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kane (2600)

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Journal of kane (2600)

Wednesday June 30, 2004
08:01 AM

German Perl Workshop part 1.5

So I'm finding myself at the GPW near Stuttgart. I've decided to fly in rather than drive or take the train to save some time.

I arrived here on monday evening, just too late to have dinner with jouke, autrijus, clkao and 'that lot' :) but in time to take a quick shower and be abducted to the early arrivals dinner, which we had at a quaint little place in schorndorf, and i managed to try something called flaedle (or so), and it was very tasty.

It was also good timing to see a few people again, that I'd not seen since the last german perl workshop, including marcus and joerg.

So yesterday was the actual first day of the conference, and since I'm sharing my room with autrijus, and he had a 9 o'clock tutorial, needless to say there was not much time for sleep.

His tutorial (on PAR) went quite well, and all I can say is 'Par is very very nifty'. I inmediately imagined parring up the whole cpan and making napc work.
But more on that later :)

A few more dutchies turned out to be here (Abigail and Jouke) and the three of us made our way into town for lunch. After some wandering in the sun we found a german/greek restaurant (actually, just about every restaurant here seems to be german/greek -- suspicous!) that offered a 'spicy bifteki'. I ordered it, added 3 tablespoons of crushed peppers and enjoyed quite a nice lunch.

The rest of the afternoon held more talks, of varying quality. Some were stating the obvious (or to me anyway -- for people who were new to the subject, these may have been great talks), and some were sadly just boring. Luckily, there's always a few unexepted good talks in the lot, and so again today.

Then this morning, it was 8 o'clock, lights on again. Managed to have a quick breakfast and get a ride with Abigail to the conference. Gem-talk of the day is definately clkao's svk talk, which is basically an open source version of bitkeeper, based on svn, implemented in perl.
The project is a bit young, which makes me hesitant to move our production vcs to it, but other than that it looks awesome. Maybe in a year or so, we'll be brave enough to move.

After that talk, another lunch, and again very tasty. Friendly waitresses and good food. More than I expected if I'm honest ;)

In our copious free time, Autrijus and I managed to hack quite a bit at CPANPLUS and I think we might be able to release an 0.050 beta release this week.

All in all this trip has been quite worth it so far, even if I'm terribly low on sleep ;)

More later...

Sunday May 23, 2004
05:33 AM

Releasing Day

So yesterday I've finally sat down after a few months to get back to coding my own open source stuff. I felt rather productive, so I managed to release a few new versions of modules, and a new one.

First I released a new version of Archive::Tar of which the main change is the return of the 'bin/ptar' script, which I accidentally forgot to include. Luckily DH reminded me of this :)

Then, in preperation for the development release of Alien::Zlib (more below), I also released modified versions of Module::Load::Conditional and the relatively new File::Fetch.

The latter is an abstraction from CPANPLUS' generic file fetching code, which should enable you to download a file from the web (http or ftp for now) from pretty much any connected system.

Alien::Zlib requires this, as one is not meant to upload other peoples sources (in this case the zlib source code) to CPAN.
The idea behind Alien::Zlib (and Alien::* in general) is to provide a way to resolve non-perl prereqs; Compress::Zlib requires the zlib libraries and headers to be available, but has no pure perl way of doing so. Now it can require 'Alien::Zlib' and CPAN/CPANPLUS will Do The Right Thing.

This is an idea that was suggested at a CPAN-meeting last year in London. I'm still not sure this is the way to go to solve the 'Non perl prerequisite' problem, but it at least gives us some working code to study, and the people who thought they needed such a system to see if this brings them what they expected.

So with this out of the way, I might finally be able to get back to developing CPANPLUS 0.050. I'm still hoping to get a development release out RSN :)

Thursday October 30, 2003
04:04 AM

Define me!

Sad but true, this is me.
Tuesday May 20, 2003
04:29 AM

The Matrix Umladet

I'm spending some vacation in lovely stockholm right now, after having attended artur's wedding (which was really nice).

This of course shouldn't stop anyone from seeing the Matrix Reloaded (or 'Matrix Umladet' in good swedish), and after some deep pondering I think I have figured out the plot.

The entire movie revolves around Neo trying to save Zion. As the Oracle tells him, the best way to do this is to go to the Source. But this Source is closed off well, and he will need help from the Keymaker.

Now, let's substitute some names here and it will all start making sense:

    The Oracle       - A Bitter Hacker
    The Source       - Microsoft
    The Keymaker     - Crack/Keygen
    The Matrix       - WinXP

So what this movie is really about is a young Hacker (Neo), being guided by the Oracle, trying to free people from WinXP (the Matrix) and to obtain the microsoft source code, by cracking it, reverse engineering it and then releasing it back into the public domain.

Come to think of it, it's all so obvious!

Now it's time for the red pill....


Wednesday May 14, 2003
08:24 AM

What not to do on a friday afternoon ...

[ #12192 ]
Last friday, Autrijus finally managed to upload Locale::Maketext::Simple. This module is mostly inspired by it's usage in CPANPLUS and can provide a framework for localization, without requiring the user to support it.
Trust me, this is very useful :)

At any rate, I just released a whole bunch of modules that are pretty much abstracted out of CPANPLUS, so they all require the L10N support.
Oddly enough, I found I wanted to start using these modules in other projects as well :)

So, friday afternoon I uploaded around 8 distributions to CPAN at once. And I was obviously not prepared for the amount of mail this generates...
In no particular order:

In short, I got a bit overwhelmed, since this totaled about 60-70 emails.

On the up side, some of these emails inspired me to tweak the modules and release new versions. Also they inspired me to write better filters for ;)


Tuesday May 13, 2003
11:53 AM


So progress on CPANPLUS has been slow lately.

Of course, I have plenty of places to point my finger.

Mostly to Archive::Tar, which was so broken (and had been for three years), that CPANPLUS was having trouble extracting some newer releases with it.

So I stupidly volunteered to take over maintainership, since the last author was MIA for well, 3 years. It's only then you realise exactly what can of worms you precisely opened;

For example, it had no idea what '././@LongLink' files were [0], plus it had interesting code in it like:

system( ... ) or die "error: $!";

I hear you thinking, "but sureley the test suite would have caught that".. but if you're smart you don't bring that up to my face ;)

I'll try and refrain myself from rants on the tar-format but trust me, it's really quite screwy.
It feels much like a '512 bytes should be enough for everyone'-quote

In the end I decided a complete rewrite was probably best, since every bug fix on the old code made me find two more bugs.

So right now, there's a totally rewritten version on the CPAN which should be fixing all these nasty things.

I invite everyone to bash it some, so we can hopefully take out all the bugs, and enjoy the new features


[0] I hope you don't either, but if you must know