4ac6d3f4f156cd refs/tags/perl-5.003_96
6c2286864e8c9e5854704e0f2f76e4acaede21c9 refs/tags/perl-5.003_97
fa21ed85df0c7b0426c491b4b9674ad97706dead refs/tags/perl-5.003_97a
ba7c7025f98e9a5b785bfc46d3b104244d2fc6ba refs/tags/perl-5.003_97b
3a9c13334bc5461a028e4db753a384e54df9dd87 refs/tags/perl-5.003_97c
966d917ddb2bd79d3afb8843668bc00444122970 refs/tags/perl-5.003_97d
9c1743c6c6306adf4115e06797599457f334f832 refs/tags/perl-5.003_97e
9f98d20b03330a3c2d6a54dbfe6915fa10c761db refs/tags/perl-5.003_97f
8f1920c69889fe43516bace443aa106aa166b78f refs/tags/perl-5.003_97g
5ff748c3dd13028969f3597e82c53e5a59d98fbe refs/tags/perl-5.003_97h
3afa6ea5d00c69bec4fd15a7b65a6879b44e90c3 refs/tags/perl-5.003_97i
3f0968d5acc94891e409a8a05ee8831209dd0e3c refs/tags/perl-5.003_97j
2ac29e1bada2c1be30af16a2d6b57f386ca76ba3 refs/tags/perl-5.003_98
cc4e685f86b71bb8ea4f3fa125f87886664175b6 refs/tags/perl-5.003_99
9f98c66411c821bdf5805fb6642517ecb382d9e8 refs/tags/perl-5.003_99a
a923c5bf4b2f815a95fc4e1a2ab7787e7455d316 refs/tags/perl-5.004
3e3baf6d63945cb64e829d6e5c70a7d00f3d3d03 refs/tags/perl-5.004_01
8490252049bf42d3d2f75d89178a8682bf22ba74 refs/tags/perl-5.004_02
79072805bf63abe5b5978b5928ab00d360ea3e7f refs/tags/perl-5a2
93a17b20b6d176db3f04f51a63b0a781e5ffd11c refs/tags/perl-5a3
463ee0b2acbd047c27e8b5393cdd8398881824c5 refs/tags/perl-5a4
ed6116ce9b9d13712ea252ee248b0400653db7f9 refs/tags/perl-5a5
8990e3071044a96302560bbdb5706f3e74cf1bef refs/tags/perl-5a6
2304df62caa7d9be70e8b8bcdb454e139c9c103d refs/tags/perl-5a8
85e6fe838fb25b257a1b363debf8691c0992ef71 refs/tags/perl-5a9
b061ae04e6c92fbb3db8273eb86ed934b33f704b refs/tags/the_answer
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Clairvoyant observers may notice certain packs from the tiny corner of the internet are good ones to clone to avoid repacking later.

Early adopters can

git clone

It's easy to change the repository later to its eventual home possibly on, using the git 1.5+ commands:

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin git://

Many thanks to Catalyst for the bandwidth, hosting, and letting me spend working hours on this stuff.

Saturday December 01, 2007
10:33 AM

Final Perl history conversion coming soon!

Well, some time has passed, and I am getting very close to making a release of the Perl 5 project history, converted to git.

I would have written this article about it on this site, but I wanted to include the gitk screenshots :-). If you're interested on how the Perforce to Git conversion happened, then read this article!

Wednesday September 26, 2007
08:36 AM

git-p4raw v2 specification

Just a quick update - I have decided to re-shape the messy proof-of-concept raw importer into a tool which is more useful, allowing access to the information which the previous version just embedded with queries as it needed to. I'd love it if current Perl perforce committers and pumpkins would check the specification out and provide feedback. In particular, if there's a perforce command you'd like explained or think should be catered for by the tool, go ahead and ask ...
Saturday September 22, 2007
08:25 AM

Ripping the Perl Perforce repository

Today I had my first successful run of git-p4raw, a program I have been working on recently that imports a Perforce repository from its raw back-end data files.

The program is actually quite simple, and its approach was inspired by a conversation between myself and Gurusamy Sarathy. Perforce keeps these "checkpoint" and "journal" files which have inside them all of the metadata that it tracks. The file content itself is stored in RCS files which are otherwise uninteresting. So, the program loads this data into tables, throws a few constraints on the tables to confirm my suspicions of how the schema works, and then sets about mining changesets from the tables. As there is MD5 information in the database (for most files, anyway), integrity can be assured along the way and as a result I am very confident that this will be the cleanest conversion yet.

