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krellis (2720)

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Perl geek, FreeBSD sysadmin, DNS know-it-all

Journal of krellis (2720)

Monday February 04, 2002
11:34 AM


I'm finding it increasingly hard to find motivation here at my day job. All it seems I ever do is write the same old database apps over and over. Add records, edit records, delete records, view records. Different data, same thing, every time. It's just so hard to bother to write yet another one. Especially when it's replacing an existing system that works (mostly) as it is.

I love the neat little hack things, and the cool difficult things where I actually get to think, and I really like the people I work with here... but it's feeling more and more attractive to go work for DynDNS every day. I'd feel bad leaving my boss here high and dry, because WPI has a hiring freeze on, and she'd get stuck relying on the computer center people to do my job probably... but I kind of feel like I'm ripping her off as it is, because I'm really not all that productive here these days.

It's far too early in the week/morning to be thinking, so I think I'm going to go immerse myself in a mindless database until lunch. Woohoo.

Saturday February 02, 2002
09:02 PM

Ahh, the power of switch

So, I got tired of my crappy 4 port 10 meg hub for my home network today. I mean, here I am, CEO of one of the world's largest dynamic DNS providers, and I'm using a 4 port 3Com hub!

Luckily, I just happened to have a Compaq 24 port 10/100 and 2 port gig-e fiber switch laying around my apartment collecting dust. It had been installed at our Ithaca site (when that was our only site) for less than 24 hours before it de-segmented it's VLANs, requiring a late night trip up there to rip it out. No surprise that it's never been in production since, and has just been collecting dust on my apartment floor.

So, I now have 24 ports of 10/100 full-duplex switched goodness for my little network of firewall, desktop box, wireless access point, random laptops when people are over, and random servers when I'm building them out prior to installation out at Exodus. W00t! Go overkill!

Now I just have to buy something that'll connect to the fiber port and give me gig-e...

Wednesday January 30, 2002
06:47 PM

Losing UDP

We're having a problem over at that, when we're doing huge amounts of UDP activity (DNS queries) in one Perl program, it's somehow "losing" it's ability to send || receive the UDP in the middle. It's not always the case, and it only happens when the amount of UDP gets over a certain threshold (that we haven't determined yet), but it's a huge pain. Anyone with suggestions for tracking this down or fixing it would be gladly received! The systems we're seeing it on are running FreeBSD, FWIW, and Perl 5.6.1.
10:14 AM

Stupid $Random_Vendor

I guess I've finally learned my lesson about buying from $Random_Vendor that I find on iBuyer. I strongly recommend against buying from GiftSplash - I've had a Palm m500 on order from them since the 21st, when they claimed it was in stock. Then on the 24th when I called they assured me they'd ship it on the 25th, they'd just be getting a shipment in that night. Then on the 28th they said oh, we take half-days on Fridays, it'll definitely go out today. Well, according to their website it still hasn't shipped today. I'm sitting on hold listening to "the New York news station" now to try and figure out what the heck's going on. *grumble* Figures - they use Cold Fusion. Bastards.


Saturday January 26, 2002
06:29 PM

I hate American Express!

I really wish I understood what motivates a credit card company to basically refuse to take my money. They give me a crappy credit line, then break their authorization system such that, even if you "overpay" (pay off part in the middle of the billing cycle), you still can't go beyond that limit. So what's the point of letting you overpay in the first place?!? They'll TAKE the money, but they won't let me do anything with the credit that giving it to them should have freed up. And then their web site lies to me and says that that credit IS available. It's just available in some deep, dark void somewhere, I guess. Argh!

At least the person I just talked to was a LITTLE more helpful than all the others - they won't even normally consider you for a credit line increase with a card that's less than 6 months old (just switched from a personal to a real corporate one), but she told me that if I call during their bank's hours, they can get in touch with someone there to try and get special permission because it's not meeting my needs, and because I pay off the bills, and then some, every month. Maybe they'll look at the personal card, too, though she seemed to think that it'd be separated because of the fact that they're not both small biz cards. Grr.

Oh well - they're still by far the best CC company I've dealt with, which is pretty pathetic. They do tend to have very polite and helpful customer support reps, though, there's just only so much they can do against the evil forces of company policy.

Enough ranting, now it's off to install a new 1U dual tulatin! Yay, replacing live. This should be an adventure!

Friday January 25, 2002
03:55 PM

Buying Property

So... thinking about buying a $1.2 million property for a combined office/living space. Very cool location, close to things I need to be close to. But at $1.2 million, that's, well, rather a lot. I'm told that's a little on the high side of what it's probably worth, so the owners might take a little less than that, but it's still an awful lot. I can't even imagine how to get that kind of a loan. Yeouch.

Well, we've got an appointment to go and have a look next Tuesday, so we'll go from there, I guess. Maybe it'll suck for the kind of thing we want to use it for, and it'll all be moot. And I really doubt that Chris is going to approve of a $1.2 million real-estate purchase, anyway. We'll see, though. Bleh! :)

Oh, yeah, and Worcester's "online" zoning ordinance guide is just a (badly!) scanned version of the printed manual. So I can find the table that lists what you can do with differently zoned properties, but I can't a) be sure which column is "BO 1.0", or b) figure out if the things in that column are "Y"'s or "N"'s. Gotta love city councils "online"!

Thursday January 24, 2002
10:57 PM

Yay, Cable!

Yay, my cable is back up! And maybe at a higher rate, now, too! I guess this modem just needs longer than I gave it to re-initialize, or something weird like that. Regardless, both I and are back up now, for my loyal fans :)

06:39 PM

I'm Bizarre!

So, I've just been informed that I'm being bizarre tonight. I'd contend that I'm always bizarre, though. Perhaps more so when I'm happy, which I seem to be right now. Things just seem to be going pretty well in my world, if a bit stressful, and with lots of big future decisions looming. But I feel like I'm at one of those points where anything's possible if I just put my mind to it. Now I just have to figure out the right things to put my mind to and make them happen! :)

02:09 PM


Random thought of the moment: Wouldn't so many aspects of life just be so much easier if we had the capacity to teleport ourselves?

Corollary: Erm, I had one in mind. Honest. But now I've forgotten it. Oh well, must have been something about life being annoyingly complex, so much so that I forgot it!

11:59 AM

Damn Cable Modem

So, I get up this morning and find that my ssh connection to my gateway box has died, and won't come back. I can still get out to the 'net, though... I ssh in with the internal IP, and ifconfig tells me that the cable company has changed my DHCP lease. But for some strange reason, all of my outbound traffic still sources from the old IP! Inbound only works to the new one, though. Very strange. Then, all of a sudden, after I tried to get to my cable modem's configuration page, it just all dies. So I go through several permutations of reboots of the cable modem and gateway box, all of which amount to nothing - I can't get a real, functional DHCP lease any more. Doh! So is down right now, though I pointed it to a placeholder elsewhere for the time being, hopefully I'll be able to get this sorted out when I get home.

I should have known that calling the cable company to get my service upgraded would manage to get them nice and confused so they could break it. *grumble*