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wirebird (8007)


Author of Wirebird (also known by its current version, Gamehawk), which is intended to provide separate interfaces to the same community via mailing list and webforum (among others), chiefly because culture clash is fun to watch. Someday I should submit something to CPAN.

Journal of wirebird (8007)

Friday February 01, 2008
09:24 AM

I use nano.

Thursday January 10, 2008
10:29 AM


Been poking around at it, debating about whether it would be useful for Wirebird.

But I'm not sure I can bring myself to use it, because I keep looking it up on CPAN via the search. And I habitually use all lowercase.

And my brain just will *not* stop parsing "moosex" wrong.

Tuesday December 11, 2007
11:01 PM

Ajax survey

I put in my two bits for Perl.

Kind of an amusing mishmash of frameworks and frameworkish things in there, too.
Tuesday October 30, 2007
08:48 PM

How many phishing victims can NT support by default?

Either the simultaneous-user limit on NT's ftp is pretty low by default, or there are a *lot* of suckers out there.

Got an eBay phishing spam, and happened to notice that the destination URL was ftp instead of http. Huh. And not just anon ftp, but an ftp url with the NT administrator password in it. Narshty.

The URL gets a 421 nineteen hits out of twenty, which apparently means it's getting a lot of bites (even if it only allows one connection, how long does it take to serve a little page where all the graphics probably come from eBay? And why doesn't eBay examine referers and track these things down proactively?)

Wish I knew how to shut down an NT server from the Internet...

Monday October 15, 2007
11:32 PM

That girl thing again

But wait, there's more!

It just keeps coming up, and it's kind of freaking me out.
Because I just don't see this. Am I blind? Does this only happen to attractive young women? (I was young once, but... well, I was young once.)
I mean, I've certainly seen real sexual harrassment, and been the target of it, and been on the winning side in a lawsuit about it, but it never had anything to do with my technical ability. (Indeed, at my very first job I dealt with a middle manager who couldn't keep his hands off me, but at the same time he never had an issue with my technical ability, even though it *was* my first job out of college (and not with a finished degree, either). I was a better programmer than he was, and he was okay with that.)
I have never, not ever, run into a "you can't be good at X" or "you shouldn't do X" or stunned silence in a game or any such thing.
Maybe because it's because I'm so amazingly awesome that it was pointless to try to deny my awesomeness based merely on my gender, but that seems somehow unlikely. Maybe it's happened to me but I've just been oblivious, but given the egregious examples other people report, that seems unlikely too. Maybe my nerdiness simply transcends gender; that seems most plausible.

Wednesday October 03, 2007
08:44 PM

Not Y/Y Not


And on the flip side:

Apparently it's no longer okay for women to enjoy traditionally-feminine things, and certainly not okay to admit that you believe that men are more likely than women to be geeks, even if you otherwise level the playing field, whatever the heck THAT's supposed to mean.

Hi. My name's Karen. I'm a woman in IT/open source. And I wouldn't have known that was a problem til everybody told me it was.

And OMGWFTBBQ!!1!! I'm also a craftblogger. I SEW TEDDY BEARS! I'm setting back women's lib (is it still called that?) by decades!

Yyyyyyeah. Clearly I'm missing the seriousness of the issue(s).

Wednesday September 26, 2007
12:24 PM

Celebrity endorsement

Possibly I should remember to save after I preview. Or possible I'm double-posting.

In any event, Carl has achieved fame:

Good thing I dragged him along, I guess.

Friday September 21, 2007
11:31 AM

Maybe it's because I live in a red state

So yesterday jrockway recommended XML::Liberal as a solution to my corrupted RSS feed problem.

I initially pooh-pooh'd the idea, because I wanted to use an RSS-specific package out of laziness. Then it occurred to me that maybe I could use XML::Liberal to feed *into* XML::RSS, and in the course of researching it, I discovered XML::RSS::Liberal. And installed it. (Perhaps badly, because my cpan installer just can't cope with using /opt/perl/lib, for some reason. That's a whole 'nother entry.)

Assuming I installed it correctly, though, it's not as liberal as XML::RSS, because now it's choking on feeds that worked before ("a namespace prefix should look like [a-z_][a-z0-9.\-_]*") XML::RSS::LibXML does the same thing. And that's on things that W3C validates as good feeds ( tag feeds, for instance), so I'm not at all sure it's installed correctly.

The original corrupted feed is still choked on, and I'm not sure I'm going to struggle much to get LibXML installed right, because I don't think it'll help. It's just *that bad*... definitely going to take XML::RSS::Liberal::Commie::Pinko to parse something like that.

Thursday September 20, 2007
11:55 AM

Parsing b0rken RSS

Yeah, yeah, I know... there is no RSS that isn't broken, one way or another, but not everybody has boarded the Atom bus yet.

So I'm using XML::RSS to parse a variety of often-broken feeds (Simple Machines Forum, just as a for-instance, appears to encode its entries, *then* truncate them, resulting dangling tags or even in "..." happening right in the middle of multibyte characters, tags, whatever). And it's dieing fairly often.

No problem, I'll just wrap it in an eval, and skip that feed until its issues get resolved (usually by the corrupted entry expiring, hopefully before another corrupted one jumps on board).

And so I do. And it dies inside the eval. Wait, what?

I mean, I do seldom run across modules that are ill-behaved enough to up and die instead of throwing something more catchable. But I thought eval was a magic fix for that.

Googling a little, the answer on perlmonks and elsewhere seems to be "Well, of course it should die irrevocably. You shouldn't be using invalid XML anyway." Fine, fine, that's the first thing I'll outlaw when I'm made Empress Of All Intarwebz. In the meantime, back in the real world, I'd *like* to be able to recover and go on to the XMLs that ARE valid (so far as you can say "valid" about RSS), thankyouverymuch.

eval's never failed me before, though. I might actually have to learn how it works so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

But seriously. How can you screw up
eval( $feed->parse($page));

Apparently, if you're me, "pretty easily."