I still have some work to do:

  1. It might be possible to represent some of the branch cross-merges in the history as real merges in git.
  2. the 5.004 to 5.004_04 series (Tim Bunce's early maintenance work) is currently represented in Perforce as only 5 changes. I'd like to expand that as I have done with the other pre-perforce series
  3. Many changes have embedded author attribution that should be copied into the git "author" field of the commits, so that OHLOH etc has the best information.
  4. Final rewriting to glue the old history onto the new.

I look forward to announcing the completion of this work! It's been a long, hard slog! :)

Monday August 20, 2007
07:58 AM

now back to where I was at the end of the Reposithon

Ok, so with a bit more work, I've managed to get a full 169 more commits out of the 5.003_08 -> 5.004 series. I'm proud of it as a loving restoration of the history of the period, a tribute to the work that went into this quality Perl release. Perhaps 50% of the changes are attributed and applied separately, including countless patches mined from the Perl 5 porters archives.

Here are the updated sections of THE RECORDS with the new commit totals:

Com-    Pump-  Release         Date            Notes
mits    king                                   (by no means
                                                see Changes*
                                                for details)
        ======================================================================== ===
986     Chip     5.003_08      1996-Nov-19
                 5.003_09      1996-Nov-26
                 5.003_10      1996-Nov-29
                 5.003_11      1996-Dec-06
                 5.003_12      1996-Dec-19
                 5.003_13      1996-Dec-20
1092             5.003_14      1996-Dec-23
                 5.003_15      1996-Dec-23
                 5.003_16      1996-Dec-24
                 5.003_17      1996-Dec-27
                 5.003_18      1996-Dec-31
                 5.003_19      1997-Jan-04
                 5.003_20      1997-Jan-07
                 5.003_21      1997-Jan-15
                 5.003_22      1997-Jan-16
                 5.003_23      1997-Jan-25
                 5.003_24      1997-Jan-29
                 5.003_25      1997-Feb-04
                 5.003_26      1997-Feb-10
                 5.003_27      1997-Feb-18
1349             5.003_28      1997-Feb-21
                 5.003_90      1997-Feb-25     Ramping up to the 5.004 release.
                 5.003_91      1997-Mar-01
                 5.003_92      1997-Mar-06
                 5.003_93      1997-Mar-10
                 5.003_94      1997-Mar-22
                 5.003_95      1997-Mar-25
                 5.003_96      1997-Apr-01
1596             5.003_97      1997-Apr-03     Fairly widely used.
                 5.003_97a     1997-Apr-05
                 5.003_97b     1997-Apr-08
                 5.003_97c     1997-Apr-10
                 5.003_97d     1997-Apr-13
                 5.003_97e     1997-Apr-15
                 5.003_97f     1997-Apr-17
                 5.003_97g     1997-Apr-18
                 5.003_97h     1997-Apr-24
                 5.003_97i     1997-Apr-25
                 5.003_97j     1997-Apr-28
1750             5.003_98      1997-Apr-30
                 5.003_99      1997-May-01
                 5.003_99a     1997-May-09
                 p54rc1        1997-May-12     Release Candidates.
                 p54rc2        1997-May-14

1812    Chip    5.004          1997-May-15     A major maintenance release.

Next mission: lather, rinse, repeat, but with Tim Bunce's 5.004_* so-called 'maintenance' releases.

Exercise: download this 8MB pack file, then see if you can find the 1812 commits within. Start with git index-pack

Sunday August 19, 2007
01:35 AM

Another perl git update

Now up to about 5.003_97d. I already have more commits in the history than I finished with the first time around. Some commit dates are wrong, will be fixed shortly. I'm having difficulty pushing tags ... will hopefully find out what's going wrong soon.
Thursday August 16, 2007
06:23 PM

History is not linear - the case for micro-branching

I can't embed images in this journal, so here instead. It's a little examination of how one point release has been represented, with gitk screenshot.
02:30 AM

Another perl git update

Another half-day on the history. This time I worked on 5.003_21 through 5.003_91. latest version.

Wednesday August 15, 2007
10:48 AM

Perl 5 history continued; OHLOH listing

After some quality checks on the pre-perforce history, I decided it would be worth running through the import of the 5.003_08 -> 5.004 series again, but this time with a little more patience. When I ran through it at the reposithon, I was accepting all the defaults and decided that I'd written too fancy an interactive importer to let that be the case.

