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richardc (1662)

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Journal of richardc (1662)

Friday September 19, 2003
11:59 AM

evolving - Thursday 18th September, 2003

[ #14790 ]

Another Technical meeting came and went. Sadly I ran out of time to get my slides together in, so I shall try again with that talk next time about.


Suddenly the Fotango collective seem to be using Devel::LeakTrace so I had to go and fix it. Pesky users.

11:58 AM

evolving - Wednesday 17th September, 2003

[ #14789 ]


In a similar but less shocking vein as "Soylent Green is people", "Algorithm::GenerateSequence is Set::CrossProduct"

I hate it when that happens. Especially after I've already uploaded it to CPAN and started thinking about a talk on it.

Tuesday September 16, 2003
11:36 AM

evolving - Monday 16th September, 2003

[ #14737 ]

Released small revisions to File::Find::Rule and Algorithm::GenerateSequence, just pod fixes really.


Fricked about for a few hours in setting up an ogg stream to keep me sane in the office. I looked at a bunch of existing web jukebox systems but they all seemed to want to completely take over the organisation of the source mp3s and oggs, sod that for a game.

So I tweaked the ices2 example to serve up a playlist, which was pleasant, but a little awkward since you couldn't jump around. I really wanted a way to (a) jump around the playlist, (b) stream mp3s too and (b), shift the cost of encoding onto another machine on the network.

xmms-liveice seemed to be a fit for that. It'll let you use xmms to feed the stream which gets you all the joy of xmms's playlist handling and being able to generally cope with all the files I already have. There was the small catch of needing an X server somehow but Xtightvnc solved that, so I started streaming.

A 64Kbps mp3 stream of whitenoise, but a stream all the same.

So taking a step back to using ices2 I reconfigured xmms to use esound for output and then used esdmon to tap into that and send it on:

esdmon | ices2 ices-live.xml

An even better 112Kbps ogg encoded whitenoise stream! Precision is important in these things after all.

So I scratched my head. Eventually it occurred to me that esdmon was probably outputting big-endian values, where ices2 was expecting little-endian values. Neither esdmon or ices2 could be configured to deal with that, so I quickly wrote some C.

esdmon | ./swapend | ices2 ices-live.xml

112Kbps ogg-encoded RAWK!

Friday September 12, 2003
11:31 AM

evolving - Thursday 11th September, 2003

[ #14674 ]

Put out the long-intended release of File::Find::Rule::CVS and a small update to Parse::CVSEntries, since testing of the former showed up shortcomings in the latter.


Fiddled a little with Timesink, changing the unique property of a feed item from it's link to a md5 hash of it's title and description. This stopped the OpenZaurus feed from collapsing in on itself, and also means that a revised item is displayed as a new item.


Tom gave me a bad idea, then Mark refined it into a more fun bad idea. There's an implied deadline of next Friday, so it may yet all fall to bits - deadlines aren't my friends recently.

Monday September 08, 2003
05:48 PM

evolving - Monday 8th September, 2003

[ #14590 ]

Well the review ladder came back with micro-optimisations rather than style issues, which I suppose is reassuring, but I suppose I was hoping for something slightly more incisive.


Released Algorithm::GenerateSequence and Games::Set.

Now left in the unreleased pipe are: Class::Sealed, Games::Tetris, Devel:Where, File::Find::Rule::CVS, Acme::Pie, and possibly Acme::DupArray (if I can ever imagine a useful API for it)

I dare say they'll all get usurped by whatever the next cool thing is though.


Got an email from Tom about File::Find::Rule which in answering it made me realise how slack I'd been with the 0.20 dev, so now I have to convince myself that it's the hip new thing.

May the lord have mercy...


Released File::Find::Rule 0.20. Fingers are crossed and our operators await your call.


I am feeling meta-hateful

05:48 PM

evolving - Saturday 6th September, 2003

[ #14589 ]

Bit fluy and unable to sleep I sat up and hacked out Games::Set. Along the way I made a wonderful discovery which had a most kinderworthy surprise and toy.

The toy was Algorithm::ChooseSets, which was just perfect for the "I have these cards, what sets are possible" question. The surprise was that I knew the author, Brain Duggan.

I worked briefly with Brian on a project from hell back when he was drafted in from the New York office, and we've met a few times since, but I didn't really expect to be picking his module out of the blue.

The module is cool, if you ever need to identify all the possible n-sized subsets of some larger set then Algorithm::ChooseSets is going to be the one for you.


Another side effect of Games::Set was Algorithm::GenerateSequence which I needed for generating the deck based on the options for its properties.

I mailed it off to the newly formed code review ladder to see what they made of it, and in part what I make of their suggestions. We'll see.


Went and saw mummies at the British Museum.

Friday August 22, 2003
03:10 AM

evolving - Thursday 21st August, 2003

[ #14267 ]

Whoa, just clocked 1500 revisions on


Lost in the intermission is my Class::DBI rewrite of timesink, my web-browsable rss aggregator. I pretty much tore down the database schema and did it again correctly so it supports multiple users, logging in, and all that jazz.

Class::DBI made everything so much cleaner, there's far less code than there used to be, despite there being many more complex table relations. I can even safely link to my installed copy now and know you'll not disturb my state. Aaah.

I might CPAN release it at some point, but I need to nail down my mod_perl/cgi handler a little better. It's currently a slight adaptation of Siesta::Web but ideally it could be reworked to be used from both apps.

Thursday August 21, 2003
10:11 AM

evolving - Wednesday 20th August, 2003

[ #14254 ]

Mmmmm, meatball sandwich.


Did some hacking on the hates-software software. Now it has permalinks and a basic RSS feed.

Next up: displaying of comments, but first a nap.

10:10 AM

evolving - Intermission

[ #14253 ]

Got busy, got too hot, got cold, got hate, got earache, got stressed, got caught up, get out of here.

Thursday July 31, 2003
01:54 PM

evolving - Wednesday 30th July, 2003

[ #13823 ]

Bundled up my script into Module::CPANTS::Generator::FreeBSD and sent it off to Leon.


Started hacking on a web-based repository browser for Munj, which resulted in the adaption of Template::Plugin::Dumper into Template::Plugin::YAML. Found a small bug in Munge::Client which resulted in mildly hosed repositories on single-file checkins.

--- emergency meeting as Geoff Avery and claes were in town. Arthur made sure we all had homework assignments to be working on. I get to continue with the perlbug triage herding, and fiddling with Munj.


Got home and released Template::Plugin::YAML. Was very pleased to find that Gabor Szabo was putting Siesta through its paces. Fixed a couple of the issues this revealed and then passed out.