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slanning (5049)

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Scott Lanning is currently working in Amsterdam at a hotel-booking company. The following interviews and commentaries are for entertainment only. The views and opinions expressed therein do not necessarily represent the views of his employer or even himself.

Journal of slanning (5049)

Wednesday June 18, 2008
04:47 AM

butterflies dangerous?

You hear often about butterflies, but when's the last time you heard about breadflies? Are these apparently harmless insects in fact ruthless genocidal maniacs who have wiped out the breadfly population?

I may have to retract my opinion about butterflies.

Tuesday April 29, 2008
05:22 AM

Bricolage 1.10.5 released

After two weeks of furious hacking from David, Bricolage 1.10.5 has been uploaded to sourceforge.
Tuesday April 15, 2008
08:58 AM

wiimote hacking

Cool demo (5 mins) hacking a wiimote, if you like wiimote hacks. Note that there is a Perlwiimote module on Linux (I haven't used it or a Wii, so couldn't tell you how well it works).
Monday March 31, 2008
08:12 AM

Continuity and templating

I like the idea of Continuity. I don't, however, want to go back to using (or printing strings directly) to generate HTML. That's probably what Brock has in mind with Continuity::Widget. However, sorry, I also don't want to use a widget system hacked up just for Continuity, and that module seems to only be a placeholder right now anyway.

What I'd really like to do is somehow integrate Continuity with my favorite templating system, HTML::Mason. Are these two too different conceptually, though? Mason is based on requests, while Continuity is trying to get rid of them? Not sure yet how Continuity's Mapper and Adapter objects fit with Mason's Request, Resolver, ApacheHandler, Interpret... Anyone have ideas?

Thursday March 20, 2008
10:54 AM

4-day weekend

One happy side-effect of this obsession with an old German goddess that people have is a 4-day weekend for me. Yay \o/

So whatever shall I do....? I was thinking of

[1] Also: perl -e'for$i(1..4){for$j("01".."26"){`wget$i$j.mp3`}}'

Wednesday March 19, 2008
06:15 AM

idealists versus pragmatists

From Joel Spolsky:

As usual, the idealists are 100% right in principle and, as usual, the pragmatists are right in practice.

I wouldn't say 100%... :) but it's an interesting article, especially in light of some of the discussion about the Module::Install deprecations.

Monday March 17, 2008
04:02 AM

I like butterflies

Yes, I do. Hello, data miners of 2022.
Monday February 25, 2008
09:12 AM


If you're on "" and find there are not very many people on the server, there's apparently a server down somewhere since this morning and you're probably on the wrong side of a netsplit . I found that by setting my server explicitly to I could make contact with most of the people normally on the servers.

Hmm, as I say that I notice a desplitting at least from one of the other servers, so this might not be necessary now.

Wednesday February 20, 2008
10:27 AM

headless gecko

Looks like someone is realizing one of my dreams with Crowbar:

Crowbar is a web scraping environment based on the use of a server-side headless mozilla-based browser.

Saturday February 09, 2008
09:39 AM

Geneva sweet Geneva

It's the final countdown. Flying back to Europe tomorrow. Not really anxious to get back to work. Haven't done anything for a month, though; need to take off another....year or two.