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cog (4665)

Journal of cog (4665)

Monday November 24, 2008
09:42 AM

Best! Quiz! Ever!

I didn't win anything, but it was awesome.

In fact, it was so awesome, that instead of telling the world about it, I'll try to persuade Alberto into integrating the quiz into YAPC::EU next year.

(Wish me luck)




Friday November 21, 2008
09:24 AM

YAPC::EU::2009 Newsletter #1 - Theme, Dates, Venue and other

Greetings, and welcome to the very first YAPC::EU::2009 newsletter.

In this issue:

  - Conference theme
  - (Tentative) Dates and Venue
  - The lookout for sponsors
  - Communication means

So let's get started:

- Conference theme: Corporate Perl

        Next year's YAPC::EU theme is "Corporate Perl".

        "Corporate Perl" is not about guys in suits showing off their products (although suits are very welcomed, as they've always been).

        "Corporate Perl" is about how and why Perl is being used in the big companies.

        How many of us have heard of Wall Street companies using Perl?

        How many of us have heard of Perl-ran companies with teams of hundreds of developers?

        How many of us have heard of Perl systems making billions of dollars every year?

        How many of us have *heard* about this?

        How many of us have *seen* it?

        The time has come.

        The time to show the world how well Perl is doing, how alive it is, and how bright and shinny the community is thriving, has come.

        Granted, we won't be able to bring in every single company using Perl to the event, but if you consider that some of the people working at these places already attend YAPCs, all we really need to do is convince them to walk on stage and tell the world what they're doing with Perl.

        We can barely wait.

- (Tentative) Dates and Venue

        We finally found the right venue.

        There's been meetings, phone calls, SMSs, emails, and faxes involved, but it seems we made it.

        We're currently waiting for the official confirmation (we already have the unofficial confirmation). We were waiting to get the paperwork on our side to let the world know the details, but we decided not to make you wait any longer.

        The conference should be held from the 3rd to the 5th of August 2009, at FCUL (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon), and as soon as we get the official papers, we'll share that information with you.

        Yes, we realize the conference will run from a Monday to a Wednesday. Trust us on this one.

        Yes, we realize the conference will be held on the first week of August. There were a lot of issues that prevented us from selecting different dates. As much work as we've put into this, it's always hard to ensure we get everything we want.

        Here's a short teaser of the venue.

        More on this subject in the near future.

- New website

        We have a new and clean website, which we hope appeals more to the theme of Corporate Perl.

        You can browse what we have so far and pre-register.

        We'd like to call your attention to the logo of the conference, which is a Perlish version of the Portuguese coat of arms (as suggested by brian d foy at the last YAPC::EU and selected by the attendees of that conference);

- On the lookout for sponsors

        We need money.

        Well, not us, the conference.

        There's no way we can put up a conference like this without money, and you can help us.


        Talk to your company. Put them in contact with us.

        We'll be speaking to a lot of companies in the months to come about sponsoring the event, but if you feel your company can help, please let us know.

        Sponsoring the event has several benefits, such as a number of free entries to the conference, advertisement, and others.

        Help us put together the best YAPC::EU possible.

- Communication means

        We plan on being in touch with you (ir)regularly until the conference takes place.

        We'll be posting on the website, sending emails to the mailing list, and posting small updates on our Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce accounts (we also have a FriendFeed account that receives whatever we post on Twitter).

        There's also a feed of videocasts available at, where we'll post all the videos made by the organization.

        Feel free to spread the word. We appreciate that.

Feel free to contact us at for anything conference related.

See you at the next newsletter,

cog and ambs

In our next newsletter:

  - the confirmation of the dates (we hope; we're really working hard on this one)
  - our first sponsors
  - some travel tips and information
  - and more

Friday November 14, 2008
03:58 PM

SAPO Codebits - Where I am

So my current employer organizes this annual conference where I am at the moment.

500 geeks.

3 days.

24 hours a day.

Among some of the most well known names, Mitch Altman (who brought some of his projects with him, of which my favorite was the Virtual Reality goggles) and Andrew "Bunnie" Huang are here (and yes, there's even a soldering station and a bunch of Chumbies around).

There have been talks on a number of subjects (I gave a new talk myself: "How to survive your first few months of Perl"; but more on that later).

Josette, from O'Reilly, is also here, and O'Reilly books seem to be a huge success around this crowd.

Microsoft brough a bunch of XBoxes (I really enjoyed Halo 3 and Gears of War 2) and an Interactive Canvas , and a number of other partners brought several other gadgets and innovations (I briefly saw some hologram-related thing).

In one of the rooms, some folks are building 3 arcade machines (yes, those with the huge screens, the joysticks, and that things that eats your coins). I hear one of the machines will be one of the prizes on the upcoming contests.

Starting a few hours ago, a 24 hour programming contest has started.

Tomorrow, each group will be presenting what they've accomplished in 90 seconds, and not a second more (some of you may recognize the idea as being originally from Yahoo!, I believe).

