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Lecar_red (5694)

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Journal of Lecar_red (5694)

Wednesday September 14, 2005
04:52 PM

ajax and the greek myth

It occurred to me today on the way in to work that Ajax as a name for the newest super duper solve all problem technology is kind of odd since the greek myth of Ajax (Greater Ajax) is not very good or postive. I know it is JAA (just another acronym )but will the technology end with the same fate?

Here is my synopsis of the myth:

Ajax was one of the best Greek fighers in the seige on Troy but according to some accounts (Homer) he wasn't very bright. After Achilles was killed and Troy fell, he and Odysseus both wanted Achilles armor to prove they were the greatest greek warrior. In the end, the armor was awarded to Odysseus, this drove Ajax mad with resentment. He eventually killed himself.

Is there a Odysseus project out there? ;)

Friday July 29, 2005
10:14 AM

Family Values

I think it is very funny that America is the (self-proclaimed) land of Family Values. Yet Europeans have may govt regulations helping/enabling them to spend more time with their families. I think in the end America likes the idea of Family Values but doesn't really like their familys or maybe we (I'm american) missed the first stage of the workers revolution. A good read is Paul Krugman's French Family Values editorial.
Friday July 22, 2005
10:24 AM

Great ideas at inconvenient times

Yesterday, after I started major rewriting of some session, user auth, logging and such in a mason application into the wonderful 'MasonX::WebApp' (Thanks Dave.), I realized that it would be nice to know what the performance impact is/was. Well on my dev system, I had moved the logging initialization and the L10n support into the new library along with already changing the apache configuration and updating the autohandler. After cursing like a good ol' sailor (poor guys get attributed with such things), I wished I was smarted and thought of running performance benchmarks before I had already pretty heavily change the current version... Nothing quite like hide-foresight... Well I broke down and figured out how to reload the old system and then found the very useful WWW::Mechanize::Timed to do some simple page response times (that is really all I care about). But it would have saved an afternoon if I had thought of it before starting to change the software over...

So as Pilon would say there is a lesson in every story, you can find you own here.

BTW, if you are writing apps with HTML::Mason check out the MasonX::WebApp it is a very useful library.

Wednesday June 08, 2005
07:37 PM

The sexiest thing

To set the stage: My wife is modern dancer. Albeit it is a small stage

Last night here in St Paul, we had a very bad electrical storm. I woke up around 3am to turn off the mac, forgot about the freebsd box. I woke up and left for work. Damn I was tired. The kids and my wife beat me up and I was running late as usually. I thought in the middle of the day, "I forgot to turn on the mac, I wonder if I should call her", then I sat in many meetings and forgot about phoning her to let her know how to do it. Tonight, after dinner I went upstairs to check out the incredible shrinking bank account to find the computer on. WOW! My wife has just figured out how to turn it on (the power button in the IMac G4 is on the back not any of that easy keyboard or front on switch stuff). Man, she is super sexy...

Friday June 03, 2005
03:48 PM

file transfer quirks

Over the the last week, we have had issues with a newly deployed web based file transfer system written in Perl/mod_perl/Mason. To cluster/load balance the web servers we need to run a magic middleware system the receives incoming files with ftp. (Basically web uploads are turned into ftp transfers to central middleware). We run proftpd on the MW and use Net::FTP inside the web app. For the last couple of days we have begun to see data connections start to stall causing the transfers to stop working. Strangely, it seems to happen for only one webserver and the same file will transfer in the next submission is fine. And of course, I cannot replicated it with many sends from my desktop. After pulling hair and not finding anything suspect, in the code, proftp or the network (according to the Ops folk there is nothing in between but a switch no firewall, not extra network problem generator...). Today we switched over to using passive mode to transfer the files and so far so good. I don't really know why this would happen unless there was something about having inbound connections come into a process running as part of apache but I would expect this to cause rejections not stalled sockets after some amount of data transfer. The one thing I really like about this whole deal was to have Net::FTP use passive mode all it took was adding the following line to the apache configuration (No Code Changes, Yeah!)


Then we danced and drank beer. Well... there really wasn't any dancing in public.
Thursday April 28, 2005
04:52 PM

M/FF search plugin created, too bad it already existed ;)

I went out to Mozilla Search plugins site, looked under the "Programming" section for a "CPAN" search one (since I seem search for modules all the time) and I don't find one. I think, "great I can learn how to create one and share it". Well I spend a little time learning how to create one, show it to my coworkers with pride (pride before the fall right), and get ready to submit it. Well, before submitting it, I go back to the downloads page and enter "CPAN" into the search input... well lo and behold, there is one already... I'm very disappointed about it. It really isn't that big of a deal (I'm not sure why I thought suddenly that no one had done this), but I would have like to contribute something no matter how small. It was funny writing it.

Wednesday April 27, 2005
03:52 PM

A very good poem

Such a wonderful poem, The Poet in the Nursery by Robert Graves. Everytime I read it I am moved. (I mean really read it)
Thursday April 21, 2005
03:20 PM

I'm digging Class::DBI::mysql

I've been really digging Class::DBI and Class::DBI::mysql.

In a master class (or whatever that main thing would be called), I've been able to do:

  userid INT,
  url varchar(256),


Instead of mysql < setup_my_stuff.sql and other crap...
Very cool. This isn't even mention the easy column -> method mapping...

Thanks, Tony!

Wednesday April 06, 2005
01:51 PM

Switch Module

I've stumbled across the Switch module and thinks it's pretty cool (and more importantly useful!). Are there lots of folks using it out there?

Just Curious.

Thursday March 10, 2005
05:25 PM

Taking an idea and turning it into software

I've been frustrated with not being able to take an idea and turn in it to software. I seem to have trouble breaking it into writable (is that a word?) pieces. I guess you could call them requirements... I seem to get spin in the details. Any ideas out there?