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rblackwe (5489)

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Journal of rblackwe (5489)

Saturday June 09, 2007
09:29 AM

Running your tests with Apache

I have been working with TAP to test environment and other things that are not code.

Did I win the lottery?

Is my server up?


I have been running these with cron and I get email about the results. Well the trouble is when I have failing tests I want to see if the tests are still failing. I was in a place that was blocking ssh traffic. So it lead me to this solution.

I wrote a little prove wrapper.

use CGI;
my $q = new CGI;
print $q->header;
print $q->start_html('prove');
my $file = $q->param('file');
my $ok_file = {
        '/tests/action/ping.t'    => 1,
        '/tests/action/lottery.t' => 1,
my $out;
if ( $ok_file->{$file} ) {
        my $command = "/usr/home/pl129/public_html/bin/prove /usr/home/pl129/public_html$file 2>&1";
        $out = `$command`;
} else {
        $out = "<pre> $file not allowed </pre>";
print $q->h1($file);
print "<hr>";
print "<pre>$out</pre>";
print $q->end_html;

I added this to my .htaccess

AddHandler prove-type .t
Action prove-type /bin/proveit.cgi?v=1&file=

So know I can link to my tests:

Thursday March 08, 2007
11:16 PM

pair Networks will have support for Parrot and Pugs.

From the pair Insider

A few of your favorite things are coming in the new OS upgrade.
  • ghc (Haskell) 6.6
  • Parrot 0.4.5
  • Pugs 6.2.13
Wednesday October 25, 2006
06:24 PM

greasemonkey and perl are fun.

Tuesday October 24, 2006
09:21 PM

Test things other that code with TAP.

I am working on collecting examples of using TAP and TAP tools like prove to test things other than code. I hope to use these examples in a future talk.

I think that using TAP can be very effective in testing many situations.

I trust someone out there will have some very interesting examples.

Some examples:

use Test::More qw( no_plan );
use Test::WWW::Mechanize;
my $mech=Test::WWW::Mechanize->new();
my $uri = '';
$mech->get_ok( $uri );
$mech->content_contains( "The Prestige", "Desc " );
$mech->content_contains( "Elephant's Dream", "Desc " );

use Test::More qw( no_plan );
my $command = `ping -o`;
like ($command , qr/ );

Wednesday September 13, 2006
06:39 AM

Pittsburgh Perl Workshop ( What he said)

Friday August 25, 2006
08:40 PM

Pittsburgh Perl Workshop information

Just a few things about the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. The Workshop is Saturday Sept 23. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Bengals the next day. So you might want to go. Good luck getting tickets. We have posters to promote the workshop. Please print some off and hang them up. The schedule is out.
Friday April 14, 2006
02:33 PM

Perl does ok with defects

Wednesday January 11, 2006
12:36 PM

Pittsburgh Perl Mongers Meeting tonight

It is the second Wednesday of the month so it is time for a Pittsburgh Perl Mongers Meeting.
Monday October 24, 2005
10:14 PM

Pittsburgh Perl Mongers | Damian Conway: Sufficiently Advan

*Special Gathering*

Please join us for a special meeting with Damian Conway.
Please watch further details.


    Wean Hall Room 7500
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Driving Directions

    Campus Directions

    Saturday, October 29, 2005


* Sufficiently Advanced Technologies - Damian Conway *

In module design, interface is everything. Going one step beyond this dictum, Damian demonstrates
and explains several practical applications of Clarke's Law ("Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic") by presenting a series of useful modules whose interface

*Damian Conway*

        Damian Conway holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is an Associate Professor with the School
of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

        A widely sought-after speaker and trainer, he is also the author of numerous well-known
software modules including: Parse::RecDescent (a sophisticated parsing tool), Class::Contract
(design-by-contract programming in Perl), Lingua::EN::Inflect (rule-based English transformations
for text generation), Class::Multimethods (multiple dispatch polymorphism), Text::Autoformat
(intelligent automatic reformatting of plaintext), Switch (Perl's missing case statement), NEXT
(resumptive method dispatch), Filter::Simple (Perl-based source code manipulation),
Quantum::Superpositions (auto-parallelization of serial code using a quantum mechanical metaphor),
and Lingua::Romana::Perligata (programming in Latin). All of this software is available free from
your local CPAN mirror.

        A well-known member of the international Perl community, Damian was the winner of the 1998,
1999, and 2000 Larry Wall Awards for Practical Utility. The best technical paper at the annual
Perl Conference was subsequently named in his honour. He is a member of the technical committee
for The Perl Conference, a keynote speaker at many Open Source conferences, a former columnist for
"The Perl Journal", and author of the book "Object Oriented Perl". In 2001 Damian received the
first "Perl Foundation Development Grant" and spent 20 months working on projects for the
betterment of Perl.

        Currently he runs an international IT training company – Thoughtstream – which provides
programmer training from beginner to masterclass level throughout Europe, North America, and

        Most of his time is currently spent working with Larry Wall on the design of the new Perl 6
programming language and producing explanatory documents exploring Larry's design decisions.

        Other technical areas in which he has published internationally include programming language
design, programmer education, object orientation, software engineering, natural language
generation, synthetic language generation, emergent systems, declarative programming, image
morphing, human-computer interaction, geometric modelling, the psychophysics of perception,
nanoscale simulation, and parsing.

Hope to see you there.

Thursday July 07, 2005
10:49 AM

JSSh - a TCP/IP JavaScript Shell Server for Mozilla

This is cool ...

JSSh - a TCP/IP JavaScript Shell Server for Mozilla

JSSh is a Mozilla C++ extension module that allows other programs (such as telnet) to establish JavaScript shell connections to a running Mozilla process via TCP/IP. This functionality is useful for interactive debugging/development of Mozilla applications, remotely controlling Mozilla, or for automated testing purposes.