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WebDragon (1204)

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Macintosh owner/user since 1987
Perl hacker since 2000
Linux (Redhat/Fedora) user since 2001

Journal of WebDragon (1204)

Tuesday August 12, 2003
10:06 AM

The return of old friends

It's nice to see that As The Apple Turns has returned from a long absence. I missed this guy's sense of humor. It's a news site, of sorts, but as mentioned in the disclaimer at the bottom, "..makes Dawson's Creek look like 60 Minutes". :-)

A short excerpt from yesterday:

Indeed, the Financial Times reports that HP is pushing "to be seen as the Apple Computer of the PC market." Great. So now we've got Apple trying to be the Sony of the personal computer market and HP trying to be the Apple of the personal computer market. All that's left is for Sony to announce that it aims to become the Hewlett-Packard of the personal computer market (for some reason) and the universe will collapse in upon itself and all existence will cease. Which would be kind of neat to watch, actually, but the coolness factor is more than outweighed by the fact that there'd be no more PEZ.

heh. =8)

Sunday August 10, 2003
12:53 PM

Time::Elapse 1.23, new PAUSE id, la de da

Two happy things today:

Welcome Scott R. Godin,

PAUSE, the Perl Authors Upload Server, has a userid for you:


-=- and -=-


has entered CPAN as

    file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/SG/SGODIN/Time-Elapse-1.23.tar.gz
    size: 6510 bytes
      md5: d6fe78a1d4956b6c5d810590f42d7370


Hoorah, my first 'official' module. (not that it's any great shakes mind you, being pretty simple overall, but you gotta start somewhere. :)


stepped on a nail at the part time job yesterday, and gotta go get a tetanus shot monday. bleh bleh bleh. itty bitty tiny block of wood fell off the flat of junk bits I was moving, just in time for me to plant my foot RIGHT on it. went thru my shoe like it wasn't there. Worst part was, since the block was so small I couldn't just jerk my foot back off it, as it just lifted up with the shoe.


Monsoon rains in Delaware yesterday and today too... We're having some weird weather lately. And it kept stopping and starting again like God was playing some silly game of 1234567Red Light! .... 12345Red Light! .. :-) It would pour buckets for about 10 minutes and then stop.. and then 5-15 minutes later it'd repour all over again.. and then stop..

  np: Porcupine Tree: _In Absentia_ "The Sound of Muzak"

Tuesday August 05, 2003
06:07 PM

Time::Elapse updated to 1.22

Added some new tests cases, fixed up some of the old ones, moved stuff into the t/ directory now, fixed a minor bug in the here-doc syntax, and bumped the version requirement for Time::HiRes to take advantage of the numerous bugfixes for it.

I'm wondering if this is worth releasing on CPAN at all. Does anyone think there would be people who would find this useful?

The source and whatnot can be found here.

Wednesday July 23, 2003
10:35 AM

All quiet on the western front...

Well .. the backup went well once I figured things out. Mondorescue is neat :)

The upgrade from RHL 8 to RHL 9 went off without a hitch. (privately amazing me to no end)

Hit a minor brick wall when I went to up2date the installed packages with their security and bugfix components from the redhat network. Apparently the shipping version of rpm with Red Hat 9 has a bug that causes rpm to hang. Red Hat themselves have not released an errata update for rpm, however details a way to upgrade rpm to the current 4.2.1 release from, after which, the additional upgrades went fine.

After this, I went in and re-compiled and installed my additional apps, and with the help of my modulereport script, upgraded all my relevant perl modules.

Then, I took a three-day vacation to the beach, and left the 'puter in the hands of my (mostly) non-computer literate roommates, figuring if there were going to be any problems, they would find 'em... and nothing. <grin> So, all's well that ends well.

Thursday July 17, 2003
05:09 PM

mmmmmmm backups

Well, it's time. I finally think I've got enough tuits to see this through from start to finish.

I have mondorescue and its components installed [], the CD-RW is installed and functional, I have a stack of blanks, and RHL 9 is already burned and ready to be installed/upgraded on the present box.

All I need now is some uninterrupted time with which to study the mondo/mindi manuals, do a test backup and verify, a test restore, and then on to the main backup and verify..

once all THAT is accomplished, for my next trick I will attempt to do an 'upgrade' of RHL 8 to RHL 9 for the first time. and pray. a lot.