Judging by what I saw last year, we're in for a treat.

Given that last year several people complained that it was hard to find experts to help them, this year there is something new: the Codemasters.

The Codemasters are basically SAPO people who've been assigned a t-shirt with the name of the technology they excel at; then, since their boss is around, those people are forced to hang around and help everyone with their projects.

There's Codemasters on GIS, Maps, Photos, Videos, XMPP, Mail, Web Services, JavaScript, etc. I think there's about 20 Codemasters. I'm the resident Perl Codemaster, and so far I've been asked for help with several projects:

  - There's a guy taking the opportunity to create his very own first CPAN distribution;

  - There's someone doing something Jabber related (I was asked for help with installing a module);

  - There's a guy who won't tell anyone what he's working on, but he was using regular expressions to parse C code;

  - There's someone doing an image web crawler;

  - Etc.

It feels good, doing my part, as small as it may be.

In about 20 minutes, a Quiz Show starts. I'm on one of the teams, and I'm eager to see what happens.

There's free food and beverages (beer too, yes) all of the 72 hours.

Everyone's badges have RFID tags, and there's an API that allows you to see where each person is ATM (of course, some people preferred not to wear the tags).

Unfortunately, there's no RFID reader in the bathrooms, or I'd have an interesting project of seeing the affluence there throughout the days.

It's being wonderful.

Saturday November 01, 2008
02:58 PM

Advertising a website

So I spent a couple of hours creating Google Double Translations (just for fun), and then some more time submitting the website to Yahoo and Google, by adding the website URL and each of the 35 feeds...

But surely, there must be an easier way, if one creates websites every so often, no?

Any hints?

Monday October 13, 2008
06:10 AM

This is not a post

This is not a post.

Sunday August 17, 2008
02:19 PM

YAPC::EU::2009 in Lisbon, Portugal

So next year's YAPC::EU will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, and will be organized, once again, by Alberto and myself.

We have a lot of ideas and we're eager to get all of them accomplished.

Finally having a partner program is one of those ideas, as is having an arrival survival kit being sent to the attendees *before* the conference takes place (with a map, simple indications, etc).

A beginner's track will be part of our program, which is likely to both attract conference newcomers and delight the eyes, ears, and brains, of those who sometimes find the regular talks too technical.

You have one year to plan, so it's going to be harder for you to convince yourself that you're missing this wonderful conference because of somebody else.

We'll be with you all the way.

We're working to put together an amazing conference, we'll be pointing you to where to stay, where to eat, what do to, and how to get here, and we'll be preparing a partner program, so you can bring your family along with you to Lisbon, land where the good beer is really cheap and where you'll find an extraordinary cuisine waiting for you.

We'll be talking to you all year long to help you sort things out and to let you know how we're sorting things out too.

We're looking forward to the tenth YAPC::EU.

So should you.

In a future post, we'll explain what the conference theme is going to be.

02:13 PM

YAPC::EU::2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Beautiful Perl in Beautiful Copenhagen.

How appropriate.

Three wonderful days of conference during which I barely rested.

Anyway, next year I'll have one less flight to do, apparently, as the tenth YAPC::EU is coming to Lisbon, Portugal.

More on that in the near future.

I need to rest, now...

Sunday August 10, 2008
08:11 AM

Thirty years and other news

Random thoughts.

So I'm finally thirty (the day was last Friday, August 8th).

I went to the YAPC in Chicago. Wonderful conference. Great job, guys!

Tomorrow I'm departing for Copenhagen, for yet another YAPC.

This is definitely the best part of the year.

This is the first time I'm going to three YAPCs in the same year.

Copenhagen will also be my tenth YAPC.

The weekend has been really awesome, with pizza, sushi, movies, sun, beaches... And it's not over yet.

And it's hard to think of a better company to spend it with.

Well, out I go again.

Friday August 01, 2008
10:02 AM



    my $limit = shift;

    $limit = 100;
    if (!$limit) {
        $limit = 20;


    my @files_raw = <$directory/*>;
    my @files = sort { lc($b) cmp lc($a) } @files_raw;


    foreach my $file (@files) {
        if ($i < $limit) {
            $i += 1;
            # [...]


Tuesday July 29, 2008
04:11 AM

By the power of Murphy! (oh, and Adam has arrived)

So I went to get AdamK at the airport, this morning.

I had been waiting for him for about 40 minutes, when I decided it was time for action.

I decided to invoke Murphy by putting my earplugs and turn my iPod on.

Sure enough, before the first song could end, Adam arrived.

No, I'm not saying I turned my iPod on and Murphy acted. I'm actually saying I put Murphy to the test, by deliberately doing something that would make him make Adam show up.

And sure enough...

Murphy acted...

I need to do this more often.

Anyway, here's a picture of a 'Perl on a Stick'.


Technically speaking, it's a "Perl on a 'Perl on a Stick' Stick" :-)