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Ron Savage (5224)

Ron Savage
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Journal of Ron Savage (5224)

Tuesday March 02, 2010
11:06 PM

For CGI::Application users interested in Plack

Hi Folks

Get it while it's hot (and Plack is certainly hot):
Gentle into to Plack.

Saturday February 13, 2010
06:28 PM

Just gotta laugh: Bug in perlbug

Hi Folks.

OK. So I've installed almost every one of my modules, to check each Build.PL is up-to-date.

Now I can process every Build.PL and send thanx to the authors whose modules I use, using perlthanks, a version of perlbug.

But it hangs. I'm running it in test mode, i.e. outputting the 'mail' to a file, before doing anything silly like sending real, live, email. And this is from within a script, using `perl...`.

Turns out that when you use perthanks (I did not try perlbug - but see below), and you use test mode (-F), and you specify the body on the command line (-b), it ignores the -b and stops to ask you for the path to your editor, so you can enter a body! Grrr.

OK. So I write the body to a file, and use -f to feed it back in. It works!

Off go 159 emails. Let me know if you received yours.

Now to file a bug report on perlthanks. But the program 'knows' perlthanks is not a core module, so recommends trying to log a bug report via RT.

But on RT a search for perlbug fails.

Ah well, like perlthanks itself, it's the thought that counts.

I could have said something like 'CPAN Rules!', but of course you knew that.

Tuesday February 02, 2010
04:49 PM

CGI::Office::* renamed App::Office::*


After an exchange of emails with Matt "The Enforcer" Trout :-) when I tried to register the namespace CGI::Office, I've accepted his suggestion that the App::* prefix is more suitable. Note: App::Web is already taken.

If you're looked at CGI::Office::*, there are some things to be aware of:

o The namespace prefix has changed (obviously).

o The directory names have changed, for CSS and HTML template files, from .../cgi/... to .../app/...

o The contents of the config files have changed, where they contain the directory names in the last point.

Thursday December 31, 2009
10:50 PM

Triplets for New Year's Day: CGI::Office::Contacts etc


Yes, folks, it's finally happened:

CGI::Office::Contacts, CGI::Office::Contacts::Import::vCards, and CGI::Office::Donations have been uploaded to CPAN.

Wednesday December 23, 2009
04:31 PM

Drum roll! Trumpets!! I give you: CGI::Office::Contacts!!!

Hi Folks

Well, not today, but in a few days I'll release:

o CGI::Office::Contacts
o CGI::Office::Contacts::Import::vCards

and shortly thereafter:

o CGI::Office::Contacts::Donations

Thursday October 22, 2009
12:15 AM

Perl@Work#3: Managing Network Routers

Hi Folks

Saturday October 17, 2009
09:52 PM

Perl@Work#2: Graphics at BHP

Hi Folks

Monday October 12, 2009
04:50 PM

Perl@Work#1: Take 3

Hi Folks

Sigh. After proof-reading 'take 2' several times, and posting it, it has vanished [1], so now it's 'take 3':

Thanx to daxim for valuable comments on omitting any discussion of the http method names. I've put a new section in the doc, near the front, spelling out what I intend the doc to cover.

And thanx for Aristotle for valuable comments on the phrase RESTful urls. I've wiped out all trace of that phrase, which means even the disk file name has changed.

[1] I should have expected that, since it almost always happens at weekends, although you'd like it to not happen at all...

Thursday October 08, 2009
11:43 PM

Perl@Work#1 - RESTful URLs, the path info, and code paths

Hi Folks

Well, no word from Perlsphere, so here's the first in the series:


I've written 420 lines (incl blanks) on the second article, but there's a way to go yet...

Friday October 02, 2009
06:38 PM

Foreshadowing a series of blogs: Perl@Work

Hi Folks

After a few detours, I'm slowly building the free time to start blogging on what I've been doing with Perl over the last few years.

I'm going to call my series 'Perl@Work'.

I've almost finished the first article, and have 3 more in mind. These stories are all utterly different from each other, which is one thing about programming I find fascinating.

My first plan for publishing was to go to the Perl Foundation's web site [1] and search for 'advocacy'. I expected to find a place to submit stories, but couldn't see anything.

Then I tried their wiki [2]. Probably the section 'Who uses Perl?' would be the place to put a link to my stories.

But the question remains: Where to blog?

Like many, I'm not happy with, although I do appreciate the effort that's gone into it over the years.

I like the look of Perlsphere [3] so that's where I'm headed, if they'll have me :-).

If not, I'll be back soon.