Then comes the fun part of re-compiling the additional software I have installed, such as blackbox, a few windowmaker dock apps, a game or two, the nvidia drivers, etc etc.

Nothing is ever easy.

Friday June 06, 2003
09:46 AM

Pandora Awakens

[this was spurred on by Pudge's journal posting and in the end, I decided to make it a new journal entry rather than a reply, so as to elicit more comment.]

Gentlemen, the time has come.

The time is in fact long since past, but intertia and whatnot.

It's plain, clear, and obvious to me that some people simply cannot be trusted not to abuse an open standard. (i.e one of openness and trust)

Thus we see spammers exploiting open relay servers, and the like.

It seems to me that the problem is no longer the spammers or the companies that hire them.

The problem is and remains the seriously outdated trustful mail transport system we all know as e-mail. It is no longer viable as a medium of trusted communication with individuals and organizations electronically. It is time to scrap it.

It is time to scrap it completely, and replace it with something more secure, with tighter and more stringent standards.

And then simply *IMPLEMENT* it as widespread as possible. And leave behind ANYONE not switching to the new system.

It will not be compatible with existing e-mail software or transport agents. All of these will need to be rewritten. WHY? It's obvious if you think about it.

It is the ONLY way to get some lazy admins to implement security and secured communication between client and server. Leave them in the dust, if they do not. I have been pushing comcast for a *long* time, to have encrypted connection and security between the user and the mailserver, PARTICULARLY due to the party-line nature of comcast cablemodem networking. They "can't be arsed" in the vernacular, and it's a source of extreme irritation.

Something must be done, and it is no longer this race to keep up that we and the worldwide mailservers are slowly LOSING because of innefective standards and enforcement. Plus a zillion homebrewed solutions that don't combat the problem itself but merely enact a holding action against abusers of the problem.

registry, without which you CANNOT send e-mail. once registered, abuse gets you REMOVED. (maybe I'm dreaming, maybe I'm not) without registry how do we know you're a trusted user? "everyone gets one."

Maybe I'm just whistling in the dark here, but THINK about it for a while. CAN we replace the e-mail system entirely with something better? It's obvious from the configuration nightmare that sendmail has been, from the growing spam problem, forged addresses, forged headers, HTML e-mail that hogs bandwidth in what used to be a text-only medium including web-bugs to identify you to spammers, viruses (remember when it was IMPOSSIBLE to get viruses from e-mail and the whole AOL meme virus thing? and I mean IMPOSSIBLE. Not without actually opening an attachment. simply viewing a text e-mail CANNOT give you a virus.) and trojans that send e-mail from people that aren't really the owners/users of the computer, open relays being exploited, that something has to give. Yes there are other MTA's out there, but it's still the same old e-mail with the same old problems.

Maybe I'm opening pandora's box here, but without doing so, where's my hope for a better system than what we have now ?

I'm *tired* of this crap.

This is the sound of Mail Transport Agents *crashing* in a completely non-computer-related fashion. Not with a bug, but with me finally unzipping my lip and screaming, BY GOD I've Had ENOUGH!

"Hallelujah! Where's the Tylenol?" :-)

Monday June 02, 2003
04:42 AM

Animatrix, business, Women

two words


some of the best animation I've seen in years (and I have friends who are MAJOR anime fanatics and go to conventions and suchlike), thoroughly enjoyable, great soundtracks, amazing attention to detail and very engrossing stories.

If you are even *marginally* interested in the Matrix storyline, GET THIS.

This is one of those rare instances where you don't mind seeing it over and over again in a row as more friends show up in response to your call to come over to see it.

Further good news in that the website overhaul is a GO. wheeeeeee! something to DO! Code to write! more CGI/Perl/DBI/MySQL/RDBMS experience!

Finally got to see the complete code for the existing site, as well as the structural organization. *puke* Can't wait to shred it.


AAaagh, why is it so hard to choose between two friends as to who would be best to get into a relationship with? *sigh* :-) Been around the block long enough to know that leaving things to chance isn't the best solution. Waiting is bad. Making the wrong choice is in the long term bad, and might hurt the other person.

