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darobin (1316)

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Journal of darobin (1316)

Thursday March 20, 2003
11:09 AM

Just call us "Freedom"

Following the freedom fries thing, I am noticing a trend on this side of the Atlantic of replacing French/France with Freedom everywhere. After putting up a fight against neo-imperialism, it would only be seem deserved.

The first occurence of that that I heard of was a presenter claiming to be from "Freedom Telecom" (I'm sure Jon Orwant will appreciate as I hear he works there) at the TV Anytime Forum, but I don't know if it was his idea of if he copied it from elsewhere. I am starting to see it all over the place, it's quite funny and a welcome relief from the grave mistake the US and their lapdogs are currently committing.

11:02 AM

Why war sumary

If you can read French (sorry, Freedom), I think this article from Le Monde is a good and simple analysing summary of "why".

I keep hearing people say that 45 countries support the US while only 6 oppose the war. This shows some high level of indoctrination, likely with some major media manipulating information. Le Monde published a map of the world with countries pro and countries against (which is what I was looking for online but apparently it is only in print), and without couting it's quite clear that part of Europe + Russia + China + the entirety of Africa (minus Ethiopia (pro), Rwanda (neutral), and Somalia (no official government)) + India + most of the Americas (minus the USA, Bolivia, and one or two small countries) adds up to much more than 6. But then CNN sees shuttles travelling at multiples of the speed of light and has experts smart enough to know that Ossama is "either dead or alive" so I wouldn't be surprised if simple arithmetics were well beyond them.

Thursday March 13, 2003
07:46 AM


Picture this completely imaginary situation: you have an ennemy which you think you have proof detains a solid amount of Weapons of Mass Destruction (attack:+200;defense:+5;magic:+CNN). You have a couple hundred thousand soldiers that you can deploy pretty much everywhere except in countries eaten during national holidays. Would you:

  • deploy the vast majority of those soldiers concentrated in a tiny area, within arms reach of your WMD-equiped ennemy;
  • OR

  • deploy them in smaller separated patches, close enough but mostly where the Other Guy's WMDs can't reach?
Monday February 24, 2003
10:24 AM

Copying a file in Java

If you need some extra ammo to convince your Java-coding friends(?) that they have strayed far from common sense, ask them how to copy a file in Java (look at the two given options). No, has rename and delete, but no copy.

Thursday February 20, 2003
11:52 AM

CNN lies -- film at 11

"CNN is doing a bang up job. As Dan Hon investigates, their online transcript of Hans Blix's report to the UN is missing 866 words. The bits Blix said about Iraq complying with the UN resolution, and the bit where he refutes Colin Powell's evidence from the week before. Nice and subtle, boys." (from Dan Hon, via DannyAyers).

What do you know, next we might be finding out that unloaded missiles fly a little farther than when loaded. SHOCKING!!!

05:09 AM

another one

Wednesday February 19, 2003
01:23 PM


Monday February 17, 2003
08:46 AM

The American Scam


08:33 AM

OSCon submission form

Am I the only one that couldn't get the submission form for the OSCon CFP to work? I tried several times Friday and on the week-end, and all I get back is an empty page (the browser keeps thinking it's loading but loads nothing). Either I inundated whoever receives those with dozens of similar submissions, or I didn't submit. I guess that's what I get for submitting right before the deadline!

08:30 AM


It's funny how Slash won't allow me to make friends with myself, but is happy giving myself some bonus on comments because I'm a friend of a friend of mine :)