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Journal of exeunt (319)

Thursday June 03, 2004
02:21 PM

"You need a bear"... (Overheard in #svn)

<rbb_laptop> nevermind, I think I just found my problem.
<rbb_laptop> Grr, I've been staring at it for 30 minutes, and it hits me as soon as I post a question. :-(
<fitz> you need a bear.
<fitz> I used to have a stuffed bear in the office
<fitz> and before bugging another engineer,
<fitz> you had to "tell it to the bear"
<fitz> that is, describe your problem to the bear in detail
<fitz> 75% of the time, you figured it out while talking to the bear. :-)
<fitz> it really is amazing.
<offby1> that's one smart bear.

Tuesday November 11, 2003
06:51 PM

As seen in ant-users list...

Ran across this on the ant-users list. Yet someone else trying to make another language to solve problems found in every other language out there. It cracks me up really. I debated replying and sending him parrots way. I'll wait to see what kind of thread this turns into first.

Tuesday April 15, 2003
03:21 PM

Songs in perl

It's fun to make perl code to match songs.

$self->touch while($thought eq "you");

Wednesday April 09, 2003
03:34 PM

While the boss is away, the mice will play...

Last year, while my boss made his annual trip back to the UK, we decided to leave him a decorate his office. A few thousand balloons later, his office was full.

This year, we were bound and determined out do ourselves. I think we have succeeded. Sure it may have cost more, but it was well worth it.

Tuesday March 11, 2003
02:07 PM

Divide bug?

I just sent this post to perl5-porters. This had me pulling my hair out as to what is causing it.

Below is a copy of the email I sent...

A co-worker of mine came across something strange that had me pulling my hair
out. Below is an example of the bug in action. Logically you would think that if
you divide 72.9 by 100, you get 0.729, so it should match the if statement. At
first we thought it was because we had 0.729000 as the condition, but that
doesn't matter. Also in the below code I have it test against 0.729 and 0.729000
without it resulting from a divide, and it passes.

I tested this against 5.005_03, 5.6.0, 5.6.1 and 5.8.0, all exhibit this

use warnings;
use strict;

my $test = 72.9;
my $divtest = $test/100;
my $condition = 0.729;
my $hardcode = 0.729000;
print "divtest => $divtest\ncondition => $condition\n";
if ($divtest == $condition) {
    print "Should be true\n";
elsif ($divtest == $hardcode) {
    print "This also should be true\n";
else {
    print "What the?!!?\n";
if ($condition == $hardcode) {
    print "Without divide it works\n";

UPDATE: Mark Jason Dominus set me straight, but as I just wrote back, I figured since their NV's are both 0.729 in the output from Devel:Peel, it would work... guess not, someone else replied directly to me and suggested using 'eq', but using that for numerical comparisons makes me feel a bit ill.

Thursday February 27, 2003
11:15 AM

Helping open source, and Subversion...

While reading over the book for Subversion, I ran across a few mistakes, and other odds and ends that needed to be patched. A few hours latter, they were in their repository. It always gives me a good feeling to help with open source projects.

While looking over other parts of Subversion, it pains me not to see a Perl SWIG interface being worked on like their Python and Java ones. This goes way beyond my knowledge to even attempt. So, if anyone, with the right knowledge wants to feel helpful, there you go.
Friday September 27, 2002
04:52 PM

Dual Monitors

At work we have some extra 17 inch monitors laying around. We also have some older Diamond Stealth video cards that are not being used. So a few weeks ago I grabbed an extra monitor, an extra video card. After a few tries with BIOS settings, and driver issues, I got dual monitors going.

One of my only issues, is due to the lack of resolution on the second monitor. My primary card is 1280x1024x16, while the second one is limited to 1024x768x16. I would have to goto 256 color to allow the new monitor reach the same size, but that might get to me after a while.

During the last week, I had an extra computer on my desk, and another monitor. Luckily, I have the room. Now I am thinking of grabbing an extra video card, since I have one more free PCI slot, and going for triple monitors.

That might be a bit excessive though...

Tuesday September 24, 2002
01:06 PM

Upgrade my Pismo G3 400mhz to G4 500mhz?

My Pismo has been working great for me ever since I bought it off a friend. The only problems I've ever had with it are the back flap covering the various ports broke off, it never fully closed anyway, and my covering for the IR lens fell out. I've also never successfully gotten the S-Video to work. These are just minor, to me at least, and it does it's job. Come to think of it, I've never heard the fan next to the processor on the left side ever turn on, unless it's really quiet, in that case, it's good. It never gets really hot, just slightly on bottom.

I've been thinking of upgrading the hard drive from 6 gigs to something more. I do have an external 80 gig firewire drive, but it's klunky, and requires a power cable. I could get a nice small firewire drive that pulls power from the firewire, and then no power cord needed. But for now, it's doing it's job.

It has 192 mb of ram, and it would be nice to max it to it's 512mb limit.

The only other thing I could do to upgrade is the processor. As a G3 400mhz, it does a decent job. Sometimes I wish it had just a bit more horsepower. Today I ran across a few links to powerlogix and a service they offer for upgrading it to a G4 500mhz. has a reader review on this process, and a few benchmarks. Looks pretty impressive.

The only "drawback" is you send them your laptop, they preform the upgrade, and send it back. Which can be a blessing too, so I don't have to tear my laptop apart, and leave it to someone who has done this before.

Have anyone here had experience with this? Or should I just save my money, and buy a rumored 1.2ghz TiBook. I would love to have that, but don't know if I want to spend the money, and save it for something else. Although my Pismo laptop has a pretty decent resell value, so Mac hardware does have a decent return on investment.

Of course, I would like a decent desktop, and keep my Pismo, and possibly upgrade it, and just get a nice Dual G4. :)

Monday September 23, 2002
05:15 PM oddities

I always find it funny things I come across with some searches on

For example: perl on about page 8 (YMMV depending on "safe surf") I run across this page.

Also, see, perl can do the dishes for you, and apparently more!

Also, a co-worker found an old classic... camel love!

12:03 PM

Fun with BootX in Jaguar

This weekend I finally picked up Jaguar. (Note to self: UFS installs suck)

So I was playing around with Jaguar all weekend, and like the new boot logo, instead of the happy mac.

Upon looking around, I find you can change it to whatever you want.

I call upon one of my graphic friends to do some work for me, since I don't have photoshop here at work, and will have to wait till I get home to play with it.

Here are the results. I will be trying to clean it up a bit, and playing with a few other ideas. Note: all these .raw files use the same color table as the original, and are untested, so please backup first.

Happy booting :)