I know what I *should* do. The question is, do I have the guts to do it and the necessary life experience not to flub it.

No advice please; this is mine to make or break. Luck wishes/prayers/good thoughts/etc are accepted, however.

*deep breath* yeeeeesh.

Good timing would be nice as well.

I'm so afraid of saying not the wrong thing, exactly, but something that may affect our friendship, which to me should always come first and foremost -- whether we're together or not (which obviously has yet to be determined.) That friendship is as important to me as the potential deepening of it.

God damn it's nice to be alive. :)

Wednesday May 14, 2003
07:16 PM

whistle while you work...

Well, things are proceeding a little more smoothly lately. Been getting more part time work now that business is picking up with the season, and I've now been asked whether I'd like to work on upgrades to their website. Would I? Would I? 'Bet yer *** I would. :-D

That'll be a ways off yet by a week or several, but it's nice to know that I'll get the chance to add more finished product samples to my website in order to attract some more clients.

Aside from that, I've recently revised my modulereport script for tracking current installed CPAN modules to have both a --summary option, and to give a little bit of statistics at the end of the report. Much easier to track which modules are in need of updates now. It's also been useful in helping me report CPAN bugs to the module authors, where an 'm module::name::submodule' reports a much older version of the module than 'm module::name' does, among other oddities.

I'd love to hear any other feedback (good or bad) about it. Personally I find it enormously useful in keeping my CPAN modules updated, but as usual, YMMV. Suggestions are always welcome. :-)

Friday May 02, 2003
12:02 AM

Ahh spring is here *grumble*

This means that (currently 12:40am) one of the neighbors down the street has a raging screaming fight going on out in the middle of their yard between around 10 people that we can clearly hear all the way down where we are (guessing somewhere between 12-15 houses away).

So far three police cars have shown up to help contain it. Neighbors are popping in and out of doors all up and down the street. Most of us sane ones are staying indoors but can still hear the goings on, whether the windows are open or not.

Parties are one thing.. that's moderatly tolerable and somewhat to be expected in a college town.

This is execrable.

Cue the ominous music.

Enter the Inhumanly Large Guy(tm), dressed in tattered armour, glowing red eyes, the works, stepping out of the mist that has mysteriously sprung up around the shouting crowd while they're not paying much attention to their surroundings...

{deep resonant voice somewhat dry, sounding vaguely like rusted, Inhumanly Large(tm) machinery} "You know... you really should be more considerate of your neighbors. You're shouting loud enough to wake the dead... and unfortunately for you,



{long pause while camera shots capture the widening eyes of the formerly shouting mob, as they begin to comprehend the situation}

{screams and carnage; wild camera movement} ..followed by ...

{utter silence; mist swirls once around Large Guy}

Insanely Large Guy(tm) fades off into the mist, grumbling to himself about Springtime.


what, I can dream, can't I? :-)

At least it's quiet again now. Wonder how long it'll last? *sigh* I liked my old neighborhood much better but won't be able to afford that bit until I have a steady job again, blast it.

At least there wasn't any gunfire. :-/

Thursday April 24, 2003
07:20 AM

Today's Rant: lose this looseness

Lose -- (pronounced like ooze)

  • misplace,
  • suffer deprivation of,
  • suffer a defeat,
  • fail to keep or maintain

Loose -- (pronounced like juice)

  • not rigidly fastened or securely attached,
  • free from confinement,
  • not dense or compact in arrangement,
  • lacking in precision or exactness,
  • not in posession of either of two competing teams (as in 'a loose ball' or 'a loose puck')

This silly transposing of these two words has been going on for long enough. I'm even seeing this sort of thing showing up in what I would consider to be more respectable news articles and not simple blogs or slashdot comments where grammar checking (much less spell-checking) isn't something one normally does.

I.E. Apple will not 'loose' to Microsoft. Microsoft will not 'loose' to Open Source. I will not 'loose' my mind over this grade-school silliness. The word is lose, people. Get it right! :-)

...and if you don't get it right, you are not a looser, just a loser. :-P

Thus ends todays eyerolls and arm-waving; Not with a forfeit, but with a limper...

You may all groan now.