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kaare (663)

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Journal of kaare (663)

Wednesday December 05, 2007
07:05 AM

Anna & Rolando (and the others)

WARNING! Nothing perl related here. Please move on!

So, last Saturday I visited my friend for dinner, wine (lots) and music. Well, Opera.

He'd bought a Live Recording of L'elisir D'amore (2006) with Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon and the Wiener Staatsoper.

I've always considered Donizetti a "real" Belcanto composer - lots of beautiful music, no consistent action. But this recording was different. The Opera felt coherent thanks to the performance of Anna and Rolando.

Rolando Villazon can't help being a very happy young man, or a big charming boy, if you prefer.
And Anna Netrebko. Oh my God! She's very pretty on pictures. But when you see her "live" on video! Couldn't be more charming.
Those two seem the perfect couple, and of course the get each other in the end (at least in the Opera, I can't tell about real life, but who cares about real life!).

It all wouldn't matter too much if they couldn't sing. But again - the easiness by which Anna just sends out coloraturas right and left was astounding.
And Rolando had to repeat his Una furtiva lagri - says it all!

Go buy! Get! Listen!

Wednesday November 14, 2007
06:44 AM

My new laptop

I'm writing this journal from my new laptop, an Acer Aspire 5920. This thing has a dual processor Intel CPU, 2 GB RAM, and all the ports and connectivity we are getting used to (4 USB, Infrared, Bluetooth, 811.G wifi. etc).

Actually it has the first laptop keyboard I feel comfortable with. Only missing is the separate numeric keypad.
It even comes with a webcam, so I can see them when I chat with friends and family.

The most encouraging is that OpenSUSE 10.3 installed with almost no problem. Only wifi sent me googling for a couple of minutes.

Using wifi is still a little strange though. I had to switch from Network Manager to ifup/down. I don't quite understand what the problem is, but if I try to connect with Network Manager, it doesn't get an IP address. I could experiment with fixed addresses; perhaps I'll do that one day.

Overall I'm impressed what you're getting for your money these days. A new laptop with very competitive hardware for DKK 5,000.- (around EUR 665,-).

I had to buy a new laptop because my 3-year old one suddenly began to turn off completely after being on for only a couple of minutes. And these days it's easier (and probably cheaper) to buy a new and much stronger computer.

So I've been tinkering with this for the last couple of days, restoring relevant data from my old and customizing it the way I like it. A rather big job :-)

Wednesday October 31, 2007
06:08 AM

Perl::Critic && Perltidy

Two issues emerged from Jonas' Perl::Critic talk at yesterdays meeting.

Straying away from the topic, I learned that Perltidy won't accept's try/catch/otherwise as a control structure and consequently doesn't format it the way I like. I like to cuddle my elses (yes, I'm that kind of guy) and would like this formatting for a try block

try {

        do something

} catch ... with {

        do something

} otherwise {

        do something


but it seems that Perltidy can't do that. Can anyone confirm this?

The other issue is that Perl::Critic fails make test. I tried on a fairly OK Perl installation, and I see that this issue already has been reported:

t/20_policies.............................NOK 69/682
# Failed test 'BuiltinFunctions::RequireGlobFunction - line 19 - Multiple globs via '
# at t/20_policies.t line 95.
# got: '2'
# expected: '1'
# Violation found: Glob written as at line 2, column 11. See page 167 of PBP.
# Violation found: Glob written as at line 2, column 19. See page 167 of PBP.

Wednesday October 10, 2007
03:15 AM


I'm working on Yet Another CMS in my almost non-existing sparetime. A CMS needs a WYSIWYG editor, and anything that can save me time is a ++.

I tried FCKeditor, a really nice and very popular editor. But TinyMCE seems just much easier to set up.

It really is a matter of getting, unpacking and adding a couple of lines in the wrapper page:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="../js/tiny_mce.js"></script>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
tinyMCE.init({ mode : "textareas" });

TinyMCE is at

Tuesday October 09, 2007
03:17 AM

PostgreSQL 8.3 Beta 1

PostgreSQL 8.3 hits beta 1:

There's an impressive list of new features and improvements, performance enhancements included.

Some of the new features are quite interesting. Full text search right there in the database. Would it be useful for a Webshop, a CMS, etc?

XML is now also right there in the DB. I have to play with this. I have a schema with descriptions of rows and columns for financial reports. Ordinary database row definition is a poor match for this. Perhaps SQL/XML will solve this problem.

Enums may make all these small support tables obsolete. We'll see.

And finally (on today's list, there are many more news in 8.3) we have updatable cursors. I hope it will occur in DBD::Pg as soon as possible.

8.3 really excites me.

Thursday October 04, 2007
02:52 AM

Installation woes are over (?)

My kids have been using my brand new computer for games. My Goodness! I didn't know that there are so many high quality games for Linux!

Meanwhile I've used my plain old laptop for work. There are a lot of reasons for that, one of which is that I haven't had the time to set up the necessary environment, including the main Perl packages.