Some people might wonder why the importer needs to be interactive, let me say that I'm making dozens of minor corrections along the way. There is a lot of manual work going into it!

Just today, I've managed to extract another 29 commits out of the 5.003_07 -> 5.003_21 phase of the history, bringing the total from that period from 200 to 229. This might sound minor, but taking the higher quality of the conversion into account I'd say I'm increasing the detail and resolution by about a third to a half.

However, I am pretty much on a roll with it, and hope to keep going all the way through to the end of about 5.004_04 very soon, which will give a very firm base for putting the Perforce history onto. Thanks to Robert Spiers and John Peacock, I now have a Perforce repository with the metadata extracted. It will be worth doing some re-work of the Perforce importer to get it clean.

I'm trying to get the project listed on OHLOH - but OHLOH seems to be having some issues. I have written to the maintainers of the site.

Wednesday August 08, 2007
04:46 AM

Pumpking conversion so far

For those who didn't see the initial release, here's an annotated perlhist; the first column is the number of commits in the history at that point. As I release updates, I will log them here.

Com-    Pump-  Release         Date            Notes
mits    king                                   (by no means
                                                see Changes*
                                                for details)
        ======================================================================== ===

        Larry   0              Classified.     Don’t ask.
1       Larry 1.000          1987-Dec-18

                 1.001..10     1988-Jan-30
14               1.011..14     1988-Feb-02
        Schwern  1.0.15        2002-Dec-18     Modernization
        Richard  1.0.16        2003-Dec-18

        Larry   2.000          1988-Jun-05

17               2.001         1988-Jun-28

19      Larry   3.000          1989-Oct-18

                 3.001         1989-Oct-26
                 3.002..4      1989-Nov-11
                 3.005         1989-Nov-18
                 3.006..8      1989-Dec-22
                 3.009..12     1990-Mar-02
                 3.013..14     1990-Mar-13
                 3.015         1990-Mar-14
                 3.016..18     1990-Mar-28
                 3.019..27     1990-Aug-10     User subs.
                 3.028         1990-Aug-14
                 3.029..36     1990-Oct-17
                 3.037         1990-Oct-20
                 3.038..040    1990-Nov-10
                 3.041         1990-Nov-13
                 3.042..43     1991-Jan-??
62               3.044         1991-Jan-12

63      Larry   4.000          1991-Mar-21

                 4.001..3      1991-Apr-12
                 4.004..9      1991-Jun-07
                 4.010         1991-Jun-10
                 4.011..18     1991-Nov-05
                 4.019         1991-Nov-11     Stable.
                 4.020..33     1992-Jun-08
                 4.034         1992-Jun-11
                 4.035         1992-Jun-23
99      Larry    4.036         1993-Feb-05     Very stable.

                 5.000alpha1   1993-Jul-31
100              5.000alpha2   1993-Aug-16
                 5.000alpha3   1993-Oct-10
                 5.000alpha4   1993-???-??
                 5.000alpha5   1993-???-??
                 5.000alpha6   1994-Mar-18
                 5.000alpha7   1994-Mar-25
        Andy     5.000alpha8   1994-Apr-04
        Larry    5.000alpha9   1994-May-05     ext appears.
                 5.000alpha10  1994-Jun-11
                 5.000alpha11  1994-Jul-01
        Andy     5.000a11a     1994-Jul-07     To fit 14.
                 5.000a11b     1994-Jul-14
                 5.000a11c     1994-Jul-19
                 5.000a11d     1994-Jul-22
        Larry    5.000alpha12  1994-Aug-04
        Andy     5.000a12a     1994-Aug-08
                 5.000a12b     1994-Aug-15
                 5.000a12c     1994-Aug-22
                 5.000a12d     1994-Aug-22
                 5.000a12e     1994-Aug-22
                 5.000a12f     1994-Aug-24
                 5.000a12g     1994-Aug-24
                 5.000a12h     1994-Aug-24
        Larry    5.000beta1    1994-Aug-30
        Andy     5.000b1a      1994-Sep-06
        Larry    5.000beta2    1994-Sep-14     Core slushified.
        Andy     5.000b2a      1994-Sep-14
                 5.000b2b      1994-Sep-17
                 5.000b2c      1994-Sep-17
        Larry    5.000beta3    1994-Sep-??
        Andy     5.000b3a      1994-Sep-18
                 5.000b3b      1994-Sep-22
                 5.000b3c      1994-Sep-23
                 5.000b3d      1994-Sep-27
                 5.000b3e      1994-Sep-28
                 5.000b3f      1994-Sep-30
                 5.000b3g      1994-Oct-04
        Andy     5.000b3h      1994-Oct-07
        Larry?   5.000gamma    1994-Oct-13?

