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xenchu (4746)

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The vapid tale of a boring layabout. I mean I don't even drink. I like women, books and Perl (hmmm, yeah, that's about the right order).

Journal of xenchu (4746)

Tuesday February 10, 2004
09:31 AM

Home Today

My asthma is rearing it's ugly head again. Consequently I am staying home away cold air and (hopefully) the falling barometer. No an especially bad attack but it always leaves me tired.

Last Friday at work I spent a good bit of time entering alias in my Solaris system logon. I wanted convenient shortcuts for the perldoc commands. The format I used was:

alias perlobj='/usr/perl5/5.6.1/bin/perldoc perlobj'

And the shortcuts all seemed to work. I entered a shortcut for each perldoc. All nice and convenient. Monday when I tried them thay had all disappeared, vanished, gone. You may imagine my dismay. I don't know whether to try again or just type in the entire path each time I want to read a document.

My wife's new boss might be in today. She will certainly give him the benefit of the doubt (she gives everyone that benefit) but it should be interesting to hear what she thinks about him or her.

Oh, wow! I just noticed! I got another karma point! Whatever that means, whatever it is for. How many do I need before I get my secret decoder ring?

Sunday February 08, 2004
06:19 PM

Conversion Table Question

I was trying to compile a small perl program and got the following error message(partial):

Unrecognized character \xE2

My question is where do I find a conversion table that will tell me what I am looking at and/or looking for?

02:45 AM

Up All Night

Here I am again, up at two in the morning, typing away. All is quiet except for the television. Popeye and sleazy advertisers keep me company.

I spent the day playing with vim. I am starting to like it after years of writing on Word and Notepad. The funny thing is I can only use it at home. I just started signing on to a *nix machine at work(Solaris in fact), but all it has is vi although we might get emacs and pico. None of them are vim though.

chaoticset, I tried to sign on to Orkut Friday, but the server kept throwing me off. I'll try again Monday when I have the url.

I am starting to see advertising for Valentine's Day. Why can't they leave us alone? Soon they will be selling gopher-shaped junk for Ground Dog's Day. Valentine's Day is my daughter's birthday.

Thursday February 05, 2004
09:21 AM


My wife's reaction to an event seems strange to me. Her boss just got fired. She told me that she has decided not to work at the place any more because of that.

Now here is what I find strange. Last year both she and her boss worked at the same place for a different organization. Her boss was an assistant manager. Their boss at that time got my wife fired. He accused her of being slack, inefficient, etc. It was not true. To get her fired he had to have the backing of his assistant managers. They lied to back him up. They told her they lied to keep their jobs.

When the business changed hands she went back to work there. They hired her immediately because they knew her and knew what kind of work she did. I don't really understand it. I would never have gone back to work for them and I surely wouldn't be quitting because someone who helped get me fired by lying got fired. As far as I am concerned, loyalty runs both ways and her boss showed her none at all. My wife is a sweet woman who likes everybody but her reasoning is beyond me.

Wednesday February 04, 2004
08:01 PM

Why do I have to dig for this?

I find use Perl a tough site to get information on. The FAQ seems skimpy to me. For instance, I know there is a node that lists the day's journal entries but I don't see a direct link to it. Maybe I am too used to sites that dump an overload of information on me.

Tuesday February 03, 2004
11:03 PM

Perl Grep Question

This is a line I pulled out of a program on PerlMonks to find the largest 10 files in a directory. The program is clear enough, I suppose, but I don't understand the following line:

     @sizes = grep {length $_ -> [1]} @sizes;

Specifically, what is

{length $_ -> [1]}

doing? It seems to be sorting files by length but I don't understand the mechanism. Anyone care to elucidate?

I saw Windtalkers on DVD tonight. Lots of action, lots of explosions; I think Joe Bob Briggs would give it a thumbs up. I liked it and believe it is worth your time.

Thanks to merlyn and ybiC for their replies to my last entry. As a matter of fact I have a copy of Learning Perl. Unfortunately it is packed in one of dozens of boxes as part of our coming move. I am loathe to buy another copy of a book I already have. However, since I don't yet have a copy of Elements of Programming with Perl I plan to buy that. Scrooge McDuck ain't in it with me when it comes to pinching pennies.

