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Whammo (2555)

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Journal of Whammo (2555)

Tuesday May 25, 2004
09:30 PM


"In the desert
You can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one
For to give you no pain"
-- America

I didn't know that Bravo Two Zero had hit the silver screen. Just finished watching it, thanks to NetFlix. Makes me wish I had done a little more training with the Brits; I had to keep guessing about some of their tactics. And lingo.

04:28 PM


"Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh
I'm gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh"

-- Genesis

Oops. I lied. I just found out it's supposed to be on tonight (at 7:00 EDT), which means several times tomorrow, as well.

The web page doesn't say anything about it. I hope this isn't more BOGINT.

Sunday May 23, 2004
08:17 PM


"You gotta grow, you gotta learn by your mistakes
You gotta die a little everyday just to try to stay awake
When you believe there’s no mountain you can climb
And if you get it wrong you’ll get it right next time"

-- Gerry Rafferty

I just discovered that Comcast is now carrying Buzztime. Now I don't have to go out just to be asocial!

08:39 AM


"What's your name, little girl?
What's your name?
Shootin' you straight, little girl
Won't you do the same?"
-- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Does anyone have any recommendations for DNS management software? I'm looking for something that can backend both BIND and Active Directory, and support 100,000+ RRs in 1,000+ zones across two dozen views.

Saturday May 22, 2004
09:11 PM


"If the fifties
Were so great
Why did the sixties
Have to set the world straight?"

-- Pinkard and Bowden

Look out! It's the Attack Of The Really Bad Giant Animal Monster Movies!

Is it the 50's again already?

07:30 PM


"Sometimes bad is bad
I say, cool is a rule
But sometimes bad is bad"
-- Huey Lewis And The News

From the LG website:

Internal Server error
We apologize to you for interruption of service.
Please let us know by clicking here. (If you do, the error information will be noticed to our system operator)
We promise to recover soon from the error and restart normal service.

You're kidding, right?

Wednesday May 19, 2004
09:24 PM


"Pork sausage
It's a real treat
Just what a man
Likes to eat"
-- Dash Ampersand

Why is it every time I see the word portlet, I picture Homer Simpson with candied ham on a stick drooling, "Mmmmm..... portlet......."?

Tuesday May 18, 2004
10:45 AM


"Can't get no rest
Don't know how I work all today
When will I learn?
Memories get in the way"
-- The Spinners

TechTV will be airing a story about NetTop on 27 May.

It should be on during The Screen Savers. Check your local listings.

Sunday May 16, 2004
08:14 PM


"You don't need to emerge from nothing
You don't need to tear away"

So after a long hiatus - one where my number of machines was actually decreasing through attrition - I laid down a surprisingly small chunk of change for a dual Opteron system to play around with. I've got the base AMD64 Gentoo distro installed, but other diversions have kept me from going any further than kernel tweaking.

One of those diversions I'm ignoring right at this moment, and that's school. Again. For the seventh time. Computer architecture. The first section on constructing digital circuits was interesting, but we're now back into all the stuff I know already. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just do it already, you undisciplined fuck.

And I have to. Well, not really. But I want to. I've just got to realize that.

EA Sports MVP Baseball 2004. I was pretty hooked for a while until I started playing in Dynasty Mode. Midway through the season, the in-game email system starts spamming me. And I don't mean the fake spams that they threw in as a joke.

Went to my friends' daughter's elementary school band concert last Thursday. Ahhh, the memories. These were 4th and 5th graders in their first and second years of band, and the bands actually had an oboe, a bassoon, and a bass clarinet. Ohio takes their music education way too seriously, and I can't recall their elementary programs teaching double reeds. They also had a jazz band, which did quite an incredible job (relatively speaking) on Santana's Evil Ways.

The cicadas erupted Saturday. Sounded like a UFO landing. Not that I know what a UFO sounds like, or could differentiate the sound of one landing from say, hovering or taking off.

Day Of The Jackal was on TCM. I more stared at it than watched it. The most cogent thought I had inspired from the movie? The French tanks looked like octopusses on treads.

Cartoon Network also had the 1977 animated The Hobbit . Death was represented by kaleidoscope spinning images. I think we should go back to that.

Let's see, is there anything else to ramble on about? I guess not. Maybe I should cut my hair.

Wednesday May 12, 2004
09:23 PM


"Whatever happened to all this season's
Losers of the year?
Every time I got to thinking
Where'd they disappear?"
-- Cheap Trick

Congratulations, delegatrix, on your People's Choice Award.

Huh? What? {whisper whisper}

Sorry, your People's Voice Award.