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mdxi (4658)

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Journal of mdxi (4658)

Saturday May 07, 2005
12:16 AM

Lez Be Friends

[00:22:07] me : what's she doing in africa?
[00:22:21] friend: some kind of activist something
[00:22:27] friend: then she's going to europe
[00:22:30] friend: for vacation
[00:22:37] me : well lah-tee-dah
[00:22:39] friend: then home to calli til the fall
[00:22:41] friend: no shit
[00:22:49] friend: alice's not exactly hard up for money
[00:22:57] friend: at least for parental support
[00:23:24] me : i wish i was a sexy, headstrong, globe-trotting, lesbian activist/stripper
[00:23:30] friend: ME TOOOOO
[00:23:38] friend: i don't think alice's a stripper. yet.
[00:23:47] me: oh. was she doing a stripper?
[00:23:47] friend: she was considering it at one point
[00:23:58] me : i know i got that mixed in there from somewhere...
[00:24:03] friend: she was all into a stripper/activist
[00:24:06] me : ahhh
[00:24:08] me : okay
[00:24:10] friend: but they never did it
[00:24:12] friend: just friends
[00:24:24] friend: and it turns out it wasn't her that danced for me last week
[00:24:40] friend: it was a different stripper/activist who hangs with the same crowd
[00:24:45] friend: see if you can follow this:
[00:24:52] me : wow. a gang of stripper/activists
[00:24:56] me : that's very Russ Meyer
[00:24:59] friend: wait, this is too good
[00:25:02] friend: here goes
[00:25:18] friend: alice was into christine, who is a stripper/activist
[00:25:28] friend: christine is best friends with sarah
[00:25:36] friend: sarah lives with brandy
[00:25:41] friend: and brandy works with me
[00:25:55] friend: brandy, btw, recently suggested i should hook up with alice, which i found interesting
[00:25:57] friend: at any rate
[00:26:06] friend: sarah, brandy's roommate,
[00:26:11] friend: went on a date with MY roommate yesterday
[00:26:16] friend: you still with me?
[00:26:47] friend: yeah, welcome to the queer progressive women community in atlanta
[00:26:51] friend: it's fucking TINY
[00:26:59] friend: and we all fucking know eachother
[00:27:03] friend: it's scary
[00:27:12] friend: yet somehow i'm not fucking getting laid
[00:27:19] friend: and everyone else is humping away

Tuesday May 03, 2005
03:28 PM

Compiler on the Edge of Forever

Last night, shortly before midnight, I was overcome with the desire to pull my SPARCstation LX out of the closet and do something with it. So far all I've managed to do is reinstall obsd (2.2 -> 2.6), slurp down the emacs cvs repo, and start a compile. To be precise, I started the emacs build at 0345 this morning and it's not done just yet. Hooray for a 50MHz CPU with 8k each of data/instruction cache.

I'm talking to it over the serial console using my wy60. Just a tip if you ever consider something similar: the wy60 doesn't seem to like the 38400bps setting, even though it claims to support it. It actually will lose sync and go funny momentarily if a lot of text is thrown at it all at once. 19200 seems stable though.

Tried a different variety of soyburger today: "Grillers", oppose "Better Burgers". The latter is far superior. Also, to accompany said soyburgers I cracked upen what may well be the Earth's last 2L of Mountain Dew Pitch Black, which I have had since early Novermber. It's still not really good.

Sunday May 01, 2005
11:27 PM

Didn't Go To Athens

Did nothing for most of the day, then went for a walk around downtown which evolved into a drive out into the country and an exploration of an abandoned quarry. It turned out not to be a quarry in the classical movie depiction sense of a big deep square hole dug into a deposit of rock, but was instead where people had dynamited their way into a natural granite dome. I did a tiny bit of scrambling on the exposed face, which was an unexpectedly large amount of fun.

For dinner, on a whim I picked up a pack of Morningstar veggie burger things. They taste like a flavorful version of what we were served in the school cafeteria, and perusal of the nutrition facts shows that they're actually good for you (high in fiber, potassium, and protein). Weird.

Speaking of dinner, the other day on a whim I took some cubed pork steak, coated them in storebought chicken breading, panfried them, and then covered them in peppered milk gravy. Amazingly tasty. Next time I'm going to soak them in buttermilk overnight first, then dip them in an egg wash before breading. And if that goes well, I'm gonna start work on my own coating mixture (I'm thinking 2 parts white flour and one part yellow corn meal (for texture), salt, pepper, MSG, and some small amount of herbs).

Saturday April 30, 2005
10:27 PM

Olive b4

Fourth release of Olive went out the door today. No more major features to add now, only tweaks, cleanups, and refactoring. And lots of documentation.

Now what to do? Finish the first Linux doc, get back to work on Mint, or try and pound out this big, vague business-y idea that won't leave me alone? (I've even been considering doing market research; phear).

Tomorrow will likely be spent in Athens, so it's a moot point until Monday-ish.

11:27 AM

No Job Redux

I got nothing done this week because very nearly the whole thing was spent in protracted IRC-based job negotiations. It was a cool job, for which I was recommended by a friend, and the company seemed very interested in me, but eventually things fell apart over salary. The job would have had us moving from our current, very inexpensive, location to a new, integer multiples more expensive, location where only I would have had a job, and the offered salary was clearly tailored for single person or a couple in a dual income situation.

