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jeffa (4331)

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Bio? I was never adept in biology ... is this going to affect my reputation or something?

Journal of jeffa (4331)

Thursday June 09, 2005
11:06 AM

Punk band on the way?

Looks like i might be getting a band going here pretty soon. I went to the Man in Gray show last night and spoke more with Tina (the lead singer)'s boyfriend who plays guitar and sings. Last Friday i asked Mike if he wanted to play some bass, and while he seems a bit nervous he expressed some interest. All we need to do is get together and see what happens.

I miss playing my drums, but empty space is good too. Not to mention* i can't wait to see how Thai Boxing will improve my strength and stamina behind the kit. Jumping rope is supposed to build some serious double-bass chops.

But we will sell no wine before it is time ... ;) that is ... Krang calls.

* guess i mentioned after all ... :/
Monday June 06, 2005
09:30 AM

Good for the soul ...

Many ups and downs this weekend.

My workout continues, i am enjoying it. Can't do the trendy machine work-outs. Can't do it. The irony is just to thick: build up technology so high that we don't work in the fields anymore, but instead work on technological machines that substitute our need to work. Screw that.

Friday night i hung out with Mike and finally got to meet his girlfriend. She met up with us at a bar in Brooklyn, and we jetted on over for some GOOD and inexpensive sushi. Afterwards we had some chocolate cake at a place called the Chocolate Room. Very nice. I walked to the Atlantic/Pacific sub stop and took the D back home -- well, up to 145 and transferred to the A. Starting to get the hang of the subway system.

Saturday morning i hung out at the apartment and started watching a documentary on Orson Wells, one of my favorite film makers. I made it the gym with about 10 mins to spare, but the A was not express and next time i'll be sure to transfer to the D instead. Good work out, but my partner slightly annoys me. He is trying too hard -- i can see his brain working overtime and he doesn't just *cut loose* and let the repetition do the real teaching. He is quick to give me pointers, which i gladly accept, but as soon as i give him pointers, he rejects. Sure, he's been training longer than i  -- but i'm a drummer of nearly 18 years. I know how to hit stuff. ;)

I want a new tattoo ... but that's just pride whispering in my ear. Must resist temptation, the one tattoo i have is plenty. A yin-yang necklace would be nice though ... (chut up!)

I bought some epsom salts and bubble bath at the K-Mart on Aster place, and popped into the nearby Barnes & Noble to purchase a copy of Neil Peart's "Ghost Rider." I hit the subway, but went the wrong way. After correcting myself and headed the right direction, i noticed i was by a movie theater. I decided to drop $11 on the newest installment of Star Wars (5 mins to showtime), and was not disappointed. Well, at first i was, but the last half hour was mighty fine. Well done Lucas! (Now kindly step down from your Ivory Tower and release those original theatrical versions, please.) I went home and relaxed. My muscles are so sore ... so sore ...

Sunday i ate breakfast at my new favorite local breakfast diner and bought some fabric softener and orange juice at the local grocer. Laundry time! Finished it up and went all the way down to Union Square for some shopping. Bought 2 pair of shoes, 4 pair of khakis, and 3 polo shirts. I now have plenty of clothes. I stopped by Kim's and rented Metallica's "Some Kind of Monster" and watched it last night. After having started reading "Ghost Rider," Metallica's "plight" merely made me laugh at them. Pussies. Sell-outs. They suck. Don't believe me? Just watch their documentary.

The majority of people who get their entertainment from popular sources such as Independent Contractor owned radio stations, MTV, and "Entertainment Weekly" simply do not know what "good art" is. That's why they turn to such charlatans to form their opinions for them. "Sad But True." Metallica's own words. They have done well to continue delivering a fresh crop of "Good Consumers" for the Entertainment Moguls. I felt good for the boys when they nibbled that hand that fed by trolling up their radio spots (Lars: "Need money? I'm gonna shove $15 grand up your ass!") but that was just playful rebellion. Those boys have lost their grounding -- and sadly, they deserve it. What do they have to complain about? It's not like their teenage daughter who drove to college died on the way in a tragic accident and their wife died a year later from a broken heart.

Am i bitter because i am a musician who didn't "make it?" Not at all ... looking back, i never wanted to make it. If i had, i would not have bothered getting not only one B.S. degree, but two. The second was the clinch. I took a semester off and worked briefly for a drum cartage company in Nashville. My goal was to determine if i truly wanted to give up working in the music industry and instead make some money doing to the programmers' grind. After just 3 weeks on Music Row, my mind was made up.

Art is not about making money. If you are making money from your art -- you are a sham. "F For Fake."
Thursday June 02, 2005
01:42 PM

Cool band last night

Another heathly helping of Death Disco at the Delancy last night with BP Fallon. Man in Gray was the band i came to see, and rock the house did they. The Choke was before them and they imbued that New York anti-rock spirit very well too. Both bands featured hot rockin' chicks as lead singers. Girls can really rock the house too ... too bad, however, that most chick drummers don't. There are exceptions of course, but something about the drums and the attitude behind them seems only conveyable by men. Surely that is untrue ... surely that is a generalization. But still ... *sigh* i digest.