Yesterday I wanted to fix this problem, starting on an almost 'naked' box with only OpenSuse's Perl installation. I always prefer CPAN over distributor's packages if there's no special reason against, so I started up perl -MCPAN -e shell and installed


remembering previous dependency nightmares and missing Linux libraries. SVK complained about a missing SVN::Core, but I know this, so I anstalled Perl binding with YaST. After that, no problem at all. SVK's tests were time consuming, even on an AMD 64 6000 with two cores. But in it went.

And amazingly, so did Catalyst and DBIx::Class. People there must have used a lot of time since my last 'clean' install getting things straightened up.

I'm impressed.

Wednesday August 29, 2007
02:03 AM

New computer, Part II

I wrote

So to see that I can get an Athlon 64 Dual Core 5000, 2 GB RAM and a harddisk that could have acted as a data center 10 years ago for a few thousaned DKK makes the heart beat faster and eyes glimpse extra.

Actually I decided on an AMD Dualcore X2 6000+, NVIDIA NFORCE motherboard with 2GB RAM and 250GB disk.

The proposed Graphics Adapter - NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600GT - was coming with active cooling, so I decided to change to a 8500GT with passive cooling and a more quiet power supply.

It will be here in a couple of days, and I'm rather anxious to install Linux and start to measure, and feel, the performance gain compared to my three year old Fujitsu/Siemens laptop.

Wednesday August 22, 2007
04:17 AM

New computer

How dificult is this!

I need a new PC, mainly for coding Perl. Well, "need" may not exactly be the correct term, but when the laptop reacts with a rubber like response and is getting warm enough to keep the coffee warm, at least I have a wish for something better, more productive.

I'm that kind of person who doesn't really care about hardware. Only checking the price / performance and features whenever I need a new thing of some kind.

So to see that I can get an Athlon 64 Dual Core 5000, 2 GB RAM and a harddisk that could have acted as a data center 10 years ago for a few thousaned DKK makes the heart beat faster and eyes glimpse extra.

Wasn't it only for Perl coding, you say? Well, my experience tells me that it's better to overshoot the current target if I want to be happy with the computer for a couple of years. And that is my plan.

But of course we have the old fashioned snake in this Paradise. Of course I will be running Linux, and out of habit I'm checking compatibility, believing that no problems remain.

Perhaps I'm getting too close to the problems, perhaps I just took chances in the past. But I'm surprised to hear about motherboards not supporting Linux, sound and wireless devices not being recognized and more.

Graphic adapters are the classic problem, but AFAICS most cards from the leading vendors work right out of the box. At least GeForce seems to be well covered.

And then I need to decide if I will build it myself (either a kit or assemble all parts from different shops) or buy a ready-to-use computer.

What do you think?

Investigating the different combinations already cost me a lot of time. But at least it's great fun :-)

Monday June 04, 2007
01:15 PM

New car

I bought a new car last Tuesday. Well, it's a used car, but new to me :-)

I discovered that more than 95% of my driving is for business purposes. Either to and from a client, purchasing items or delivering these items to customers.

So I needed a bigger car than my trusty old Seat Cordoba. I've been looking for the right choice for over a year now, but didn't find the right combination of price, size, and service cost.

Recently I learned that a Toyota HiAce with 9 seats exists as an option for me with an ordinary driver's license. I found one in Jylland (some 450 kilometers away) and bought it after advice from my Nephew. He's very interested in cars, always updated and is educated as a Car mechanic.

Me? I see cars as a tool for getting from A to B. Of course some cars have better design, smarter features than others. But the price impact is almost always too great. Especially with the Danish tax system that has implemented the great "Take one, pay three" offer.

I have to get used to two things. First, it's with automatic gear. I've never tried this until now, but apart from a restless right arm, it's great.
Secondly, the new car is BIG! It's one meter longer than the Cordoba. The difference in plain traffic isn't that big. But when parking, or when space is limited, it's another story.

Impact to the environment was also a factor to consider, and one reason it took so long to decide on a car. But I had to admit to myself that we couldn't do without.

Wednesday May 02, 2007
02:00 AM

After lunch, before Christmas

I guess this journal should have been out Sunday at the end of NPW07, but I will adhere to The New Perl Catchphrase (See Subject). I think about using it for my contract work, but on the other hand I'm afraid that my clients will use it afainst me when I ask for the paycheck.

Like everybody else, I'm anxious about the frontline development in Perl. So I attended

  • Leon Brocard (acme) - What's new in Perl 5.10?
  • brian d foy - Learning Perl 6
  • Jonathan Worthington - Classes, Roles and Constraints in Perl 6
  • Nelson Ferraz - Adventures in Perl6

All very, very nice presentations. Just like the first time I read the Apocalypses, I will say: "Gimme now!"

Can't wait for Christmas...

I also attended

  • brian d foy - Flexible Business Rules with Brick

I still can't really figure out which problem domain Brick is solving. Brian talked about Business Rules, but in reality described a Next Generation Input Validator. For me Business Rules are all about computing taxes, deciding how to do the accounting for your automatic invoicing etc. Perhaps the validator is only first step?

If I weren't so tired Sunday afternoon, I would have bugged Brian, but at that time I could think of nothing more than my nice, soft couch.

I guess I'll try to catch Brian another time, perhaps there is a mailing list or an IRC channel.

There were a lot of other very fine talks, and the event went really, really smooth. Hard to top next time!