I am going to learn Perl. As long it takes, whatever it takes, but learn it I will. A short attention span, dog-laziness, carelessness past comprehension and a thick head will not stop me.

07:12 AM

Sleep and stuff

I sprang from bed this morning with a song in my heart...not really. I drug out after a lousy night of no sleep. It might be insomnia, it might be nerves but basically it means I don't sleep.

As usual when that happens I got on and read PerlMonks and Use Perl and one or two other sites. Just to keep my mind from jumping around too much, trying to get sleepy enough to go back to sleep. Didn't work. Even taking a shower didn't work this time. My day at work yesterday was less than stellar. It will be incentive to have a better day so I can get some sleep tonight.

I was reading Programming Perl(3rd.ed.) last night (that almost put me to sleep) and realized that I would have to reread the whole damn book to pick up what I missed the first time. Either that or pick another book to read first. Maybe try merlyn's Learning Perl Objects, References and Modules. Or Learning Perl? Still, if I don't understand the subject in Programming Perl then I don't fancy my chances with a different book. I don't consider Learning Perl a simpler or easier book. There is, of course, the possibility that I am too thick to understand it from any book. I'll have to think on that one.

Oh well, time to go to work. We were supposed to have freezing rain last night but that missed us. Maybe everyone can stay on the road this morning.

Monday February 02, 2004
06:35 PM

Back from Class

Back from class, hippety-hop. I always expect too much when I go to this type of class. I mean they were going to teach me for three whole days.

Well, after all, they had three days to turn me into a Perl Guru and it didn't happen. We had a good teacher, good teaching materials and the right environment. It was a fine class, it just wasn't a miracle. I didn't return home knowing everything. Maybe we should have asked merlyn to teach it.

Tuesday January 27, 2004
02:08 PM

The Things I do for Perl...

I have written about a Perl class I was supposed to start taking today. Because of the weather the class was put off a day but not cancelled. Now I will have to drive to the site of the class through lousy conditions on (perhaps) icy roads. To top it all, my classmate and I can't leave on the aproximately 200 mile trip until 3 in the afternoon. To say I am not looking forward to the trip is to say...I am not looking forward to the trip.

Time to get ready for the trip. I hope to write more about what happens when I get back.

Good luck to chaoticset with his game matrix thingy.

01:17 AM

Snow Day

We got about 2 inches of snow here over an inch of ice so we didn't go out today. This is the Sunny South where snow you can actually see on the ground constitutes a state of emergency. Besides, going out on the roads is dangerous. People down here cause wrecks when it rains hard, much less when it snows. And by the way, this isn't some yankee talking. I was born and raised here and lived here almost all of my life.

Anyway I spent most of the day reading Programming Perl. After all this time on Perl Monks and reading other books I think I might be getting some good out of it. Not that I am in danger of turning into a PERL GURU, but I think I made a little progress. I can only hope. I bought a copy after the one I bought through Amazon turned out to be the 2nd. edition(independent seller, not directly from Amazon). Caveat suckor.

Thankfully there was nothing on TV to distract me. Even CSI:Miami was a repeat. Does anyone think Caruso becomes a pompous windbag at times. I don't know if it is him or the writers speaking through him. Oh well, it's only TV.

I think I mentioned in my last entry that I am getting ready to move in a month or so. Things are being sorted and thrown away and packed in boxes already. But nothing will move until the loan is approved. One of those many sheets I signed for the loan was certainly a contract with the Devil. If not him somebody must own my soul now. There was no way I read all of them. I have signed so much paper that a Giant Sequoia must have died to provide it all. If I don't get the loan I'll sue'm for Repetitive Stress Injury.

Of course I can't afford a moving company to come in and whisk this junk all magically away. We may be able to afford to rent a large truck for one day to pack the big items in and take them to the new house. That will be the extent of it though. Only furniture and appliances will go then. The rest will go by carload and pickup truck over time. Maybe I should get a dumptruck for easy unloading of the big stuff.