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richardc (1662)

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Journal of richardc (1662)

Thursday July 31, 2003
01:53 PM

evolving - Tuesday 29th July, 2003

[ #13822 ]

In the wheels being reinvented department James has started hacking on Munge. It's fun, and self-hosting very quickly.

01:52 PM

evolving - Monday 28th July, 2003

[ #13821 ]

Did the inevitable bugfix release of Siesta. Twice. (doh!)

01:50 PM

evolving - Sunday 27th July, 2003

[ #13820 ]

So very tired. Discovered something wonderful on the Eurostar back to London - In the bios settions for the laptop (available while the OS is booted no less) there's a "stay awake when the lid is shut" option.

Henceforth my laptop will be combined with my bluetooth adapter to make a rather bulky, diskspace challenged iPod equivalent, controlled by my phone. Bwahahaha.

01:50 PM

evolving - Saturday 26th July, 2003

[ #13819 ]

p5p day. Woke up around 10, pondered more sleep, much much more. Moved rooms and then wandered around for about an hour trying to find somewhere to eat; eventually found a sandwich shop about 5 minutes up the road from the hotel (I turned left, it was to the right)

Caught the tail end of the parrot bof, then ate kangaroo at the Tavern.

The main p5p meeting followed afterwards, which was both good and frustrating, though thankfully not in equal measure. I wound up volunteering to coordinate perlbug triage, of which I'll write when all the details get hammered out.

01:50 PM

evolving - Friday 26th July, 2003

[ #13818 ]

Knocked up a simple script to analyse a FreeBSD ports tree and report on which CPAN distributions were represented. That'll eventually be a Module::CPANTS::Generator module.


Bought my sombrero back in the auction, complete with hand drawn crayon art by, well, me.

01:49 PM

evolving - Thursday 27th July, 2003

[ #13817 ]

Siesta release! Spent most of the morning cranking it out. In doing it I rushed out a release of Email::LocalDelivery just before as Siesta's ./Build disttest showed up a small bug in the Maildir module.


Siesta talk! People (including but not limited to Pete, Simon, Greg, and Leon) were good enough to fetch me a giant sombrero and some tequila and the Siesta challenge was on!

In a mildly hairbrained scheme we agreed to drink a shot of tequila every time I said Siesta during the talk. I unwisely also opted to play. All the combatants donated 50 euros to YAS, so I think we netted 300 euros in the 40 minutes of the talk.

Apart from YAS, there was no clear winner of the challenge, though due to a lack of prior planning I had my bottle taken away from me when the other players ran out, so I'm claiming victory for myself :)

Thursday July 24, 2003
01:45 AM

evolving - Wednesday 23rd July, 2003

[ #13661 ]

Awoke with a mild headache, clearly it was sinus trouble and not possibly any form of hangover, oh no.

Breakfasted with, then wandered to the venue to set up my laptop for Nick Clark's When Perl Isn't Fast Enough talk. Having already read chunks of the talk in an early form I helped Earle debug his DHCP issues and then wandered about a little. Leon captured some of my soul in exchange for a nice orange badge, and I helped out a little with converting a flat-file based app to use DBD::SQLite.

Returned from lunch a little late and accidentally conspired in an interruption to one of MJD's tutorials. Ooops.

Checked in with Simon who had been doing chunks of work on Siesta, tossed a few executive decisions in his direction and started to catch up on email.

Stole code from Ingy's Kwiki Slideshow thing to make flipping slides more responsive - using the javascript that visits the next link on a (simulated) keypress is much much quicker than launching a galeon bookmarklet from the command line. I just got it finished in time to use it for my Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu talk which I did as part of the filler hour.

The CPANTS bof was thought provoking. Some of the thoughts could even be classified as non-destructive. Expect a flurry of hacking on that sometime around Friday.

Went for a nice relaxing walk with blech down to the Eiffel Tower from the big needle thingy. He took photos, I mumbled a bit about how to code up some more CPANTS metrics, though I'm very tempted by attempting a piescrow bot instead.

Got back to the hotel and ran into a chunk of and Mark playing cards. Diabolical schemes were plotted over pizza, and we were warned of the complexities of paying for cabs over the water.

Being too hot too sleep I knocked a few things off the Siesta TODO list taking us down to two items, one being a slightly tedious bit of the web interface, the other to batten down the hatches for a release. Now that's JIT programming in action.

Oh, and retro-blogged to Saturday.

01:44 AM

evolving - Tuesday 22nd July, 2003

[ #13660 ]

YAPC::Europe day 0. Not going to be that much hacking for the next couple of days, move along if you really wanted that.

Got the tube down to Paris with chunks of; Mark and I were both kindof busy with last minute stuff. I drew a whole new bunch of diagrams and then reworked a chunk of the talk to make use of the released state of Siesta (or at least it will be by the time people see the slides). Mark was still busy exposing bugs in Parse::RecDescent with his slide generation tool.

Dropped things off at the hotel and wandered off down to CNAM for earlybird registration. Couple of bars later we had formulated the Siesta challenge, a sure-fire fundraiser for YAS. Details will be revealed leading up till the Thursday 14:00 start time.

01:44 AM

evolving - Saturday 19th July, 2003

[ #13659 ]

A mini-hackfest evolved on the kitchen table. I was working on getting the Siesta TODO down to a point where the rest can be fitted in around YAPC::Europe sessions. Next Mark sat down and started rewriting his axpoint preprocessor as a Parse::RecDescent based thingy as he was starting to really hit the limits of sanity that his regex-based v1 could cope with. Then fairly soon after that Simon came over and did some more hacking on Siesta.

The patch rate, she is scaring me.

01:44 AM

evolving - Thursday 17th July, 2003

[ #13658 ]

Spent some qualitee time with the Google image search updating my Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu talk ahead of presenting it to tonight.

The lineup looks really good.