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sir_lichtkind (5541)

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(brave) Perl monk from Eastern Germany
Tuesday December 23, 2008
06:16 PM

Tanslators wanted

Kephra has 2 new translations: Norwegian and Czech (after german and english), but im looking for more, especially the big languages like russian, spanish, french and so on. All it takes is to translate a single conf file which you can find here in SVN. And yes you can of course use UTF-8.

Meanwhile i'm playing the janitor. After ending Part 6 of the Perl 6 tutorial for $foo (OOP & AOP) I'm on the the Kephra codebase again cleaning the cage of the Kephra::API::CommandList cleaning the API, adding missing feature, fixing sime minor quirks that bugged me for a while, but finally I'm making the interface data cache.

Its not only for speeding up thing but also preparation for the upcoming extension API, that also has to add there interface data on this transformation level.

Speaking about transforming interface data ... localisation belongs to it and in the menu for changing app language and the menu to open the locale files is now autogenerated. So if you copy a new translated localisation file into the /config/localisation directory, you will see it after next config reload.
Friday December 12, 2008
04:20 PM

Kephra 0.4 PL 3

with great relieve i let this version go. a very lot of hacking got into it, polished nearly every bit i ever was mildly unhappy with, hope that will be the final until 0.5.

Thursday December 11, 2008
11:02 PM

why Kephra 0.4 gets better afterwards

Kephra has an unusual long changelog. it was mostly the final polish for 0.4 which will appear these days as 0.4 pl 3 which is really really complete and end user friendly.

This dragged me again away from fixing the issue with File::UserConfig which seemes to be broken.

The only thing really bugs me, what i really hate, how little help i get compared how much people talk.
Saturday December 06, 2008
11:16 AM

some truth about TIOBE Index and more

Ovid had its winter depression (anyone has this sometimes) and many responses, shortly followed by the sekrit which might bring hope to those who depend on outer mood (im not big mouthing-most of time i dont currently i do :)).

I know something about the Index. Once I posted some improvements to the Perl counter and had this way a discussion with mr jansen because he also asked me few things, any professional Perl programmer should be educated about. Yes he has a strong personal opinion that Perl is dying based on some observations he had in his close neighborhood. thats understandable but not too smart.

BTW i know what this "perl is dying" is all about i think i understand this very well. We have this discussion on every german perl workshop since i attend. but my main point does focus not on the things paul, ovid and others understand very well but on the things they don't undestand. There were some points Paul can easily (technically) proven wrong (there are tools like Perl::Critic to handle large Perl projects, and some points more), in some points he is right but thats things most of you know. the interesting lies somewhere else.

Python and Ruby are today where they are, because people in their community worked for it some times in underdog position. They knew they had something very valuable that needed some extra polish. We have also lot of valuable stuff plus lots of expertise how to get things done.

please don't get me wrong i'm not talking about homeless, headless merketing spin. Java was more than a merketing coup. there were a lot of UNIX veterans at the sun campus that learned many lessons the hard way. If you don't believe this, check google video.

My main point is to take it with joy. In some areas we seem to lay a bit behind. Great. Nobody expect the spanish inquisition. And nearly Nobody expect that perl will be cool again (seting the state of the tools-so help us with Kephra :) ). Maybe except a few of us and Tim O'Reilly who is old enough to remember that this mood was there at the end of Perl 4 before.
Sunday November 30, 2008
10:37 AM

busy busy

before releaseing I updated the Parrot wp article (thanks moritz++ for help) and afterwards there were also a lot todo, beside the tanks to crush(play C&C 3).

Made the new Kephra roadmap, the new keymap docs and tried to enter it into some download archives. most of them are run by prankster. And in twocows I#m now on a ass-long wating list. I dont want to give them 50$ but you can update your proposal so it might there just in time for Kephra 0.5 :).
Friday November 28, 2008
11:33 PM

Kephra 0.4 released

The next stable, polished and documented version with long time support after nearly 3 years arrives. It has a pretty long changelog and already a small but dedicated user base.

Some may ask: This is just another small Editor, win only, with a failing test suite? - Why should I care?

Actually it does run fine under my Xubuntu (should under Mac too), I'm addressing the technical problems next, but this release is all about the end user (which mostly use our all inc. distro).

We attempt to make Kephra suck less than all the other editors, by bringing Perl philosophy to text editing. Like Padre, which started some months ago with a lot of noise and is driven by some admittingly able person, we also want to provide good development tools (we agreed to share stuff like increasingly web frameworks do lately) and even spread the word of Perl beyond our realms (pollute the download archives).

Watch our website, some content, like roadmap will be updated next days.
Tuesday November 25, 2008
08:57 AM


yeah new version, found and squashed some bugs, also Wieland Pusch++ found some quirks that I fixed immediately. But its mostly about translating the enduser docs and updating the site. And boy thats a lot of work.

Monday November 24, 2008
12:50 PM

traveling in my mind

was in vienna at the twin city perl workshop and gave 2 talks about wx and kephra. came yesterday from frankfurt and gave 2 huge talks at 4. frankfurt perl workshop as well about wx and perl 6.

So now back at home, i have time to sort my stuff, sync my work and even make some decent UFO study.

Saturday November 08, 2008
09:02 AM

Kephra news

currently traveling - its been a while since i done something about Kephra. yesterday I held 2 talks in Vienna about wxperl and kephra and today in the morning just added a small feature. but version 0.4 is almost ready, just have to write some user level docs and I hope to do it during the hackathon tomorrow.

Thursday November 06, 2008
09:19 AM

obama is in, so what

my last entry here was just a short outcry I needed to to do at this moment. given the huge response (never had so many comments :)) i want to explain a bit and elaborate on the matter.

What i really asked for is to force yourself to prove things deeper. its against my belief to force my option nor i like to push anyone in any direction. but given what people claim to achieve and the most possible outcome of this election, there will be a painfull awakening for lot of people.

I admit that im not always right with predictions (10 years ago i thought after bush will come clinton) and that it sounds nebulous when i'm not provide any details to substantiate my point, but hey im not here to make your homework, beside it would be far too much for a blog post.

my core point is embarrassingly simple and has nothing to do with my face reading abilities. No obama, no jesus and no UFO commander ashtar sheran will save you, unless you are and do the change you like to see. And if you cant feel that all life is your family your simply sick and better do something about it now.