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TeeJay (2309)

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Working in Truro
Graduate with BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems and Networks
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Journal of TeeJay (2309)

Thursday October 09, 2008
05:06 PM

review of Data::FormValidator

Test::FormValidator is wonderful, it works really rather nicely.

I needed to test some currency and price validation functions for a client's website, and it was both simple and painless.

With only a little effort, I think I can test all validation on the front end of the site now by checking each validation function, and then each profile with sets of known good and bad data.

This makes it really easy to add test cases for validation errors found by QA and User Acceptance Testing.

Tuesday October 07, 2008
03:41 PM

(not) removing perlbuzz from my bookmarks

perlbuzz finally completes the transformation from an interesting blog about cool stuff in perl to andy lesters personal blog with plugs for his other blogs and random shit his friends IM'd him.

Meh. Shit happens. Bloggers are human. Even heisenbugs can be fixed and overtired toddlers with colds can go to sleep.

Friday July 25, 2008
02:14 PM

Perl 5 wiki 900 pages, 100 to reach 1000

The Offical Perl 5 Wiki at the perl foundation now has 899 pages, many of them are very good, and there is a steady if slow stream of improvements every week.

A while a go I cheerleaded it a bit and said we could reach 1000 pages - since then we've had about 115 pages added, and about 10 times as many updates - which is pretty good.

But there is still a lot of room for improvement - see the Most Wanted pages, or look at pages you're interested and see if there are missing links, content, mistakes or pages you could add

Tuesday July 01, 2008
05:23 AM

Autodia 2.08 uploaded to CPAN

Just uploaded 2.08 to CPAN - now skip lists work correctly for most input handlers, Java has been entirely removed (it hasn't worked for most of this decade), and author tests are excluded - also graphviz options now include concentrate for tidier output.

Friday May 16, 2008
08:36 AM

Help the Perl 5 Wiki reach 1000 pages

The Official Perl 5 Wiki now has a total of 893 pages, and 284 pages wanted by other pages.

That means that 1000 pages is well within reach - pick from the "most wanted" page or the "wishlist", or even better - add more content to the many short pages already there such as mod_perl, applications, etc.

Other pages that would be cool to add would be

  • Perl usage - collate info about job statistics, cpan growth, surveys, perl monger census (past and current), numbers of conferences, etc
  • Packaging applications using PAR
  • Brief descriptions of each Perl Release, such as name of pumpking, major changes and links to annoucement, changelog, etc
  • Translated pages - currently the entire content is in english - translations of popular and/or big pages would be incredibly useful

The Python wiki has about 4 or 5 thousand pages - it's been around a lot longer than this wiki, but Perl has been around longer than perl and there is a lot more that could and should be covered in the wiki

Tuesday May 06, 2008
05:09 AM

dear lazyweb - I want more metadata when searching cpan

I'd really appreciate more ways to search cpan - there is so much information available that can help you find the right library that aren't currently used anywhere:
* ohloh and other metrics (sloccount, version control churn, bug churn, mailing list activity)
* koala tea
* recomended on the perl 5 wiki
* published articles, slides, advent calender on it
* cpandeps results
* SEE ALSO suggestions

And that's on top of the current reviews/rating system and bug count available on

If I had some spare time I'd give it a go, but I'm busy with work, sprog and current CPAN module workload. It would make a neat showcase for any framework like Maypole or Catalyst tho.

Friday April 18, 2008
04:05 AM


I'm hooked on Ohloh, and am a little disappointed how little perl is represented on there (in proportion to the number of users, projects, etc).

It would be a nice way to showcase both the breadth and quality for more perl projects - it's actually rather good for advocacy in a "just show me the numbers" way

Thursday January 03, 2008
05:55 AM

Perl 6 can has LOLCODE?

Sunday December 30, 2007
11:17 AM

what can I do with perl 6 today?

Following my response to chromatic and post to the perl6-users list - I've started a guide to what you can actually use perl 6 for today :

Mostly a rough outline, but I'll be filling it in more as I get the chance and would appreciate any help - whether formatting nicely or adding urls or suggestions.

Also I'd really appreciate a 'creating a cpan/cpan6 style module' in perl 6 howto.

Thursday December 20, 2007
09:56 AM

audit2policy - making selinux less painful

Standard selinux policy in Centos 5 is infuriatingly unhelpful - fortunately 5 commands and it's less awful.