Went to yoga at The Wat for lunch today. I feel much better now. I was starting to think that i would not be able to work out tonight due to incredible muscle sore-age ... but i feel up to the challenge now.

And damn ... those Wendy's mandarin chicken salads are just awesome.

Back to work ...
Wednesday June 01, 2005
08:12 AM

I am an idiot!

Why can't we all just admit it? Oh sure, YOU are not an idiot ... [rolls eyes]

'Idiot' is not a permanent label. When i say "I am an idiot" i do not mean that is my profession or what kind of person i am. It merely means that "I do idiotic things." What? You've never forgotten something? You've never said the wrong thing to someone?

I have done idiotic things. I will do idiotic things in the future. Nothing can stop me from f'in up.

So go ahead. Get up! Go to your window and open it up. Shout out to the whole world "I am an idiot!!!" GO! Do it!

/me runs away while the world laughs at you ...
Tuesday May 31, 2005
01:05 PM

Hey hey ... LONG weekend

The only regret i have from this past weekend was spending $50 on 2 frickin' rolls of sushi at a posh rip-off joint: Neo Sushi. What the hell was i thinking? It was good. It was really good, but it was just too damned expensive. Especially when i looked at the bill and discovered that the pot of green tea costs $6. Six dollars! That's when i realized that they were charging way too much ... and i just will not ever go back there again.

It was good though ...

Before i blew that considerable wad of money, i did go see 'Layer Cake' ... excellent movie. Some lady who sitting to my right constantly "mmm-hmm"'ed the whole movie. A fellow in front of us finally turned around and politely told her to shut up. Saved me the trouble. ;)

Good movie though ...

I watched my copy of 'F for Fake' last night, excellent stuff. And i finished 'Life Aquatic w/ Steve Zissou' -- another winner from Wes Anderson. I did go out Sunday and see my cow-orkers band play, but i stayed in pretty much all day yesterday.

Random just made up quote: "People walk in NYC like people in TN drive." A person can push through people though, a car cannot muscle its way through other cars without suffering severe body damage. Plus, a honking horn doesn't sound as forgiving as "excuse me."

Tonight i finally start working out at the Thai boxing gym. I'll let you know how it goes. It's just beginners' stuff tonight, so nothing special. Just a work out, and boy do i ever need that.

Big thanks to samtregar and perrin for confirming that i am not insane and this Krang utility script i am modifying was poorly written. As eduardo stated ... "how about we use the tool designed to do this to... you know... do this." Amen, bro.
Thursday May 26, 2005
09:13 AM

Cloudy Day In Metropolis

Got an email from my father today:

"ok ... now that all of this is out of your system ... when are you returning to Tennessee to live ??"

Um ... never? :) Besides, i've just begun ... i've just begun. "Out of my system?" It was my system that got me out of Tennessee. I love Tennessee, but i'm tired of living among urban sprawl, and there are only a few places in this country that will offer an alternative -- only a few places that offer decent public transportation. Tennessee ain't one of 'em.

Speaking of beginnings ... delving into Krang. What a complex system! It doesn't help that the script i am modifying is complicated on top of that.

Complex vs. Complicated: they are indeed synonyms, but i don't use them interchangeably. Instead, i feel that complex systems are natural, and complicated systems are not natural. I tend to categorized complications as human screw-ups -- that is, some systems are just complex, but it takes a human to complicate things.

Krang is complex ... this script i need to modify is complicated. Enough griping about it ... time to earn my pay. ;)

*UPDATE bart++ for catching my [tye]po's
Wednesday May 25, 2005
08:27 AM

what's up with this cold weather?

Is it me, or is this winter hanging on too long? It's nice to be able to wear a trenchcoat and all, but i'm ready for some summer beaches.

Krang kicked my butt yesterday. Rather, this script that uses Krang outside the webserver is kicking my butt ... then again, i would have written it completely different. One shouldn't have to parse class hierarchies as such:

my $name = $class->name;

if ($name eq 'this') {
   # do something
elsif ($name eq 'that') {
   # do something completely different
elsif ... yadda yadda

Something is very fishy about code like that ... "path of least resistance."

Nothing particularly exciting happened after work last night. I stopped by K-Mart and bought some undergarments and then off to Kim's to purchase Criterion's "F Is Fake" (Orson Wells) and finally off to M2M to purchase some Oriental groceries. The A train was a mess last night. Bunch of screaming kids and screaming parents. Good thing i have my little MP3 player ... but still ... SHUT THE HELL UP!! ;)

I started playing Thief 3 again last night. That game was the whole reason i bought an Xbox. Man i love that game. I'll do some laundry tonight, eat some gourmet ramen noodles (bought from M2M) and play some Thief 3.

Or i might do some laundry and take off to Death Disco at the Delancy ... nothing like free rock shows! (But the beer ain't free ...)
Tuesday May 24, 2005
09:12 AM

Subway faint

Eek. A girl passed out on the A Train this morning, not 10 feet from me. The train stopped in the tunnel, probably waiting for the Columbus Circle traffic to clear up, and just before we got to said stop someone yelled for a doctor. I hope she is alright, she probably just fainted. Another A Train came down the other track i was able to make it to my stop without too much delay. I walked from Penn Station today, and picked up a banana for a quarter at a stand. Some lady was looking at the bananas saying "None of these look good." They did. I told the vender that they looked just fine.

