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perl6doc (9249)

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Journal of perl6doc (9249)

Tuesday February 16, 2010
07:52 PM

I'm getting green

By that i don't mean environment-friendly, but something Bruce Banner would understand.

In the next days I want to rage through the dormant TPF wiki and especially clean up the frontpages a bit, that easier navigation will be possible and some crucial infos are updated.

I warn now and beforehand, so that anyone willing can participate or complain now.

P.S.: After Andy Lester answered me, I'm still looking for the admit of this wiki.
Monday February 01, 2010
06:54 PM

[Help] Diploma, Pills and enlarge your Perl

Yes my November edits are on halt so I gave the TPF Perl 6 wiki some love. Repeatedly that Wiki gets spammed. Unfornunately i didn't found the admin, so had to deleted all spam by hand. If anybody reading that, please help to tighten this socialtext instalation.
Friday January 29, 2010
02:44 PM

first new november articles, please review it

According to my modus operandi I wrote the first 2 articles in the november wiki about Pugs and Parrot. Next will follow but please participate, get an account from masak (we have a channel at irc:// or write me your suggestion to and i wrap text around it.
Saturday January 23, 2010
07:24 PM

November is over, i don't care

I'm back, english-hackin on November. it was planned to make november the month to push november foreward, but maybe this will happen now in february. currently just pushing some content around, to make smaller, better readable pages. The content will become also better linkable.

I'm delighted that viklung and masak solved the more pressing half of the issues i filled in the november tracker, but 5 min ago I filed a new one.

as i currently preparing an article about the upcoming rakudo star, its easier for me to fill more conent in the p6 related wikis.
Saturday September 19, 2009
09:52 AM

end of that story, begin of a new

A bit late to report, but as you can here (german readers at least) i wrote the eight and last part of my Perl 6 Tutorial. It was about the state of high order/metaprogramming and how to do it in P6.

Same time it was published in $foo-magazine I put it also online here. Its even fixed and updated in some corners in the next weeks after.

And that its why I also post about it. Some more people could read/benefit from it and improve it. But of course most of you read/write english so let's do it in parallel also here. Its just a small start but hej, I do my best. Thanks
Saturday July 11, 2009
02:40 AM

first pass

As Hinrik already told, I give now Perl6::Doc into his hands, slightly improved than it was when I got it from Ingy's.

It's a strange feeling to me, because it's the first time for me, to give one of my software projects into the control of a fellow hacker. I'm realling not that good in letting go. But to be clear, Perl6::Doc had from the start just one purpose to me: to release *a* Perl module to get XP before releasing Kephra (0.4.2 will come soon i hope) to CPAN. This goal is met some time ago and I really can't manage Kephra and Perl 6 tablets and Perl6::Doc. I only kept maintaining it a bit, because nobody else wanted.

So released of some duties, expect an easy installable linux version of my favorite editor and more content in the tablets. For the first time the german version is now behind the english. it will take a day or two to sync it and than most propably incorporate missing bits from S32.
Thursday July 02, 2009
07:35 PM

come to where real action is.

since my first post at this blog 2 weeks ago, Appendix A is now twice as long (454 entries). Today i completed regex modifier, aiming now toward control chars and escape sequences. But not only the numbers improved, also quality improved much. There are now also more pointer to similar terms, tags when commands kept same since p5, etc. But I still need your help. So please have a look at these wiki pages and edit them if you have the feeling you can improve them.
Sunday June 28, 2009
09:06 PM

starting to crosslink

After fixing some markup jitter in the german version of perl6tutorial (which Su-Shee found), I added new sections in Appendix B: (sigils and regex metachar). Thanks to Larry I know now that "|" is not a sigil (of the capture context) because it reduces informations.

But the real reason I post here: Appendix A and B now get more connection. From the start I added to each term in the index the name of its syntax category. Now i started to turn these addon info into links, which point to the according table in Appendix B. Its no real crosslink yet because I don't links back into appendix A. Most probably I will link from there into the, yet to be translated chapter(tablet 3-9), where links Appendix A too. Different to FOSWiki i can set everywhere invisible anchors in the document. So maybe there will be maybe chrosslinking.

While struggling with the limits of the different wiki markups, im happy that november wiki targets the MediaWiki syntax which works well in most cases, even with operator and special char laden languages like perl. (FOSWiki and Socialtext does not very well, you can't even have italic text in links in socialtext)

Still the structure evolves, but since the tablets get more substance, I hear it more often that u4x, grok and other docs will have it easier to build content, because the have in parts just to reformat stuff from the tablets.

P.S. a postscriptum to my last post: a colon is also used when converting numbers to a different base and as jump label suffix. Always indicating a relation in different context.
Thursday June 25, 2009
08:56 PM

squeezing Regex Modifier in the Table

Yes its me again.

Please have a look at the newly made regex modifier table. The special variable list above is now also almost in its final shape.

But secondly and more important: the current state of the TPF-Wiki-frontpage looks lousy to me. I cleaned up some of the disorder in documentation related stuff, but before I do a major revamp, I would like to know your opinion. So please post me. My plan is to move a lot of the content from the front page to separate pages for each topic, and then link to them all from the front page. The TPF-Wiki is and should be for us - the Perl folks, a brewing pot for ideas. The easy and sane guide through the Perl 6-world we do in the November-Wiki. Nevertheless it should look good. Please reply to this use.perl post. Thank you very much.
Wednesday June 24, 2009
06:26 PM

Natural Elegance

I like the elegance, consistency and similarity with natural language of Perl 6. E.g. the colon, with which we express a relation. Cups in the basket: 5.

And indeed a pair as a data type, which describes a simple relation, you declare in Perl 6 :key(value). Also hashes (which are build with pairs), named parameters in signatures (which too descibe a relation between a name(ID) and a value) autogenerated named parameter (have colon as twigil) use the colon. And not only the reuse of pairs everywhere as quote or regex adverbs or filetest operators, also in macro defenitions, if you specify what you like to create with this macro (because unlike LISP there is more than lists and brackets), you write macro category: { ... }. Again colons are used almost like in text. and you have it again when you use objects with a special syntax that doesnt look in that way. feed $author: 'cake and herbal tee'; is nothing else then $author.feed('cake and herbal tee'); All that you can understand intuitively and behind all that are very very few rules. So yes Perl 6 is complex, but only where we adress complexity of life. And to be practical was always the goal of Perl.

thanks jesse++ for adding me.