With the job market like it is, I was unwilling to make such a move. The person I was talking with seemed quite surprised and confused by my stance and insistence on more money before I'd say yes; I was shocked and angered by his seemingly harsh attitude and dismissal of my concerns.

The punchline is that he was willing to agree to hire me but give me a reasonable amount of leadtime for my wife to try to find a job before expecting me to move up there, but he only told me this as negotiations were in full-on implosion mode. Suddenly everyone's positions made sense to everyone, but it was far, far too late.

During the dark days of 2003 this would have been catastrophic instead of merely disappointing, but still it seems increasingly certain that my destiny is to be a walking, talking cautionary tale for the benefit of others.

Monday April 25, 2005
04:23 AM

Too Damned Late

I look at the clock and somehow it's Five O'Goddamned'Clock in the morning. Well, at least I've (finally) made good progress on the intro to linux doc, after about a year of false starts. Thunderbirds are go, etc., etc.

Much earlier tonight, on my way home from the grocery store, the Catalina's radio was picking up WTAM 1100 out of Cleveland. Apparently it snowed rather a lot up there yesterday, which put q damper on some sort of Support-the-Troops rally in Public Square. I can deal with talking to people halfway around the world in real-time, and do it all day long, but hearing a Weather report from Ohio on my car radio blows my freakin' mind.

Sunday April 24, 2005
09:24 AM

AM Radio

I am enthralled by the AM radio in my inherited Catalina. At night, I can drive around and for short periods tune in stations from Tennessee and freakin' Kansas City. It's awesome in an odd way.

In related news, I got an invite to GBS-FM, the Something Awful internet radio doohickey. It's pretty great, actually. Nearly infinitely broad playlist, which is user selected, and on the weekends it's almost 100% actual DJ'd shows. Currently playing: Redbone, "The Witch of New Orleans", on Blackhole's Event Horizon show.

Shifting gears, I temporarily gave up on pushing out Olive b4 after spending all day yesterday doing nothing but staring at the open buffer. Instead, I have started on a long-promised project which is proving exceedingly difficult: writing an introductory Linux document(s). It's harder than I thought it would be because it turns out that some of the people I'm doing this for are so young that they've never used a CLI before, and were having Massive Understanding Failures early on. But they're bright, and wanting to do this of their own accord, so it'll work out.

Kate is gearing up for Maywrimo. Will I manage to finish last year's story idea before this year's Nanowrimo?

Friday April 22, 2005
05:38 PM


Well. I successfully burnt myself out in last week's orgy of productivity, but I seem to be recovering okay. Didn't touch Olive until late last night, when I managed to make and handful of small and one or two not-so-small improvements, but the milestone for beta 4 (the feed editing interface) is still just a stub.

Also, I promised Ash that I'd write her some docs (basically the same docs which have been promised to someone else for a ludicrous amount of time), so that needs doing. Being able to talk to her face-to-face about things finally gave me some good ideas for where I should start, so that's something. Of course, I'd like to do it in Mint, but Mint is still just a heap of potential and scraps of code, so I'll have to do it in plaintext. Editing HTML hurts too bad to even think about.

Tangential to that: should the Olive manual be a pretty HTML document with screenshots, or would it make more sense to structure it as a text document with ascii-art screens? My design-fag half says the former but the rest of me thinks that's stupid (graphical manual for a curses application).

Monday April 18, 2005
10:28 PM

No Cows

Well, I tried. I really wanted to take pictures of some of the stupidly picturesque farmland around town (replete with cows) today. The cows, however, weren't having it. Yesterday they were all spread out and grazing peacefully. Today they were all sitting in clumps about a mile from the road.

I went back to town and took pictures of (mostly) a dogwood tree instead.

Went to athens tonight. Bank, dinner at Beijing, Target, walk around UGA, home. Pleasant. Grabbed The Incredibles on a whim.


Sunday April 17, 2005
09:12 PM


Early this afternoon we decided to go check out the trail which we didn't exactly find back in October. We found it this time. It's called Burgess Mountain trail, and it's just a short (1/4 mile, probably) uphill hike from a forestry road to the top of "Burgess Mountain", where you can see a geodetic benchmark and a lot of rocky outcropping.

The afternoon and hike (we had first gone a lot further in the opposite direction along a firebreak) were really nice, and the top of the hill was a great spot to just sit and listen to the nothing on a spring day. But that's just not a mountain. "Big hill", sure. "Higher than local mean elevation isolated upthrusting of granite", why not. "Mountain", no. According to the elevation there is 822 feet and I'm pretty sure it's no more than 70-100 feet above the access road to it. Which leads to...

There had recently been a controlled burn in the area, so all the scrub was gone. In a way it kinda sucked, because the sky and the spring-greening trees were beautiful, but the carbon and dead things groundcover was pretty ugly. One of the upsides was that you could easilly see all the weird rock outcroppings which are indigenous to the area, including this one weird one near the survey marker, which looked like someone had done something to it. Turned out someone had stuck a 30mm ammo can into a crevice and stacked smaller rocks atop it. I'd found a geocache, completely bby accident! It was pretty cool. I didn't take anything or leave anythinig, but I did read the logbook inside and add a note myself. I think I'd like to do it some more, but without a GPS unit, I'm pretty sure most caches will be next to impossible to find. Tracking geodetic benchmarks might be better, as they all have old text descriptions.

Wrote zero lines of code today. Nice.