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Journal of hydo (2599)

Wednesday May 14, 2003
08:18 AM


In debugging $product, I noticed that if you view source on a page with Safari and then go somewhere else with the same tab, the source window updates every load. Very handy.

Now if it would quit taking up over a gig of memory on my g4 after a day or so and handle file:// links in the browser instead of opening finder windows for them I would switch over completely.

Saturday May 10, 2003
02:12 AM

Bad coder. BAD

Back in October when I started my project, I had a problem with data serialization where I finally made a temporary fix by... ugh... join()'ing arrays that I wanted to pass by four percent signs. After testing this and adding in the notes that you can only pass scalars and arrays across the network, I promptly forgot that I had added this obviously really REALLY bad hack. I remember trying a few different methods including Data::Dumper and YAML but for some reason none of them worked... reasons which have faded from memory. This week, I rewrote a few pieces of the code to use YAML which, of course, was exactly what I needed. Now I am passing hashrefs around at will and it all works right.
I really wish I could remember what it was that I had a problem with. Actually I wish I could remember why fixing the problem like this seemed like a good idea. The problems probably had something to do with the fact that I was testing on different architectures with different versions of perl. Oh well... its' fixed now.

In my quest to graduate from "Programmer" to "Good Programmer" I have always been my harshest critic. For example, I just applied for a PAUSE id but it will be a while before I submit anything simply because I am pretty hard on myself about my code. Almost nothing is ever *done* but rather exists in varying stages of "sucks" and "sucks less". Actually, now that I think of it, I might have submitted some of the offending code to a potential employer last month. I know one of the modules that I submitted to him had an error in new(). Ugh.

On the bright side, I get to go hang out with my parents tomorrow which is always fun.

Thursday April 24, 2003
06:33 AM


I turn 31 today. I guess i'm only about 85% "ok" with it. In the words of Dana Gould, "it's not old but it's definitely the beginning of no-longer-young" and that pretty much sums up how I feel about it. There will be no merriment, no celebration, and definitely no clint-getting-drunk. There will however be a lot of me trying to get this damn project wrapped up so I can get paid. A nice fat check would be a great birthday present.

Wednesday April 23, 2003
12:15 AM

The honda ad and fishing.

Yeserday, I went and hung out at my friend Ians and hung out with his dad Dave. He's going to give me a high res version of "The Honda Ad". He didn't know much about it technically because it was done in the London office but we all agreed that it was pretty damn cool. Hopefully he gets that soon. It was really really nice to go hang out in the country. The absolute silence is really nice.

It's gonna be fishin' season soon! wooo haa!

Sunday April 20, 2003
08:16 PM


Went to like I do ever couple days or so and got a popup. Fired up IE and checked it and sure enough, if you go to the comments on an article, you get a popup.

Maybe i'm an ass, just picky, or some sort of web purist but when I find out a site has popups, that's the last visit I make. People argue that "Well, it pops up *under* your browser so you aren't bothered and you can look at it at later on." I'm trying to think of some sort of witty way to describe why I dont like them but I cant come up with anything. Suffice to say that my desktop is not "marketable advertising space" for any idiot to put his ad for "Pro PC Virus Protect Alpha 2k Gold Beta" on my mac.

It's probably my penance for working for these guys.

Saturday April 19, 2003
07:09 AM

Son of SQL-Ledger

Ok. I can work with this. No, there's no hint of 'use strict' anywhere in the code. Yes, when I followed the execution path of the 'Add Transaction' menu option, I ended up with about 10 xemacs buffers opened, but it does work. I think i'm going to make small changes here and there until we decide if this is what we're going to go with.

On a side note, I missed Leon Redbone playing at the Alladdin last Sunday which makes me sad. What made me feel a little better was when I was in Walgreens tonight and I saw in the school supplies section a Big Chief. Those of us who went through gradeschool in the early 80's in the US might have used them. I always used to get frustrated with them because when you try to erase something with a pencil, the eraser would develop a film of Big Chief paper after a few strokes and you would have to scrape it off. I dont know why grainy low quality paper makes me miss being in gradeschool but at the moment it does. Probably a good indication that I should sleep.

Friday April 18, 2003
10:21 PM

More SQL-Ledger

Imagine having to do your taxes where all of the information is written on the backs of individual matchbook covers all of which are scattered around your house and office in no particular order. That's basically the feeling you get from trying to add a simple button to fill in part numbers in the sales invoice section.

Still, as much as this is a pain, it is work and i'm glad to have it.

02:44 AM


I really really really should have looked at the code for this a little closer before I agreed to add a few bits of functionality to it. It was probably my enthusiasm about being paid once again to code that got me in trouble.

*Much later after I noticed this tab in Safari*

I guess it's not so bad. I mean, it IS bad, but not as "blood gushing from the eyes" bad as I thought at first. Any web app that uses a frontend script to exec() another script based on user input needs a dose of CGI::Application or some such module. I hope I can find my copy of the rhino book.