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Elian (119)

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Perl 6/Parrot internals ex-design team lead.

Journal of Elian (119)

Friday August 02, 2002
04:58 PM

I'm job hunting again

The perl foundation grant has run its course, so now it's time to find alternate funding. We got a lot of good work done in the past six months, and I'm happy with the progress that we've made. More needs doing, of course, but lots has been done.

Unfortunately that means I get to do the whole job hunt thing, as my family's grown accustomed to eating and suchlike things. Committments are making it tough--I've promised, as part of the perl 6 effort, to do the Zurich session, as well as doing the OS X tutorial. (And unlike OSCON, Ora's OS X conference doesn't do honoraria for tutorial sessions) That sucks time, as well as cash. (As ETH isn't paying for the Zurich trip, nor for any YAPC stuff after if I do that, and it's two weeks I can't work)

So, it's hunting time. Consulting, training, freelancing, and maybe telecommuting. Whee, fun, since it's me and a half-million other unemployed computer folks. If anyone has any really odd stuff they need done... (As I do C, perl, SQL, and all manner of bizarre things) drop me a note, please

Thursday August 01, 2002
11:49 PM

Hubris taken too far

Repeat after me, people:

The inadequacies of computers or the thought processes or knowledge of the people who program them doesn't ever justify telling people they need to change the way their native language works.

Unicode is not the solution. It's just the least distasteful and least lossy general fallback. If it's not your language, then shut up and deal.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Wednesday July 31, 2002
12:42 PM

Hey, it does log!

I just found that AthenaIRC not only logs, it logs automagically for you. Didn't realize that. Now I have logs of all the scurrilous things I've said in public, in case I need to verify something. :)

Tuesday July 30, 2002
12:11 AM


Wonder if it's worth a Cg front end for Parrot. While nobody sane would use Parrot to run their real graphics code (it is, after all, designed to drive nVidia cards so you can generate three times as many frames as your monitor can display, rather than a mere 2.5 times as many...) it might be useful for testing. And a hook into the actual card would be, well, sweet!

Sunday July 28, 2002
11:35 AM

TPC day 4

Friday was Parrot Talk Day. All Parrot talks all day. Leon Brocard, the illustrious acme, was my partner in crime, and a good time was had. I did manage to finish all the slides before the talks they had to be given for, though I admit that I was working on the last set while Leon was talking. Luckily the slides took far longer to go through than I expected, so I didn't have a dozen left uncovered for that--I just didn't bother with the last dozen slides. :)

The Town Meeting was next. This year was just a general TPC/OSCON meeting, rather than a perl town meeting, and it was rather less interesting. The exact same questions were asked this year as last. I swear, next year either we're going to put together an OSCON FAQ and stick it on everyone's seat, or I'm going to run to the mic and just rattle through all the obligatory questions and get the damn things out of the way from the start. The easy access to wireless did provide the opportunity to be snarky, which was fun. Alas, while Rael was on #perl while he was on stage, it didn't occur to me to try and get him to crack up until after the event was over. Damn. Something for next year too. :)

After everything was done, a horde of us went out to the Gaslamp district for dinner and a movie. Dinner was Mexican (which was good) and the movie was Goldmember, which was also good, though not great. I definitely, definitely, recommend seeing parody/homage movies with perl folks. Especially Chip, Elaine, and MJD. Wildly fun, and some of that was even the fault of the movie!

Afterwards, in three or four duelling cabs (no, don't ask, it's scary) everyone made it back to the hotel. Nat had bequeathed his booze hoard to the booze horde (OK, Ingy) and much silliness occurred in Ingy's room. 'Twas fun, definitely. Lots of folks came and stuffed themselves into too little room, but that's OK.

Tom Christiansen even dropped by, as he was around both to visit at the conference and for the pride weekend that was immediately after. (I may have to mug Tom and steal his t-shirts--he's managed to find some really cool tie-dye) Spent some time chatting (but not chatting up--I am rather older than he is) with the guy he brought (the term "boytoy" was bandied about, but that's not fair) and it turns out that he's a CS major at OSU, so we may well have recruited someone else for the Parrot effort.

Oh, and if I was short or distant to anyone during the conference, I do apologize. Between the undone talks and the nasty migrane, I wasn't as social as I should've been until after the talk sessions on friday. (So send me mail and catch me for stuff if there were things that we didn't manage to get to!)