Last night i checked out the original version of the fourth Excorcist movie, 'Dominion.' This is the version that the studios shunned because it was too cerebral and not appealing to dumb teenagers. It was much, much better, but nowhere near as good as the original. I knew it wouldn't be, but i was very interested in seeing with my own two eyes what i know in my heart: business men have no clue about art, and can't just let go and let the marketing people do their job. This version would have done just as well at the box office, if not better. Serves 'em right.

I was going to check out the Wat gym tonight (Thai Boxing) but i'll go Thursday instead. Need to buy gym clothes and stuff and do some laundry before hand. Maybe someday i'll check out the new Star Wars, but i'm really just not in a hurry to do so.

And now, it is time to delve into Krang. >:)
Monday May 23, 2005
09:39 AM

Wild Weekend

"Got the alarm clock set for seven got the taxi called for nine ..."

After work Friday, i took off to Kim's Underground and purchased 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou' ... first DVD purchase since i moved up here. I also rented '24 Hour Party People' and walked on over to my favorite coffee seller (the one where i met David Cross) and purchased a pound of beans. I then proceeded to Sidewalk Cafe (all in the East Village) to see Adi, a girl whom i "interviewed" with for a sublet. Her place was too expensive (more importantly she picked someone else to live there) but she told me to visit her at work sometime. She had apparantly twisted her ankle and was out. I enjoyed a burger and a beer, and was rewarded with a free beer for whatever reason i don't know. I was suppose to meet Scott -- his roommate was throwing a part and i was invited. However, his roommate kinda freaked out him, and he told me it was off. But before that Spencer called and invited me to Teddy's in Brooklyn to hang out with his girl and her friends who were up from Memphis. I drank 3 more beers and about 3 shots of some vodka-grenadine shooter thingy. I met up with Scott back in Manhattan at St. Andrews and he told me all about the "joys" of living with upitty people in the Upper East side. I drank 2 more beers and wandered home. Someone threw up in the subway car i was in, while i was in it. That was gross ... but it was still funny.

I woke up Saturday with a hangover. I stumbled to the grocer and bought some creamer and orange juice. I made coffee, swore i'd never drink that much again and watched '24 Hour Party People.' Damn fine movie. My cow-orker, Cris, invited me to a cook-out in Brooklyn that day, so i went to my new favorite Ethiopian restaurant and ordered some food to make my head feel better. Better i did feel. I wandered on over to Kim's and dropped off the video, then i hit the subway and met my cow-orker at his apartment. There we met another musician, Jessica. Her band plays this Friday, i'll be there if i don't take of to Main this upcoming weekend.

We made it to the cookout and there i met a LOT of musicians, had some great BBQ and munchies, and drank absolutely no beer (i only drank water ... and lots of it). Cris's drummer introduced me to a new band, Don Cabellero and i might be getting a band together with Christiana's (a singer) boyfriend. Forgot his name, but she'll contact me i'm sure. I'd love to start playing again -- it's good for the soul. I met a really hot chick towards the end of the night, but i'm not holding my breath -- besides, the last thing i need so soon is a broken heart, although i think i've gotten over that phase of my life. Hmmm ... maybe not.

Sunday i went to the local breakfast dinner to start the day, and didn't feel like going out. I started to play some GTAIII, but the TV kept going out on me. I took off to check out the Wat Thai Boxing gym in China Town. At $150 a month, i'm hard pressed to justify the money i would spend as a member, but i'm going to go check it out (free class) tomorrow night. The place looks AWESOME and i really need something like that as i approach my middle age. We'll see. After that, i found a good Vietnamese Pho restaurant and had a bowl. I called Chris Jackson and found out he and Kat were in Boston. They should be in Maine today for a week's vacation and i might join them this weekend -- never been to Maine before. I walked around Chinatown and into Little Italy, and the rain started so i popped into a litte cafe. I ordered 2 espressos, but drank 3. Woah! BaZING!!

I walked on over to Kim's underground again and purchased Chappelle's show season 2 and "Peeping Tom," an old Powell film that was quite controversial back in its day. I watched the first half last night and while i'm not sure if it was the cause, i had a rather disturbing dream early in the night -- one i'd just rather forget. I usually have such dreams early in the morning, as if my body is telling my brain to wake up dammit! Enough of that. ;) Before i went to sleep i called the girl i talked to at the party Saturday. As usually, such calls are awkward for me, but we might just meet up this weekend if possible. I may be going out of town and not only is Cris's band playing, so is Jessica's.

And now ... back to work. Thank you Perl!

Friday May 20, 2005
08:59 AM

TGIF ...

... ahhh, the rain!

Yesterday was most uneventful. I yet again tried to insert the output of mysqldump into a database with ... mysqldump. Not mysql. How many times have i done that? Let me count the ways ... (insert scene from 'Roger Rabbit')

[insert more words]

Thank God it is Friday. I'll see you Monday.