109     Larry   5.000          1994-Oct-17

        Andy     5.000a        1994-Dec-19
                 5.000b        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000c        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000d        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000e        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000f        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000g        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000h        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000i        1995-Jan-26
                 5.000j        1995-Feb-07
                 5.000k        1995-Feb-11
                 5.000l        1995-Feb-21
                 5.000m        1995-Feb-28
                 5.000n        1995-Mar-07
                 5.000o        1995-Mar-13?

128     Larry   5.001          1995-Mar-13

        Andy     5.001a        1995-Mar-15
                 5.001b        1995-Mar-31
                 5.001c        1995-Apr-07
                 5.001d        1995-Apr-14
                 5.001e        1995-Apr-18     Stable.
                 5.001f        1995-May-31
                 5.001g        1995-May-25
                 5.001h        1995-May-25
                 5.001i        1995-May-30
                 5.001j        1995-Jun-05
                 5.001k        1995-Jun-06
                 5.001l        1995-Jun-06     Stable.
                 5.001m        1995-Jul-02     Very stable.
                 5.001n        1995-Oct-31     Very unstable.
146              5.002beta1    1995-Nov-21
                 5.002b1a      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1b      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1c      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1d      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1e      1995-Dec-08
                 5.002b1f      1995-Dec-08
        Tom      5.002b1g      1995-Dec-21     Doc release.
207     Andy     5.002b1h      1996-Jan-05
                 5.002b2       1996-Jan-14
        Larry    5.002b3       1996-Feb-02
        Andy     5.002gamma    1996-Feb-11
        Larry    5.002delta    1996-Feb-27

321     Larry   5.002          1996-Feb-29     Prototypes.

431     Charles  5.002_01      1996-Mar-25

450             5.003          1996-Jun-25     Security release.

647              5.003_01      1996-Jul-31
649     Nick     5.003_02      1996-Aug-10
        Andy     5.003_03      1996-Aug-28
                 5.003_04      1996-Sep-02
                 5.003_05      1996-Sep-12
                 5.003_06      1996-Oct-07
976              5.003_07      1996-Oct-10
986     Chip     5.003_08      1996-Nov-19
                 5.003_09      1996-Nov-26
                 5.003_10      1996-Nov-29
                 5.003_11      1996-Dec-06
                 5.003_12      1996-Dec-19
                 5.003_13      1996-Dec-20
1085             5.003_14      1996-Dec-23
                 5.003_15      1996-Dec-23
                 5.003_16      1996-Dec-24
                 5.003_17      1996-Dec-27
                 5.003_18      1996-Dec-31
                 5.003_19      1997-Jan-04
                 5.003_20      1997-Jan-07
                 5.003_21      1997-Jan-15
                 5.003_22      1997-Jan-16
                 5.003_23      1997-Jan-25
                 5.003_24      1997-Jan-29
                 5.003_25      1997-Feb-04
                 5.003_26      1997-Feb-10
                 5.003_27      1997-Feb-18
1310             5.003_28      1997-Feb-21
                 5.003_90      1997-Feb-25     Ramping up to the 5.004 release.
                 5.003_91      1997-Mar-01
                 5.003_92      1997-Mar-06
                 5.003_93      1997-Mar-10
                 5.003_94      1997-Mar-22
                 5.003_95      1997-Mar-25
                 5.003_96      1997-Apr-01
1461             5.003_97      1997-Apr-03     Fairly widely used.
                 5.003_97a     1997-Apr-05
                 5.003_97b     1997-Apr-08
                 5.003_97c     1997-Apr-10
                 5.003_97d     1997-Apr-13
                 5.003_97e     1997-Apr-15
                 5.003_97f     1997-Apr-17
                 5.003_97g     1997-Apr-18
                 5.003_97h     1997-Apr-24
                 5.003_97i     1997-Apr-25
                 5.003_97j     1997-Apr-28
1597             5.003_98      1997-Apr-30
                 5.003_99      1997-May-01
                 5.003_99a     1997-May-09
                 p54rc1        1997-May-12     Release Candidates.
                 p54rc2        1997-May-14

1643    Chip    5.004          1997-May-15     A major maintenance release.