11:33 AM

TPC day 3

Thursday was a real heads-down day for me. There wasn't anything I felt obligated to go to, and I still didn't have my talks finished, so I spent most of the day working on them. Unfortunately I also managed to get a migrane started around lunch, which was just so much fun. I've never had one before, and I'm always up for trying something
once, but I think once is enough for me.

I also got a chance to talk with Ewan Birney in the afternoon, after catching his keynote. That was good, and it gives me some things to make sure work for Parrot. Integrating well with Java will be a Good Thing, so we'd damn well
better make sure it happens.

The evening saw the Perl Foundation BOF, which was pretty useful, and I'm glad we had it. A bunch of stuff we hadn't thought of came up, Dave Cross volunteered to be the new Perlmongers coordinator type person, and we picked up a number of people that're willing and able to do stuff. (Including people who've been willing and able for a while but we didn't get coordinated enough to do anything useful)

After the BOF was the LAN party and auction, organized by the inimitable Casey West, hosted by the folks from DynDNS, and lubricated by Stonehenge. Evil Plots (well, an evil plot) was hatched, and we shall see what comes of that.

Then was the P5P party, a rather low-key affair this year. We're all getting a bit older, and we're at a lull in things, so no great vigor. That 5.8 was just gotten out is likely a good part of that--everyone's just wasted from getting that set. (And a damn good release it was. Yay, Jarkko!)

Thursday July 25, 2002
12:55 PM

TPC day 2

Wednesday came and went, which was reasonably good. Spent most of the morning down at the Perl Foundation booth. Not a huge amount of foot traffic, but that's OK. Got to talk to a bunch of folks about the foundation, and had the chance to talk with a some folks that I've been trying to hook up with. That's always keen.

Oh, and I spent the day toting around $titch, one of the stitch dolls that Robert brought. (I sort of ended up his caretaker Tuesday afternoon) I think it annoys the Python folks, but they're amusingly stuffy and fun to tweak.

The first session of the morning was Damian and Larry's Perl 6 talk. Sat with Chip and Allison and, while most of it was stuff I knew, it's always interesting to hang around with Chip, and there was an interesting "Aha!" moment with multimethod dispatch. The afternoon was a bit more booth time, and then Damain's preparing for perl 6 talk.

After dinner were the BOFs. Went to the Ruby BOF, but alas the only people who showed were perl folks looking at ruby. Amusing but, alas, not useful. Then to Casey's "Who's code is it anyway?" thing. This stuff always seems more amusing when I'm not paying attention. OTOH, Chip does improv well, and you can always recreate Hong Kong Kung-fu movie action scenes with Stitch dolls.

The cool thing of the day happened at the ActiveState party. Turns out the Z-machine (yes, the engine that does Zork) has continuations. Who'd've thunk it? Not only are we 30 years behind Lisp, we're 25 years behind text adventure engines...

Wednesday July 24, 2002
11:11 AM

TPC day 1.5

Should've done this last night, but oh well.

Did dinner with Tom Phoenix, Ask, Robert, Hugo, Chip, and Tim. We hit a mexican place in the Gaslamp district. Good burritos, and cheap. What more can you ask from a restaurant?

Larry's State of the Onion was interesting, and based off the latest issue of Scientific American. Seems that Parrot's goal of being a good runtime for a lot of languages is now officially a Keen Thing. Cool.

After that was the game show, in which the Slashdot folks did annoyingly (and amazingly) well, though they still lost handily in the end.

Attendance was a bit low, though, for both. Being tuesday night, before the conference proper started, kept things slow, I think.

Tuesday July 23, 2002
06:14 PM

TPC Day 1.0

Well, here at OSCON at last. Flew in today a bit before noon--times are tight, and getting in over the weekend's just not an option this year. Lunch was, well, crappy, but the conversation was fun. (Lunchtime conversation with Elaine's always interesting) Bandwidth is a bit limited--there's only two T1s for a conference full of wireless users. (Horrors! :)

Odd paradox of flying. The leg of the flight where I had power I didn't have room to use my laptop, and the leg where I had room I had no power. The universe has a perverse sense of humor, I think.

Sunday July 21, 2002
06:14 PM

TPC -2 days and counting

Well, two more days until TPC starts, at least for me. Wheee! And, of course, in fine style I'm going to be pushing the limits on getting my presentations done in time. Luckily for me I don't need to have them done until Friday morning. (Which might be when the last of them finishes)

At least the important things--the list of TPF donors and folks providing source patches is done. (Y'know, Larry gets only half an hour for his State of the Onion, with the quiz show hot on his heels forcing time. I get 45 minutes for the State of Parrot, and the only thing following me is, well, me...)